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  1. Ignoredfive7

    does anyone play Doom Multiplayer on xbox live anymore?

    Often times, I just want to relax on the couch and mindlessly play on my console. Especially if I’ve been working on my pc a bunch and want to get away from it. Or if the wife is in the office on her pc or making crap with her cricut, I don’t want to be in there. And I have a fairly decent gaming pc, Ryzen 3(this needs upgrade) gtx 970 with dual 27” Msi curved 144hrz screens. But when I want to chill on the couch, the console is where it’s at. Or play with friends that don’t have pc and only console.
  2. Ignoredfive7

    does anyone play Doom Multiplayer on xbox live anymore?

    There are a few people on the doom community on Xbox live trying to get some decent doom and doom 2 multiplayer going for those that only need the multiplayer achievemte to 100% both. And for fun too. If we can decide a time and a decent number of people I’ll be in there.
  3. Forget the map number in doom , the one where you shoot the rocket into the wall to propel yourself backwards to the secret. Forgot to go grab the invincibility sphere first
  4. Ignoredfive7

    What were your first Doom impressions?

    I was in highschool when doom came out. Was visiting family over Christmas or thanksgiving don’t remeber. Uncle had it on his pc and showed me, it was the greatest game I had ever seen at that point and fit me perfectly. I have been hooked since.