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  1. LordEntr0py

    New here, offering playtesting

    Fair. "Limit removing" implies it heavily, since it's targeted for source ports which strictly adhere to classic Doom. But that isn't something you can just know as a relative newbie. Obviously it's fine to run it on any source port that will run it, and generally people agree that you pay the WADs how you like, but there are some cases where it will break progression and be considered cheating.
  2. LordEntr0py

    New here, offering playtesting

    You used mouse look didn't you? It's probably designed not to use mouse look.
  3. LordEntr0py

    Have you ever changed your opinion on a game?

    I hated Bloodborne after an hour of playing and regretted buying it. For some reason I pressed on and ended up loving it. Very highly rated. Would not recommend.
  4. LordEntr0py

    My new map Forgotten base!

    My thoughts exactly. It's nice to feel like part of an artistic movement, with these giant possessed techbases, caves and coloured light sources everywhere. This was great to play. I enjoyed the devious traps and architecture and love the aesthetic, of course. Decent level of challenge for me on UV. Well-placed secrets, as well, which were satisfying to hunt for and find because I felt well looked-after in your hands and could trust you to subtly signpost them. A few things I spotted that didn't detract from the experience but worth fixing: * A few switches might've blended in a little too well with their surroundings. I didn't miss them for long, but they took a bit of hunting. If it's not intentional, it might be worth popping a light source in front of them to make them stand out. * Found one mis-texture (5:34) I linger on it only to make sure you spotted it too. * Also lingered a little on an artefact that happens with the reflective floor at 7:46. It's something I've been dealing with on my current unfinished map that uses reflective floors. On my map it does that sometimes from certain angles when I have portals set up in the line of sight of the reflection, but I'm not sure that's what is happening here. I don't have a solution for this, sorry.
  5. LordEntr0py

    First Doom map VS Now

    Love that 2021 version! War.wad, circa 1995: Neoplasm, 2021:
  6. They can't cross the linedef far enough to teleport. Odd that the impassable wall is angled like that, because if it wasn't they would be able to teleport. Almost looks as if @ViolentBeetle was trying to prevent then teleporting while testing their level and forgot to straighten it out again.
  7. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Love this use of vanilla textures! Great stuff. I adore this one in particular. Gorgeous.
  8. LordEntr0py

    My new map Forgotten base!

    Belated, I know, but this looks great! I'll give it a whirl when I can find time in the next day or two.
  9. LordEntr0py

    RbDoom, MOD + 9 MAPS (now 16 + Hub)

    I've replayed the first five maps which I started on before. I enjoyed the modifications and tweaks to the detailing, although a lot of my thoughts from before still stand. I think the combat would be a great deal more interesting with more variation in enemy type, and I think health is severely lacking across much of the maps. I get that there is a carefully controlled amount of health on each level, but I'm not sure that concept lends itself to great gameplay -- as you can see from the playthrough, I spent most of my time below 40-50% health. Granted, I maybe saved too often on low health after an encounter, but it's less interesting to replay an encounter until you come out of it with higher health and more interesting to trust the mapper to give you a fair health boost after each encounter. The worst cases of this came when facing large numbers of hitscan enemies with low health -- it was entirely luck as to whether they hit me or not and took several retries to get that one lucky playthrough. The final encounter at the end of Coalescence was likely to be frustrating, but luckily I could evade it entirely. I think the end of the first map is sorely lacking in ammo -- it was only by careful replay that I managed to punch out the arch-viles. There are a few really good fights. That one with the arch-vile chasing you between the two pillars, with the imps sniping from the sides, was great. And I may have said before, but I like the large stacked column of cacodemons in the wide hallway. A lot of the other fights suffered from having large numbers of the same enemy type which just soaked up damage and felt a bit repetitive to play through. I missed monster infighting a lot. I think it's one of the more interesting aspects of gameplay in Doom. All in all, I agree with DavidN. You have a really interesting approach to Doom here and in the moments you pull it off it makes for an interesting mapset. I'll pick up a few more levels over the next few days. For now, please enjoy this playthrough:
  10. LordEntr0py

    Dread Factory (First time OTEX!)

    So I finally got around to playing this! Nice to see you absolutely tearing it up with OTEX. I love the way it enhanced your natural techbase style in this map. This map started with a bit of a cruel shocker (shotgunner AND a sneaky spectre in your face at the outset!?) and kept on packing punches. I really like the way progression works in this wad. Really nicely interconnected, and I kept reaching old areas from new angles unexpectedly. Secrets were well-signposted and I felt rewarded for keeping my eyes open. I realise I have played a re-balanced version, judging by comments on this thread, and in my opinion it's now well-balanced. I don't know what the previous version looked like, but I enjoyed the surprise situations this put me in. Good final arena battle, too. I like the way you prevented the player running away too easily by necessitating the key pickup, requiring both switches to be pressed, having a couple of monsters coming out of the the exit room AND the barrels in front of the switch. During play experience, you don't really notice these steps, but when I think about it, it was a really successful solution to a problem I've wrestled with many times and never truly felt satisfied with my own attempts to solve it. Great work! This might be my favourite of the levels from you I've played so far -- that was a high bar to beat!
  11. LordEntr0py

    YouTube is becoming a pain- COVID edition

    @Major Arlene @Nine Inch Heels already said everything I want to say, but to distil the point further: There are no long-term effects recorded from vaccines, ever. Not in any sensible study. The only study that attempted to link long-term negative effects with vaccines came from someone with vested interest in launching his own private alternative and has already been retracted, refuted and thrown in the bin. A thorough, fully-referenced and entertaining summary can be found here. Long-term studies were baked into the vaccine trials. The papers were peer-reviewed by scientists who'd love to pick holes in them but couldn't (that's how they even get published). As Arlene already said, the chance of long-term side effects (or death) from contracting the virus greatly outweigh anything associated with the vaccine. Results show that "Long Covid" cases are significantly reduced in Covid-survivors who were fully vaccinated. I live with someone who has the symptoms of Long Covid, and believe me it will fuck your life up. You do not want to take that risk. Do a simple risk-assessment and it really is a no-brainer. Get vaxxed.
  12. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Been very slow progress on my follow-up to Neoplasm, the map I contributed to Ramp. Partly because I've been trying to be too clever with portals (many abortive attempts) and partly because I needed a break from Doom mapping. Plan is still to release it separately with two follow-up maps, tentatively titled Metastasis and Necrosis for now, as a minisode. Current progress on Map 2: This is going on hold for a little while because I'm about to start work on a smallish limit-removing map for Solar Struggle. Also it's NaNoWriMo next month and I'm going to be busy with prep for that starting in a week or two. So I will be getting back to this, but it's going to be put to bed for a while before I return to it. My ideas are too big not to finish this project.
  13. LordEntr0py

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SKULLTIVERSE

    It was no accident. I'd spent a week obsessing over a dark, claustrophobic labyrinth with Terminal Decay. The Crucible was my recovery map. I needed something wide open.
  14. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I wondered if you'd done some trickery in GZDoom. Awesome work.
  15. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That's nice! What engine did you do that in?