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  1. dubaCRO

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    thx for fast response it worked
  2. dubaCRO

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    how i disable this cancer abominable garbage message when i load wad something about key frame restoring?
  3. 7 maps made for prboom+ -complevel 9. I tested a little bit on gzdoom,certain map broke at some point and when i restarted the map it fixed itself,weird. So i just recomend using prboom+. This is my 1st wad i made,so dont expect top tier quality. Difficulty and gameplay type are inconsistent,for example map 01 and 02 have thousands of enemies and consist of easy slaughter,while rest of maps are your typical 200-300 enemy maps. I was heavily inspired by whispers of satan wad,if you dont like that wad,youre probably not gonna enjoy this much. Read the .txt file thats included in zip,it includes much more information about the wad. SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/fctwIkT https://imgur.com/a/8YI1Pmp https://imgur.com/a/5ar7VqV https://imgur.com/a/QJswnAv https://imgur.com/a/2oOLpdH https://imgur.com/a/ZoQpVok Doomworld/IdGames Archive Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/7dsins
  4. dubaCRO

    Uploading to idgames

    yea that wasnt the issue,need to go annonymous
  5. dubaCRO

    Uploading to idgames

    So when i try to upload a wad on idgames archive thru filezilla using youtube tutorial,i constantly get ''there are too many connections from your internet address'' error... any ideas?
  6. dubaCRO

    sky01 sky03 missing error

    thanks guys and i fixed it.issue was like the previous link to forum said you must use option below when 1st preparing for textures and also how i dealth with simple skybox is simply import any skybox from pwad and rename it to RSKY1 and it must be between P_START P_END entries. now the normal doom skybox is replaced with one u chose
  7. dubaCRO

    sky01 sky03 missing error

    yes i know about gzdoom,i can literally take sunlusts skybox for example and put it on celling of a sector no problem but i wanna play on boom...well ill see what ill do
  8. dubaCRO

    Whispers of Satan

    proper way to make a megawad,real doom right here
  9. dubaCRO

    sky01 sky03 missing error

    hi,im making my 1st doom map for past 4-5 days. having issues with importing skyboxes,how exactly does it work? so i created entries F_START AND F_END,added skybox i want,added it to patches and textures...still map crashes on startup and i cant even use the texture on celings,elsewhere i can,but doesnt matter if map crashes...how i import custom skyboxes with slade? (boom format btw)
  10. no way man,i didnt know u were making hadron episode 3.playing it ASAP!
  11. dubaCRO

    Creepy/dark/space skybox

    hi,what am i doing wrong,i downloaded both the wad and pk3 file,and when i load it doesnt do anything. should i add it to rar archive or something i dont know?
  12. dubaCRO

    Creepy/dark/space skybox

    hi,appreciate the response but unfortunately it only works with iwads,not pwads
  13. dubaCRO

    Creepy/dark/space skybox

    i need wad or pk3 file,not png.i dont have any experience with gzdoom builder theres no way im gonna make 32 skyboxes out of those png files
  14. I really need a wad/pk3 file that works with every PWAD and replaces all 32 maps skybox textures into something either dark,creepy or with space atmosphere like tnt for example. does such file exist?
  15. dubaCRO

    Dungeons and dragons doom?

    Hello,i wanna turn doom into dungeon crawler with rpg elements. Oblige is there for maps,i just put small rooms and corridors to max when creating wads,but im missing RPG/ROGUELIKE mod. Before suggesting doomexp or something,im looking for leveling up mod that still makes gameplay completly original,just adds leveling system. Doomexp adds too much.