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  1. dubaCRO

    Top 10 MUST PLAY Non Slaughter Wads?

    yo,i am up for a challenge,as long as there is only a few maps with slaughter in them then i guess its ok,like alien vendeatta,which had 5 or so of them
  2. Someone pls tell me top 10 absolute must play doom wads that are not slaughter wads,thank you. Intrested in ur guys' opinion.
  3. aha alright thanks man but i already found what i was searching for
  4. hello,does anyone know where to get a good creepy dark ultimate doom mod.also would prefer to get the creepy music for it like from doom 64 or psx doom.my pc aint good so does anyone know of a dark doom with nightmare imps and that jazz that doesnt require a good pc. also one more thing:id like to play the whole 4 episodes of ultimate doom with iron maiden songs in them. real metal version would be preferable,if not then midi music.if theres no iron maiden,then atleast slayer midi pack or something like that.thanks