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  1. Nemrtvi

    USDC re-compiling problems

    I’ve been using the Universal Strife Dialog Compiler to make work on Strife dialogues more convenient, as opposed to using SLADE to edit scripts directly. Thing is, when USDC recompiles any script file from STRIFE1.WAD, what comes out appears quite different as a binary file and in SLADE. Take this image of one of the original scripts in SLADE: And here it is after being recompiled without any changes in the source code—notice the significant change in numbers: Any way to get around this, and is there anything else to know about how exactly this happens? The reason I can’t edit it via SLADE directly is because I need to use Unicode symbols in GZDoom, and SLADE spits out question marks when any special non-ASCII characters are entered.
  2. Nemrtvi

    Chocolate Doom

    Great, thanks. One half of the message is translated—where are the item tags located?
  3. Nemrtvi

    Chocolate Doom

    Hi, got a question about Strife. I’m working on a Russian language fork of Chocolate Doom—in the same spirit as the source port Russian Doom, but for Strife. I’m looking to replace item pickup messages (“You picked up the medical kit.” etc.), but can’t find them anywhere in Chocolate Doom’s source code. Where are they located?
  4. Nemrtvi

    GZDoom localization project

    Just noticed this thread here on Doomworld. You’re right about that. Several years ago when I was just getting into Doom, I never imagined that GZDoom would start featuring so many additional languages.
  5. Nemrtvi

    How to make a line break in Hexen ACS

    Thanks for the help, guys. The author of Russian Doom and I made a joint decision to just split the phrase into two different lines, just like Gez suggested.
  6. Nemrtvi

    How to make a line break in Hexen ACS

    Technically, I’m working with Russian Doom, which is based on Chocolate Doom and Crispy Doom. But it would be ideal for this to work on vanilla. I work on the vanilla Hexen ACS format.
  7. I noticed this topic after already making another one related to my question, but it seems I can’t delete posts on this forum. So I’ll just link this post here.
  8. I’m working with the author of Russian Doom to implement a Russian voiceover for Korax in Hexen with corresponding text when he appears at the start of each hub. Our translation of Korax’s first phrase in MAP27 (“ПРЕКЛОНИСЬ ПРЕДО МНОЙ И, МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ, Я БУДУ МИЛОСЕРДЕН”) is quite long, and we’d like to use a line break to make it fit nicely on-screen. I tested this ingame. The problem arises here: print(s: "WORSHIP ME,\nAND I MAY YET BE MERCIFUL"); Hexen doesn’t seem to support \n —it gives a “Bad V_DrawPatch” error when the text is supposed to appear ingame. How do we use a line break ingame without causing a crash? Or is there a better solution?