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  1. ReX

    New And Lost

    Doors & switches are almost as fundamental as rooms and corridors. Therefore, if you need to learn how to implement these concepts, I'd agree with the people on this thread who suggest you learn creating maps in "vanilla" DooM instead of using one or more of the feature-rich source ports (such as GZDooM). The advantage of going this route is that you will learn about mechanics, gameplay, and aesthetics without being bogged down with a multitude of options - about which you'll have to constantly learn in order to make progress. From vanilla DooM mapping, it's a relatively straightforward jump to "advanced" source port mapping. Think about learning how to ride a single-speed bicycle, and then graduating to a ten-speed bike; once you've mastered the basics (balance, steering, braking, etc.) you can move on to changing gears for speed or power.
  2. ReX

    Duke Nukem 3D/HL1 style Laser Trip Mine?

    Ha, ha! When you posted I had just discovered the YouTube video, and was browsing the ZDooM forum to which you pointed. Ask someone on the ZDooM forums for help. TheCamaleonMaligno or others will be able to help you out. I'd offer to do it for you, but lately I've become notoriously unreliable when it comes to DooM-related stuff. [Perhaps I'll look over Half-Life Lambda DooM's code to see what I can scavenge for you. But, as I cautioned, please don't hold your breath.]
  3. ReX

    Duke Nukem 3D/HL1 style Laser Trip Mine?

    Using a linedef as the triggering mechanism would not truly emulate the behavior of a trip-mine. Remember that a linedef represents a plane in-game, and not just a line. Therefore, crossing the linedef/plane will indiscriminately create the triggering. A trip-mine should allow the player to jump over or crawl under the activating mechanism without "tripping" the mine. One way to do this is to use ZScript/DECORATE to define an invisible actor (say, 2 pixels * 2 pixels in dimension), several of which you can string out along your "trip wire". This actor is tied to a script that creates the damaging explosion, and can be defined to be "picked up" by the player. When the player crosses the trip wire, one or more of those actors is picked up, triggering the script. You can use an appropriate texture to represent the trip wire. "Half-Life Lambda DooM" sounds intriguing. I wonder why it flew under my radar. I'll have to check it out.
  4. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    Sunshine of Your Love A reunion of Cream (one of the great and original "Super Groups") at the Royal Albert Hall. [And an instrumental version by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.]
  5. ReX

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    I watched Breaking Bad well after it was done with its broadcast run, and I was hooked on it for its entirety. I recently got through the first 3 seasons of Better Call Saul, which relies on a different kind of drama than Breaking Bad, but is satisfying nonetheless. You won't go wrong if you devote the time it requires. ST: TNG and ST: DS9 are probably among my all-time favorite TV shows. To the point that I overcame my natural stinginess and forked over hundreds of dollars to buy the boxed sets. I couldn't really get into ST: Enterprise (even though I do like Scott Bakula), but I did like ST: Voyager.
  6. ReX

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    A few weeks ago I watched Season 1 of Westworld. It has excellent writing, production value, overall plot, and character development. The action is nicely done as well. Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay was an excellent and ruthless foil to the "system". However, I felt it was implausible that a 19th century character (even an android) would learn about 21st century information technology so rapidly. Moreover, the ability for an android to so thoroughly manipulate higher security protocols and over-ride the commands of the programmers defies belief. [Whatever happened to the "lysine contingency"? Heh.] Although I recognize the need for such a plot device in order to advance the overall story, I felt this part was somewhat sloppy on the part of the writers. Regardless, I look forward to watching Season 2.
  7. The one with opposable thumbs. Oh, wait. You said “pet”, not “manservant”. In that case, something that’s low maintenance and will make me look good. Like a Lost Soul on a leash.
  8. It’ll be odd to see Picard still as a captain, despite 20 years having gone by. But I vaguely recall an episode where he eschews higher command and opts to helm a ship instead. So there might be a logical reason he hasn’t been promoted to Grand Poobah of the Federation.
  9. This is an honest and moving account of family trauma, and the role that videogames played in restoring a semblance of balance. The occasional escape from real life is a necessity for many, but might become more so when someone is troubled. The trick, I suppose, is in knowing when escape is starting to become a substitute for real life. Guidance from a loved one and/or a medical professional can be vital in creating that equilibrium.
  10. In the trailer the horror is implied, rather than on display. That's usually the best kind of horror.
  11. I agree that finding someone to trust and speak with about deep-rooted issues is not always easy. But cast a wider net if you haven't found someone in your circle of family, friends, or coworkers. If you have a job, perhaps your company has an employee-assistance program that will give you free counseling for the initial sessions. If you are in school/college, there ought to be a counselor with whom you can speak for free. Most states have programs that will direct you to resources, including free counseling. Do not resort to alcohol & narcotics use, as that will almost certainly compound your emotional health issues in very short order. The good thing is that you recognize your feelings of isolation, and are willing to seek help to address the issue.
  12. ReX

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Unreal was, literally, unreal when I first played it. The alien environments, the enemies, the music (oh! the music) - all so captivating. One of my all-time favorite games. And that includes paintball and kumite sparring. Heh.
  13. ReX

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    First Gen FPS: DooM/2; Duke 3D; HeXen; Blood; Dark Forces; Shadow Warrior Second Gen FPS: Quake, HeXen2 Third Gen FPS: Half-Life; Quake 2; Unreal Future Gen FPS: I'm not quite there yet (call it "interstellar lag")
  14. Totally not what you were asking, but I volunteer at my local library as a computer tutor. Heh. But, back on topic: here is an excellent summary on cryptocurrencies by John Oliver that I had watched just a few weeks ago. Also: A Cryptocurrency Glossary
  15. At first, I was confused (even annoyed) at the "twitch" nature of the demo. But then I began to appreciate the strategy and skill that was employed in swiftly reaching each objective, namely, the exit switch. Kudos!