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  1. Holy shit! Those are excellent! Kurashiki is an artist whose talents transcend the work he's done for DooM. And he is funny as heck.
  2. Thankfully, I haven't met my DooM yet. Oh, wait, he didn't ask: "So, how did you meet your DooM?" Never mind, then. [But, seriously, folks. I first encountered DooM in Spring 1994 when a colleague of mine called me over to his office, shut the door, and started the game up. He had played Wolfenstein before, so he was not new to FPS games. But I had never seen anything like it, and I was irrevocably snagged.]
  3. Excellent, thanks.
  4. Thanks. Just as a side note, I don't want to remove unused patches, just identify them. In this way, I can use those unused patches to define new textures.
  5. Is there a tool (internal to SLADE or external) that allows a user to check if any patches in a wad or pk3 are not used in TEXTUREx?
  6. I'd love to see a map-set created with these textures. Old-school, yet fresh and new-looking. Very nice.
  7. Any chance you can make some of these into "true" skyboxes - six-sided cubes? In this way they can be used in source ports that support such skyboxes (e.g., GZDooM), which eliminate the stretching and color-fading at the apex of the skies. Very nice skies, by the way. Thanks for your efforts.
  8. BIGDOOR2 & BIGDOOR3 are present in both DooM and DooM2, so you ought to have had no problem running either IWAD. [In DooM, BIGDOOR2 is in TEXTURE1, and BIGDOOR3 is in TEXTURE2; in DooM2 they are both in TEXTURE1. But I doubt this is the source of your problem.] Same with Brutal DooM. From my review of H2D4D2TP.wad, it is clearly a texture/flat replacement for DooM2, not for DooM. Therefore, if you run this with DooM, some of the "stock" DooM textures will appear. This will not cause any gameplay or missing-texture issues, but it might look odd. For example, DooM contains some tech-themed textures that are not in DooM2, and are therefore not replaced in H2D4D2TP.wad; COMPTILE, and COMPUTE1-3 are examples. If you run DooM with the texture wad, all instances of these textures will appear in-game, and the tech theme will clash with the medieval theme of the texture wad. [This is immediately noticeable in E1M1.] In addition, the texture wad created new textures, but simply renamed them using existing DooM2.wad texture names. Therefore, there was no consideration given to the similarity of textures being replaced. I believe DBT created the texture wad as a resource (upon which authors could build custom maps), and not simply to run DooM/2. Still, if you're happy with the result, go for it. [EDIT: I ran the texture wad with DooM.wad & GZDooM, and I see the problem to which you are referring. BIGDOOR2 is used near the start area in E1M1, and most of it is black (indicating that a part of the texture isn't covered by a patch. But I can't see why this is happening. The BIGDOOR2 texture is 100% made up of the TTEX229 patch, and there are no x- or y-offsets to the texture. For the life of me, I can't figure out why this is happening.]
  9. Did you, perhaps mean "divorce with your wife"? Most FPS players (and probably most visitors to these forums) are male. Plus, the "erection" reference. Regardless, what you said was quite funny. Ha!
  10. Which source port? I see what look like 3D sectors and slopes, so I'm guessing 3DGE or GZDooM. Beautiful lighting effects on the second screenpic from the bottom. Overall, too, the pics show good quality. Best wishes with the project.
  11. [I realize that you've already solved your problem but I figured I'd respond, in the event that you need to do this again in the future.] Yes, you'll need to "edit textures". No apologies necessary. We all started in the same way as you - by asking questions. I wasn't able to get back on these forums until just now, and wasn't able to respond sooner. [I downloaded the file to which you had linked, but for some reason it was not downloading the entire file. I ended up going into the ZDooM froum thread and getting a proper download.] I opened the wad file and looked over the TEXTURE1 lump. I checked the "traditional" door textures, and found nothing wrong in the way the patches have been set up. Which graphic patches are "incompatible"? Specifically, the patches are incompatible with what? ZDooM?
  12. I went around in circles because I was still learning the keyboard controls, and hadn't mastered strafe control. After being fried several times over by the human zombies, I think I might actually have gone to the window overlooking the courtyard. Then, I probably went up to the green armor area.
  13. It's a fairly straightforward task once you know what you're doing. Step 1: Import the relevant graphic patch(es) into your wad Step 2: If your patch is simply replacing an existing DooM patch, just rename the imported patch and give it the DooM patch name. E.g., the texture BIGDOOR2 consists of a single graphic patch named DOOR2_4. If your HeXen door is replacing this one, rename the imported patch to DOOR2_4. Step 3: If your DooM texture consists of more than one patch (e.g., BIGDOOR1 consists of patches DOOR2_1 and multiple instances of W13_1) adjust the position of each patch to create your composite texture. Keep in mind that your replacement texture needs to be the same height & width as the one being replaced, otherwise you'll get the tutti-frutti effect. Yes. Either rename the relevant entry in the TEXTUREx lump (presumably you're using this method) to point the texture(s) to the existing patch, or copy the graphic patch back into your wad and rename the patch to correspond to the DooM patch for the texture you're "fixing".
  14. For those not in the know, Bernard Cornwell is a British author, who specializes in historical fiction. In other words, he writes about actual historical events, but weaves fictional characters into the events. In this way I get to enjoy the character interplay & drama, while also learning about the relevant history. Most recently, I read his 10-volume Saxon Stories, which covers the historical period during the Danish invasions of Britain in the 9th and 10th centuries. He has also written about Stonehenge, Arthurian Mythology, a Grail Quest, the Battle of Agincourt, and the Napoleonic Wars. As an added bonus, Cornwell has written an excellent historical documentary (non-fiction) on the Battle of Waterloo.