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  1. This is an honest and moving account of family trauma, and the role that videogames played in restoring a semblance of balance. The occasional escape from real life is a necessity for many, but might become more so when someone is troubled. The trick, I suppose, is in knowing when escape is starting to become a substitute for real life. Guidance from a loved one and/or a medical professional can be vital in creating that equilibrium.
  2. In the trailer the horror is implied, rather than on display. That's usually the best kind of horror.
  3. I agree that finding someone to trust and speak with about deep-rooted issues is not always easy. But cast a wider net if you haven't found someone in your circle of family, friends, or coworkers. If you have a job, perhaps your company has an employee-assistance program that will give you free counseling for the initial sessions. If you are in school/college, there ought to be a counselor with whom you can speak for free. Most states have programs that will direct you to resources, including free counseling. Do not resort to alcohol & narcotics use, as that will almost certainly compound your emotional health issues in very short order. The good thing is that you recognize your feelings of isolation, and are willing to seek help to address the issue.
  4. ReX

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Unreal was, literally, unreal when I first played it. The alien environments, the enemies, the music (oh! the music) - all so captivating. One of my all-time favorite games. And that includes paintball and kumite sparring. Heh.
  5. ReX

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    First Gen FPS: DooM/2; Duke 3D; HeXen; Blood; Dark Forces; Shadow Warrior Second Gen FPS: Quake, HeXen2 Third Gen FPS: Half-Life; Quake 2; Unreal Future Gen FPS: I'm not quite there yet (call it "interstellar lag")
  6. Totally not what you were asking, but I volunteer at my local library as a computer tutor. Heh. But, back on topic: here is an excellent summary on cryptocurrencies by John Oliver that I had watched just a few weeks ago. Also: A Cryptocurrency Glossary
  7. At first, I was confused (even annoyed) at the "twitch" nature of the demo. But then I began to appreciate the strategy and skill that was employed in swiftly reaching each objective, namely, the exit switch. Kudos!
  8. Man of Doom, you sound like you're dealing with some challenges. I encourage you to seek out someone you trust, and confide in her/him. Better yet, also speak with someone who might be in a position to help you deal with your inner conflicts. Although playing DooM might seem therapeutic at times, it is not a substitute for interacting with an empathetic person. And, while you have prepared a reasonable psycho-profile of DoomGuy, it would be a mistake to identify with him to the point that you believe you can solve problems of isolation by battling pixellated demons. My sincerest wishes for your improved well-being.
  9. ReX

    The Quirky Domain (A GZDoom map for Doom 2)

    Fair enough. I'd like to point out that the addition of the super-shotgun & backpack as non-secrets was a mere suggestion, not even a request. The suggestion simply reflects my preference, based on my style of game-play. By the same token, I completely concede your right to craft game-play the way you envision it ought to be. [For my part, if I truly needed either item I could have used the console cheat to obtain them.]
  10. ReX

    Developing your Mapping Style

    Some of the mapping preferences one developed might, at one point, have depended on the map editing tool one learnt with. For example, I learnt how to map using WadAuthor, which easily allowed the use of prefab polygonal sectors. This led to my preference for circular, oval, and curved sections of architecture. [Nowadays, of course, the commonly-used map editors incorporate tool to readily create polygonal sectors.] Some of ones preferences also depend on how one looks at different ways to use new engine features. For example, when ZDooM introduced slopes, I realized they could be used effectively in the creation of arches and domes. Thereafter, I have tried to incorporate such features whenever appropriate. The introduction of 3D sectors was another game-changer for me, allowing me to create office buildings and parking garages. I believe, however, that one's "style" ought to evolve continuously, lest one one get bored of doing the same thing ad nauseam.
  11. ReX

    The Quirky Domain (A GZDoom map for Doom 2)

    I, too, disagree with the way Mockingbird died. But levity aside, this is a must-play for someone looking for the surreal (some of which is visually implemented in an MC Escher or Salvador Dali style). As Bauul said, there is a surfeit of GZDooM effects; and while there are portals galore, there are some other very cool effects (such as the translucent/frozen enemies) sprinkled throughout. My play-through was at HMP skill level, and I found the difficulty to be just right (although I'm curious to see how the difficulty ramps up at UV or Nightmare skills). The 2 changes that I suggested after playing the first version, are to provide a backpack without putting it in a secret area, and to provide a super-shotgun without putting it in a secret area. I also found the platforming near the yellow key to be very frustrating. FishyClockwork subsequently added air control in the area, which will make the jumping much less problematic for the average player.
  12. ReX

    rock/metal songs that would have fit Doom

    Another aptly-named tune, this one being Transylvania Boogie, by Frank Zappa. [For another very cool version, listen to the live rendition by Warren Cuccurullo, a Zappa alum.]
  13. ReX

    rock/metal songs that would have fit Doom

    The aptly-named Frankenstein, by The Edgar Winter Group.
  14. ReX

    The Best from Doom

    The closest to virtual reality that I was able to get in 1994.
  15. I can't tell if you're being facetious or if you're being serious. E.T. and North by Northwest can hardly be considered the bottom of anyone's movie barrel. The same for Lost Ark, which was rated a thrilling adventure by many.