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  1. Farlowj

    I'm such a nice guy

    Ranting is cool
  2. Farlowj

    Shaders in 0.75

    The Doom experience wouldn't be the same without you guys. I'll just copy that code there. Timmie rules!
  3. Farlowj

    Shaders in 0.75

    Well i did the right click thingy and it comes up with an error saying file copy error "file system error (1026)." is there a certain folder or any security issues? or can i get the file somewhere else? Is windows 98 the problem? (You know, windows 98 SUCKS!)
  4. Farlowj

    Shaders in 0.75

    I've got a couple of problems i was hoping you could help me with, first: I for some reason can't get that wad file for the shaders (Security on Internet Explorer maybe?) and second: there is contstruction on a house nearby and they have dump trucks that back up with the beep beep, and my dog (2 1/2 feet tall, 75lbs. (about 37.5 kilograms) 5 feet long from nose to end of tail) is scared of it. Will not leave me alone. Stupid dog. I like that dog though, but he's the wimpiest creature ever. Period. Or semicolon. Whichever you prefer. I'm rambling. I'll shutup. Now....... okay now.
  5. Farlowj

    2 weeks, 4000km and 2 weddings

    Actually now that i've seen it up close, it does look freakish. But all's well that means well. (Is that how it goes?)
  6. Farlowj

    2 weeks, 4000km and 2 weddings

    Does anybody else get turned on by timmies' picture over there on the left?
  7. Farlowj

    Aug 13 update

    Is anybody still alive? Or are we just waiting for zdoom 2.0.48 or something?
  8. Farlowj

    Short skies?

    Is anybody there to post any replies?
  9. Farlowj

    3D models vs dynamic lighting! Fight!

    At least you like Dodge, and the new zdoomgl
  10. Farlowj

    3D models vs dynamic lighting! Fight!

    It would be nice if the lights would cast shadows like Vavoom, but it should be an option to build the vis data. It takes tooo long to make it, but on a final level build or something, it would add a lot more atmosphere.
  11. Farlowj

    3D models vs dynamic lighting! Fight!

    That placeable light thingies would be cool. When i go back and play .66 with the lights and stuff it looks good, imagine if ceiling lights would do that. oh, pardon me, must wipe off drool. good job timmie, whatever you do, it wilt be goooooooooood
  12. Farlowj

    ZDoomGL 0.74 is out...

    I was thinking that maybe for .8 versions, Timmie should implement dynamic lighting first. Reason is, some people don't even use the md2 models at all, but i haven't seen anybody complain about dynamic lighting. just thinkin......