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  1. Yeah and that is why we let the bazilisk's spiders datamine the shit out of it, in prepraration for real demonic invasion :). Wow, you made me backtrack memory timeline, Knytt series is such great little thing, I played a Limbo a bit, maybe I should revisit it, thank you for this. Man there some quality recommendations in this tread, thanks guys.
  2. 1. Doom 2/1 - ultimate combat 2. Quake - ultimate chtonic atmosphere and combat 3. Dune 1 - this one is so mother fucking good, even today, one of few real adventure games 4. Little Big Adventure 1/2 - best character values overall, Twinsen is real chad 5. Hexen 2 - finally 3d medieval space I loved 6. Blood - Caleb is the real chad 7. Silent Hill 3 - I just love Heather, she looks so fucking sick and fragile 8. Mass Effect - everything besides combat, planet probing shit and vehicles 9. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe - infinite money and let's build 10. Aer - great toy, but so much wasted potential here
  3. @Tyler-J you should go kneel in the corner of a room on sharp edged stick, for even suggesting such heresy here you treacherous fiend!
  4. I lost count how many of linux people around me have invested into [berable..good] AMD card and it just works. Open source driver is simply phenomenal. It works out of the box on centos (and debian even) and that is an achievement. Protonized NewDoom (& Eternal) seems to like it, no problems. I don't know about Windows (and not that I care). Question is: will such card run these Classic Doom RTX ports? Also if I am not mistaken going AMD you cannot do AI anymore, right (as there is no CUDA)?
  5. Love you dpJudas@! Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you man (hope so, if not a man, disregard and am sorry :))! But I am torn between two choices. Three. And I am also too old to have hassles I don't need (want?). Choice A: AMD GPU and cozy life of mainline kernel driver always working, or Choice B: nVidia and RTX for "free" and some unforseen hassle sometime in the future guaranteed. It also means building a rig and I am feeling too lazy even for that. Am I really old now :)? But you are right I could play this Doom. But then, with such setup, I could probably play newDoom and Doom Eternal too ;). Choices are hard.
  6. <snarky-overreaction> I am becoming more and more amused by this tragically stale and unimportant RTX shit that is blowing off socks of youngsters feet. It' proves with proper marketing and viral memetic mental hacking, you can sell anyshit these days, it' doesn't even have to be true. I like how they go about it each time. They go to slightly outdated but still relevant open source engine, hack-in their latest shit and use it to sell the stuff to the clueless masses - pure genius (looking at you Quake 2 RTX). Then copycats emerge porting the coolest shit here and there and everywhere in open engine world (Classic Dooms with what RTX now? you gotta be kidding me :)) . Flawless promotion tactic. I remember when they had their own Quake 3 build to showcasing mutlitexturing and all the ops in texturing unit in singlepass, at one point. I think Q3 was not even open sourced back then, so it was just pure call between nVidia and Carmack. Hats off to nVidia being sleaziest masters of marketing game ever... It's truly the love/hateiest company on the fucking planet. nVidia I adore your hypocritical flexibility because without it you would be nothing. Even though corporations are people too, I understand you don't need spine :D same way we real people do. </snarky-overreaction>
  7. Thank you very much! I will study this function. You are right (and I realized that) but there is slight problem: I played too many wads and cannot remember which ones used these tricks, but thanks anyway. I started taking notes, about stuff like this for cross references.
  8. I saw in several mods that monster/thing was being followed by rotating (and shining) sphere/fireball or something like that. What I would like to know is, whether it is possible to create monster which is composed from multiple sprites, like for example main sprite in the center and two auxiliary sprites on the sides (each having it's own rotation axis as if it was singular monster) - is something like that possible?
  9. 3t0

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Regarding voxels, I realize quite a lot of work went into the triangulation, but would it be possible to have "raw" particle mode too? Square/round particles raw mode toggle would be awesome too. If it seems like stupid idea, please disregard.
  10. Hello, I scanned through all the forums and could not find some site support section, maybe I am blind, but is there such thing for doomworld? I have small request to make.
  11. Thanks great analysis guys!
  12. I respectfully disagree with that statement. It is exactly this mindset, that helps to enforce the current situation. But I do agree that most people simply lack the will and give up. I was pondering the current state of affairs, and I am pretty confident now, it's the issues of convenience. Modern humans are pathetically weak at discomfort, both body and spirit. I of course am guilty of same weakness in overcoming discomfort of body (but I am working on it), but I am pretty defiant when it comes to the tings of spirit. I think software belongs into spiritual realm, so I always end up fighting status quo you described. So yes, steam is pretty invasive, but times marches on and technology evolved too. So you can fight the tides, if you wish. If you really want, the best way to go about it, is to have just dedicated computer for steam, or if you cannot have that and still want to reduce it's invasiveness, you can always box steam into VM or some container. In practice steam is tweaked browser, chromium (probably electron), so there is that, and then some content distribution stuff and finally hardware and metrics collection ("spying") stuff. Anti-cheat features are probably no saints either. It was quite some time ago, but I read they also used tweaked bittorrent protocol for content distribution - I cannot find most recent info about that, but you might want to turn it off whenever you are not playing steam games to conserve data bandwidth. I also used steam since 2003 (Half-Life 2, too was my first title) and I remember (I think it was in 2005) when they released their first hardware survey. It had lot's of interesting stats and one of them was disk fragmentation metric. This metric is not hard to get at windows OS level, but it means steam had an subsystem to query respective windows API, collect the metric and send it back to mothership. That was first time, when I realized, that if they have such insight into the gamer's rigs, they are probably scraping everything they can. I think it was the first time anybody did such large scale data collection on windows and datamined it as well. Valve really is the company that knows the PC gamers the best. Good thing about it is, that they really appear to be datamining "only" for games and gaming related stuff (hardware and other related performance metrics), and when steam is told to shut down it really does so. So Valve is not entirely evil. They seem to be following Apple's path and are protecting "their" users, because they realize living users and their rigs are their greatest asset. While their catalogue is enormous, as you said, I only own very few games through there, I have it mostly to play with friends and family. And no twitch is not the only alternative - for example my game library on gog is twenty times bigger then my steam one (I don't own that many games). There is no spying involved and it works rather well. Especially ports of old games are often fucked-up on steam, but gog realeses are pretty good. Most people probably don't care about that. I agree that some might consider gog catalogue rather pathetic, but there are some recent games to be bought there too. I just wanted to point out that there are non-invasive options.
  13. 3t0

    Zandronum & Ubuntu

    Have you read the bug thread in @TheMightyHeracross reply? It seems version 3.1 has it fixed. Issue seems to be in FMOD sound library which is good for sound but crap to support at the same time. From what I gather, most ports got rid of it for some time. Are you on version 3.1? If not you can try that newer zandronum or build it yourself.
  14. 3t0

    What is Your Job/Career?

    Higher level Unix admin, around 4-6 customer fleets (some come and go every now and then). Usually two formations of 4-10 heavy cruisers, each formation running around 100-300 frigates. Gotta keep those spaceships happy. Mostly Red Hat (and analogues) crap these days, sadly. Real hardware is disappearing, faster than you can blink your eyes :). Due to the nature of the work I often disappear from internet for extended periods of time, but it's normal for me. In my spare time (if I ever get one), I like to weld (I am still novice) and play with doom and quake engines, I also do some self taught C and am trying to invent "proper unix" systems tools, but I am never happy with them enough to release them.
  15. @leejacksonaudio I was just forum-walking due to something completely different and and got to pass by here. Judging from you profile pic (should that ever be reality) and your initial testimony, you seem like elder guy not really current with tech asking for opinion or advice? ;D Regarding your point 2., well I don't about Satisfactory much as my computers are old shit, so it would probalbly not run. Regarding first one, you've re-opened quite interesting area. I can answer some of your questions about Steam and modern kind of software in general. But before that, my own question is: what kind of answer are expecting? Do you want like "real honest answer" or just "answer"? Because if you wanted just "answer", you already got it.