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  1. Effluvium1

    Hexen Upstart Mapping Project (XUMP)

    Hi there! One of my few hobbies includes testing WADs for Hexen. I've played all the ones on DoomWorld, and I'm sure you're familiar with all the superb ones (eg. Scourge of Viscerus, Vaults, Caldera). I came across this WAD a few days ago. VERY impressive. I would even go as far as to say that if an expanded version of this was released instead of Hexen 2 (which I also quite like), or even Deathkings, it wouldn't be at all questioned. I had a fantastic time playing this WAD. Very taken aback by the sheer creativity and ingenuity of each and every map. Any hardcore Hexen fan (like myself) would have an absolute field day with this WAD. As is typical Hexen character, the puzzle element is incredibly intricate and sophisticated, but yet somehow still not overdone. I used zDoom and it ran fine without crashing - however it did become a bit slow and glitchy in the Garden of Torture map - especially when facing the "blender" torture device. Highly recommend this WAD - very well done! - Anthony.