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  1. No apologies necessary. My post was not meant by way of complaint, merely curiosity. In my opinion, asking an uploader via email for the legitimacy of the upload is hardly an inconvenience to the uploader. But the lesson here is that even if an uploader notifies the idgames archives manager in advance, it might still be a good idea for her/him to periodically check for confirmation emails.
  2. I can attest that DooM did not run on the 286 that I owned in the early 1990s. Because of this, I had to run DooM on my computer at work, which was either a 386 or a 486, and did have 4 MB of RAM.
  3. All-time favorite: Spirited Away. I never tire of watching this. Second favorite: Porco Rosso Other favorites: Cowboy Bebop (movie was sort-of weirdly-themed, but had fantastic art; TV shows were great, but with some weirdness) The Place Promised in Our Early Days Pom Poko (very environmentally-oriented) The Wind Rises When Marnie Was There (very dream-like and surreal at times) As you can tell, I'm a fan of stuff produced by Studio Ghibli (Ji-Bu-ri, ha!)
  4. Agreed, that when compared to levels made today the original IWADs seem primitive. But consider, that today's levels build heavily on many of the principles established in the IWADs. In my opinion, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Are the IWAD levels plain, when compared with today's levels? Sure. But that doesn't make the IWAD levels bad. On the contrary, some would argue that the gameplay and level design are the reasons they shine. [EDIT: I accidentally used "PWAD" when I meant "IWAD". I've fixed this.]
  5. I actually liked the challenge of staying within 8 characters when naming a file. But I understand the need for the policy change. On an unrelated note, on at least one occasion I informed the idgames archives manager of my intention to upload a file (which was fairly large), and got an email response that all was well. However, after I uploaded the file I still got an email asking for verification. Is that because the email asking for verification is an automated function? In which case, what's the advantage of submitting a notification to idgames before an upload?
  6. Yes, and yes. However, I'm guessing that they experimented quite a bit with map design and structure before settling on the maps they finally chose for release. On a side note, it would be great to see what maps they came up with and discarded by the time of DooM's release.
  7. Many thanks to all the suggestions and advice, from which I gather the following: 1. Unless one sets out to incorporate multi-player right at the start of designing a map, it will likely lack some of the key elements needed for a fun MP experience. 2. Some factors that dilute the MP gameplay experience include: the use of too many doors and lifts, maps larger than small-to-medium in size, slow-rising sectors, high degree of non-linearity. 3. Factors that can break co-op gameplay include: W1 teleport lines (which at least one of my maps does have), traps that can lock other players out from making progress, overly-narrow corridors. 4. Retrofitting an SP map to incorporate MP might not work well, unless changes to the map are made (e.g., limiting the DM accessible areas). 5. It might be worthwhile to either create a separate set of maps (based on the SP maps) designed specifically for MP, or to create subsets of the maps for DM and include them in the same maps they mirror. Let me think about this a bit more. If I think it might be worthwhile pursuing this further, I'll come back here for more advice.
  8. I have completed an 11-map set for vanilla/chocolate DooM. The original intention was to only implement single-player mode, as I have no experience with multiplayer gameplay implementation. Upon further consideration, I am hopeful that multi-player can be implemented, even though that was not the original intention. Particularly for deathmatch, I have no idea on what starts & item placement would make the gameplay fun and fair. Of course, it may be too late to simply drop MP starts & items into the game; in other words, it may not be possible to implement MP without extensively changing map configurations. If this is the case, I'll release the game as a single-player experience, and forget about MP (especially deathmatch). (Incidentally, Ed the Bat has reviewed the map-set from the standpoint of co-op play, and has found nothing that will break the game.) So, a few questions, mainly about deathmatch: 1. When creating a map to include multi-player does the creator need to follow some rigorous guidelines (e.g., not too many doors or lifts, not too expansive, not too many alternative paths, etc.)? [I use the word "rigorous" to mean that if the guidelines are not followed the MP experience would most likely break down.] 2. Can a player readily tell that a map would NOT be suitable for multiplayer? 3. Can a single-player map generally be retrofit to incorporate multiplayer gameplay? Would someone with experience in creating multi-player games for DooM be willing to take a look at my map-set and let me know if MP is worth pursuing? Thanks.
  9. Although they go against the design parameters of DooM Alpha (indeed, even DooM/2), the way Serious_MOod has used them makes the map aesthetics very interesting.
  10. Yes, I can see how the tune would be suitable for gaming music. I didn't realize it was used in a DooM wad. Thanks for pointing that out.
  11. Very nice-looking architecture.
  12. The first time I heard the song, many years ago, I was blown away. Incidentally, for the longest time I thought the main instrument was a guitar. Imagine my surprise to discover that it's a keyboard.
  13. I'm 100% in agreement there. There were so many wonderful new ideas introduced (not the least of which was Duke's one-liners), as well as many "real life" environments. I'm 100% in agreement there. The moody atmosphere, alone, was worth the price of admission. I'll also add HeXen, which (sort of) introduced a role-playing element into an FPS game. This, along with the hub system, really added to the replay value of the game. In general, the early FPS games laid the groundwork for many of the award-winning FPS games that followed.
  14. Is this for DooM (in which case, shouldn't this thread be in "Wads & Mods" forum)? Or is this a stand-alone game with its own "IWAD"? What are the minimum system requirements? I was hesitant to download a zip file of indeterminate size, without knowing more about the game. A link to the text file would be great. Incidentally, the art and the theme look fabulous.
  15. Vaguely resembles an AT-ST. Not saying that's a bad thing. But what you've done is quite creative. You could even make a mod based on sprites from your Lego modeling.