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  1. ReX

    GZDoom Builder, Alert Monster command

    Possible reasons: 1. The "deaf" flag has accidentally been set for the monsters 2. The sector from which the monsters are supposed to teleport have sound-blocking linedefs. This means the monsters don't get alerted, and they don't move towards the teleporter linedef(s) 3. The teleporter linedefs are unintentionally blocking the monsters 4. The teleporter destination sector is not tall enough to allow the monsters to teleport in 5. The teleport destination sector is not wide enough to allow the monsters to teleport in (e.g., narrow stairs)
  2. ReX

    3D floor items like ROTT or Hexen?

    If you're using GZDooM, you might be better off using "true" 3D floors
  3. Again, please specify which source port you're creating your map for. If your map is for "vanilla" DooM (or its nearest derivatives, such as BooM) you will need to use texture trickery to achieve the illusion of your arch. Look at this picture for an example. Basically, the "arch" in the middle is created with multiple lines placed very close to each other, and each using the arch texture. Creating the blocking for such a structure in vanilla DooM is quite challenging. If you wish to use a source port that supports "true" 3D structures (such as GZDooM), you can create a realistic arch that a player can walk under as well as atop. Here is a picture of a 3D arch. And here is a picture of an arched bridge.
  4. ReX

    Laser Beams

    A couple of minor points. If the game has laser beams across a path, the intention generally is to incinerate the actor that crosses the beams. In this case, there won't be a blocking function to the linedef representing the laser beams; instead the function will be to inflict damage. [Alternatively, the laser beams could be used to serve as a "trip-wire"; again, the linedef wouldn't block the actor.] If you want a blocking function (with or without a degree of damage or thrust-back when the actor tries to cross) you're best served by a force-field. Refer to the examples provided by Kappes Buur.
  5. I probably don't need to point this out to you, but a couple of great FZ cover bands are Ed Palermo Big Band, and Bogus Pomp. I discovered them a few years ago, and have collected quite a bit of their recordings. They often invite FZ alums like Napoleon Murphy Brock to perform with them.

    1. Doomkid


      Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into them - haven’t heard of them til now!

  6. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    Freaky commentary + manic guitar + general zaniness = Zappa band in concert But back on topic: More social commentary (caution: possibly objectionable lyrics)
  7. ReX

    Creating a custom sky texture

    Also, if you simply cut and paste from an existing image, you'll likely have a problem tiling the image so that it properly wraps around the horizon. Note how the left edge of a DooM sky fits exactly up against the right edge. This allows the image to "tile" horizontally with no visible seam. In other words, you'll probably need to make your custom sky tile before it looks realistic in-game.
  8. ReX

    Creating a custom sky texture

    As you've discovered, an image needs to be in the DooM color palette in order to be rendered properly in vanilla DooM and some source ports. The other limitation is on the image format (DooM Graphic Format). One way to do what you're asking is to start with one of the DooM skies in 8-bit bitmap, using (say) MS Paint. (You'll need to export the sky image into such a format; I can't be sure, but SLADE might be able to do this.) Then, you'll need to copy and paste your custom sky into the DooM sky image. If the palette's are similar, you could get a custom sky that is acceptable in-game. All of this requires the use of old MS software, such us Win 95 or Win XP (or an emulator), as newer versions of MS Windows don't seem to support the editing of 8-bit BMPs. To recap, try this: 1. Use an older machine to export any DooM sky into 8-bit BMP format. 2. Open MS Paint in your older machine & open the DooM sky BMP image. 3. Copy and paste your custom sky onto the DooM sky BMP mage. 4. Save If you don't have older versions of MS Win and MS Paint send me the image and I'll use one of my older computers to convert the image.
  9. This appears to be an offset issue. You will need to apply relevant x-axis and y-axis values to "center" the weapon sprite. A resource editor such as SLADE can be used to apply the proper offset. [I am not familiar with Aseprite, so I don't know why it messes up the offsets.]
  10. ReX


    @Bauul: Yes, this is probably a preferable way to the hacky alternative.
  11. ReX


    I don't know if a script can be used to determine the "state" of an actor. If it is possible, then your script will be set to trigger when it detects the state of the enemy has changed to "awake" (I think the proper name might be "alert"). If you want to use a hacky alternative, you can set the enemy to "dormant", and use the script to first wake it up, then perform your other desired actions.
  12. ReX

    Sector music/sound

    To follow up on what Dark Pulse said, refer to this article in the wiki. In the example on the wiki page the script changes the music at the beginning of the boss battle, checks to see if the boss is still alive, and changes the music back when the boss is killed. You can simplify the script for your use. It could be as straightforward as: Script 100 (void) // Change Music { SetMusic("NewMusic", 0); } You would assign Script 100 to the linedef that the player crosses, and flag is as repeatable or single-use only, depending on what effect you're going for. Of course, if you have custom music you'd need to define the music via a SNDINFO lump.
  13. Did you forget to include the screenshot?
  14. KB, I'm unclear on what "duplicated polyobjects" are. Are you referring to "mirrored" polyobjects? Or this this a new feature with which I am not familiar?
  15. ReX

    Exporting BMPs instead of PNGs in SLADE?

    That is one of the reasons I turn to XWE. [Plus, it can be used to extract graphics and resources from a bunch of old games.] I, too, like editing BMP format images in MS Paint. Newer versions of MS Paint seemed to have dropped the BMP-editing functionality. Incidentally, I have become fairly proficient in editing JPEG and PNG format images in GIMP, which I highly recommend. Another great program for modifying images is XNView, although there are no pencil or similar tools. (I.e., it can be used for resizing, adjusting color/hue/saturation, editing palettes - especially for assigning transparency, etc.)