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  1. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    Joe Walsh playing Rocky Mountain Way. Check out the excellent use of the talk-box starting around 3:20.
  2. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    You're kidding, right? [:wink:] Break On Through Light My Fire Back Door Man The End [The f*ckin' End] These are some of my all-time favorite songs. Not to mention When The Music's Over and Riders on the Storm, but those are not on the debut album. Also, when you have a chance, check out The Doors (a movie by Oliver Stone, featuring Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison and Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Manzarek). It's a wild ride. [Btw, love the proper use of the apostrophe for the possessive or the plural noun.]
  3. ReX

    Welcome to Doomworld- Introduce Yourself!

    Pretty excellent credentials.
  4. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    Speaking of Epitaph by ELP, their rendition that includes Battlefield is remarkable. Here goes:
  5. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    Then I probably don't have to tell you about Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, which was about as progressive rock as you can get after King Crimson. Not only did ELP get Greg Lake from King Crimson, but they also performed King Crimson's most-excellent Epitaph as part of the live rendition of Tarkus.
  6. I was in New Mexico this past week, but alas! my stinkin' workload did not permit me any free time to visit Alkali Flat. I did, however, listen to an excellent piece on National Public Radio in which the park's resource program manager being interviewed painted a vivid picture of the scenarios that likely resulted in those footprints. For example, some of the prints suggest that a pair of humans hunted a giant ground sloth, which spun around on one of the humans, making her/him step back. All of this speculation arose from the depth of the heel marks and claw marks. It just shows what scientific exploration, paired with human imagination, can conjure up.
  7. Pink, pony-tailed critter in love with/having a fetish for a chainsaw.
  8. Opposite of "purple sweet embodiment of virtue".
  9. ReX

    What are you currently reading?

    Yes, excellent writer of adventure stories set in America's 19th century, including in the gold rush period of Alaska.
  10. Nineteenth Century washer-woman. Done with a Japanese anime flair.
  11. The Rex Fox of the Himalayas Or, perhaps, of Montana. Heh.
  12. After Ty Halderman, Chris Couleur became the de facto project manager. I will send him an email and direct him to this thread. Perhaps he can get something going that is more meaningful than wistful email exchanges between him and me. [EDIT: I've sent Chris an email and directed him to this thread. He might be able to stir up enough interest to get this sleeping beast moving again.]
  13. Not to be mistaken for "Cross-Dressing Composer". Heh. (Mr. Jackson, you know I kid.)
  14. ReX

    What are you currently reading?

    Sapiens is only 416 pages [:wink:] Yes, excellent and entertaining book. Like you, I, too, forget the specifics of books I've read or movies I've watched. So, years later, I can experience them in almost the same manner I did when I first experienced them.