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  1. Rank title meaning

    Why don't I have a custom title by now? What does that have to do with DooM? I'll tell you: 1. One of the keepers of custom titles is Fraggle. 2. Fraggle is Kevin Bacon in disguise. 3. Bacon goes real well with omelettes & hash browns. 4. An imp is exceedingly brown. 5. DooM is full of imps. 6. I've done a fair amount of customizing DooM, in my time. Ergo, by following the rules of Six Degrees, I ought to have a custom title. Impeccable logic, wouldn't you say?
  2. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Here is an example of a 2048 x 2048 sandstone-colored texture. And here is one of a 1024 x 683 (wtf!) texture. Do an image search for "tileable" or "seamless" rock textures.
  3. Help on detailing my geometry

    1. Make rooms rectangular, instead of just square. [Unless, of course, you meant "square" in a generic, orthogonal manner.] 2. Make rooms that are L-shaped. 3. Make rooms that are cross-shaped. 4. Make rooms that are a combination of the above (e.g. swastika-shaped). 5. Use corridors to connect larger rooms. 6. Make corridors branch out in different directions, and connect them to different destinations. 7. Have narrower rooms connect to wider ones. All of the above can be done with strictly right-angled walls. In addition, you can: 1. Create walled courtyards, where non-orthogonal walls do NOT seem unnatural. 2. Create "natural" outdoor areas with rocky ledges and columns, where orthogonal walls would actually seem unnatural. 3. Create caverns, etc, where you must also move away from strictly right-angled walls.
  4. Rank title meaning

    So Fraggle was never Kevin Bacon, masquerading as a forum Overlord all along? Just shows you how far under a rock I've been living. Heh.
  5. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Wow, those are some nice pictures! One suggestion: In your first picture of the canyon-lands, the rock texture appears to be 128 units wide, and repeats itself in a manner that seems unnatural and detracts from the realism of that scene. Consider replacing that 128-wide texture with one that is 1024 or 2048 units wide.
  6. Scattered Evil for Hexen

    Ahem, yes, it's for HeXen - as it states in the title of this thread. Whack me like a dangling piƱata for not paying enough attention.
  7. Rank title meaning

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game, where the idea is that any actor is six or fewer acquaintance links apart from Kevin Bacon. Recently, someone created a thread on Doomworld that creates the same game, only making Simon "Fraggle" Howard the destination.
  8. That merits a prize, wouldn't you say? Peaches En Regalia, perhaps? Zappa music to go with a freaky DooM mod? Freak Out! is about all I'll declare for now.
  9. Scattered Evil for Hexen

    Holy cow! Those pictures and videos are spectacular! I'm surprised this project hasn't generated more interest in these forums. What game is it for (HeXen, I presume)? Also, in your second video, in one of the circular stairways (between 0:50 and 1:00) you can see that the textures require y-offsets for proper alignment. [Meant as an observation, not a criticism.]
  10. G-Spot Tornado. Hell, yeah! Will be downloading and looking for similar nuggets.
  11. Back in 2001 I created a 7-map game where the finale required the player to set some explosive charges to destroy some sort of evil laboratory thingy, and get the heck out of Kansas before the whole thing went "Kablooie!" It wasn't a castle. But does that count? Heh.
  12. Mapping for DooM is a wonderful surrogate for being an architect. Plus, you won't get prosecuted or sued when the elaborate castle you've created in DooM comes crashing down and kills innocent bystanders. [If there's such a thing as an "innocent bystander" in a DooM map.]
  13. Deimos Anomaly

    I once heard the guy in the next cubicle say: "Shit! Shit! Shit! I can't believe I didn't beat DooM shareware!" And then he leaped through the plate-glass window and plummeted down to the pavement nineteen stories down. I'm pretty sure that guy died at the end of the first episode.
  14. Where does Episode 2 take place?

    It's encouraging that such an intellectual discussion has emerged from such a hypothetical question about a 24-year old game. [No sarcasm, btw.]
  15. Are there mods for?

    That's the price you pay for doing some things in vanilla DooM.