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  1. The Infernal Ritual is made by a friend from DoomerBoards. He gave me permission to upload it here. The Infernal Ritual is a single level hell-themed wad made in BOOM-Format wad made for DOOM 2. It's been tested on LZDOOM,ZZDOOM, and ZDOOM. The map comes with two level difficulties. HMP and UV. He also intended on this map to be played with vanilla style, but doesn't mind people playing it with mods and mouselook. So go for it if you want. Screenshots: Download: Infernal Version 2 or Infr v2.zip SkyBox: IDSKY BOORU Music: Biobrew.mid -Fookerton OLD: Evening of the Undead.midi - Zombies ate my Neighbors UPDATES: -Fixed a weird floor glitch where demons clip through the ground. -Added some monster traps -Changed some monster placements for UV. -Changed the music to something more fitting. -Fixed some mistakes regarding to anyone playing on Pr-Boom. -Added extra rooms. -Changed some secrets areas -Reduced some health and ammo to what could be somewhat challenging. -Added context for the automap before somebody gets the wrong idea. -Disregard the old version. Thanks and have fun!-DangerousBowie
  2. CrocketRocket

    What age did you start DOOM?

    A little late in my youth but I want to say like 13 years old around 2014 like most youngsters. My interest of it came from that shareware version frrom Unblocked Awesome Schoolgames dot com, the XBOX 360 port demo and of course watching Brewtal Dewm on youtube.
  3. CrocketRocket

    How do you eat a burger safely while driving?

    Don't worry dude I know how. Step 1. Grab the wheel with one hand and eat your burger Step 2. Pull over to the side of the road when you hear the funny siren and see flashing lights Step 3. Get pulled over by the border patrol agent Step 4. Get arrested for drug possession because the border patrol cop knows his McDonDons is 2 hours away
  4. CrocketRocket

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I dont think animals should be drinking Jack Daniels, that can mess up your liver lad.
  5. CrocketRocket

    Does anyone else use automap cheat on new maps?

    I use it whenever I complete a doom megawad or single level something like beating the game and just dicking around with it. Now if a map catches my eye I just enable IDBEHOLDA in it just to mess around to find some hidden secrets I missed or use it to take notes. Other than that
  6. CrocketRocket

    What are some doom wads/mods that have not aged well?

    Icarus Alien Vangaurd was a wtf type of experience for me. Especially how on some of them I had to either give up and look up someones play through because of those weird teleport puzzles or by some sheer luck I somehow found a room I wasn't sure of and ended up progressing normally.
  7. CrocketRocket

    Your most painful events when playing Doom

    You forgot accidentally grabbing a green armor when your mega armor is atleast 90%.
  8. CrocketRocket

    The Infernal Ritual (some playable updates)

    Small update: Davie wanted to let you all know he appreciated the small feedback and has posted some updates on this wad. Hopefully it'll be somewhat playable for those on Pr-Boom.
  9. CrocketRocket

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Lately I've been going through trial and error while blindly mapping unfinished levels to keep me going. I've started re-creating an area from an RPGMaker game in a perspective of the npc's. Right now I'm trying to re-learn heights and squares.
  10. CrocketRocket

    which games did you regret buying

    Overwatch. Don't get me wrong I like the game but lately I felt like something was missing from it, this might sound fucked up but I tend to enjoy alot of shit talk and weird conversations from people. Plus I guess its odd to say it but after getting good at other heroes I began to start feeling like an asshole for doing people dirty for using ultimate which then I began forcing myself to play JunkRat more often simply because I love grenade launchers and hitting those "SICK NUT BUSTING PIPE HITS BRAH!!" Other than that I felt like there wasnt really much in the community from lets say Team Fortress 2, Quake, CSGO, or other fps games I played through.
  11. Ports tested on: GZDOOM,ZDOOM and LZDOOM. Gameplay:No Jumping,Crouching,Mouse-look (Unless you play with mouse-look all the time then go for it) IWADS:DOOM2 Textures:DOOM2 and Plutonia SKYBOX Music:Blue Water Blue Sky MIDI Format:UDMF Doom 2 Note:Best played on HMP or ITYTD on the first playthrough, I'm not the smartest man when it comes to knowing whats a dick move or not. Description: I wanted to try and make a short challenging level that makes players focus on moving around alot and post it here so I'll learn better for challenging enemy placements. I hesitated posting on this one since I couldn't tell if the level was too easy or just plain unfair. Made sure to tweak some parts of UV and HMP. Any feedback on how I can fix/improve this map enemy placement is appreciated as well. Have fun! Geothermal Zone-Another fix.zip --------------------------------------- Updates: Fixed some more missing textures thanks to someone had pointed out Changed some parts where the large brown tree where the revenant is at. Hopefully thats all of them. Fixes:A missing texture problem someone found.
  12. CrocketRocket

    Sandy Petersen talking about the development of Doom

    I wonder how he feels about everyone hating on chasm now that he's doing this
  13. CrocketRocket

    Geothermal Zone (Single Level/w some small fixes)

    Glad you liked it! I'll see if I can get that one fixed asap once I get home
  14. CrocketRocket

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Posted this on the wrong topic but I'm starting on my first city map. I just gotta find out how to make some areas without looking into too much in Hellbound or Valorant. As well as making sure some of these aren't gonna screw somebody over while moving around plus not itching to hit CTRL-C + CTRL-V
  15. CrocketRocket

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I started trying out a different approach by making something I don't normally do. What can I do to work on the city map to make it feel a little lively without risking movement and gameplay screw ups. This is my first city map after trial and errors, I somehow gotten most of it done but I just want to avoid taking too much inspiration from Wads like Hellbound and Valorant.Some parts were pulled off from old sketchbooks I had lying about.
  16. CrocketRocket

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    For me its finishing one level and just getting massive mappers block over it. I either remove it or just delete it and pretend to never look back on it.
  17. CrocketRocket


    My first time using a boom format. DoomFest is a 4 level map that has nothing to do about a harvest or something else like that. ---------------------------------------------- IWAD:DOOM II Format:Boom Doom (DOOM II) SourcePorts Tested:GZDoom and Zdoom ----------------------------------------------- 2 Difficulties: HMP and Ultra Violence No jumping No mouse look Textures Used: Doom and Plutonia -------------------------------------- Map01 Map02:(W.I.P) Map03:(W.I.P) Map04:(W.I.P) Happy Testing https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FUUV9EZfukXGeu68QmAEApjKmleenCaH?usp=sharing
  18. CrocketRocket

    Unrecognized token: "NaN"???

    I don't get what is happening on to the builder but all I did was click around and created a few lines here and there then a warning message popped up. Only things I managed to read was something about my files being corrupted which I closed and re-opened the map i was working on. I already had the backups at the ready but what I wanna know is "how the hell" did moving some lines made it crash and what can I do to make sure I don't deal with this sort of stuff again. 2.Screenshot of the backup map. Red circles is the part where I tried making the doors a little bit smaller which is where the corrupt messages popped up before I can undo most of this stuff.
  19. CrocketRocket

    Unrecognized token: "NaN"???

    Thanks man. Really thought I accidentally pressed something there that caused it to go out like that.
  20. but its actually a KDITD style that's just one level made from memory of E1M1. Made in UDMF GZDoom format for Doom II. Don't let the screenshots fool you m8 Jumping no Mouselook off for true experince. (Unless you use it that's fine I won't judge) Made for ZDoom, LzDoom ,and GZDoom Only for Doom 2 Gameplay just moving and shooting There's 2 difficulties. I tried to make it somewhat like KDITD, UV has shotgunners and more monsters while HMP has only zombiemen and imps. Have fun. I need to replay KDITD again You'd think its Knee Deep ..zip
  21. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    My bad.
  22. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    Yea. I know about that. This was just made to see what I can do with E1M1 by memory and a twist. As for the udmf format. I had tried using boom doom before but just gave up and stuck with udmf. Plus I coulda used what you said about those features as practice
  23. CrocketRocket

    You'd Think its Knee Deep

    Thats pretty much the only format I've been using. I tried using Boom format but I kinda gave up since I was so used to auto alignment
  24. CrocketRocket

    Weapon Sprite issue

    I'm currently going through GUNLabs tutorials to get myself into doom again. And right now I've come across this issue while trying to practice out custom textures before I start doing MS paint stuff. I got the gun down yet its acting weird every time I fire it. I know I manged to fix it up with the auto shotgun but I don't have a single clue on how I did it. Here is the issue. Here is the code.
  25. CrocketRocket

    Weapon Sprite issue

    Damn. So I'm guessing I'll need to find away to add a muzzle flash on its own to really fix it. Already removed the flash sprite on it and just went on ahead without it.