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  1. ReX

    Tips on making a good skybox

    @jerrysheppy: The Kothic Skybox set includes some volcanic & red desert landscapes that could fit with Hell-themed maps. Examples are Gehenna, Dragonfire, Dragonheart, and Ares. But if you're looking for something resembling the Hell levels of DooM2, you are quite correct about there being a shortage of skies.
  2. Cthulhu. Except this one is clearly not one of the Old Ones.
  3. ReX

    Tips on making a good skybox

    In that case, refer to what @Kappes Buur suggested. But you still need to specify if you're using a new sky for doom/2.exe or one of the source ports. If you're using doom/2.exe, you just need to make sure your sky graphic tiles horizontally (i.e., the left edge of the picture seamlessly joins with the right side of that same picture).
  4. ReX

    Any tips?

    Custom textures: Unless you have some artistic talent, don't try to (wholesale) create your own graphics. Not only does it take talent, it also takes time and effort. So if you want the public to appreciate the results, be prepared for a lot of work. [Alternatively, if you have a modest amount of talent and some time on your hands, you can take existing resources and modify them to suit the theme of your mod.] Custom audio: Same suggestions as for custom textures, except it's much more difficult to existing modify audio files and produce a suitable result. Modding: I presume you mean new maps, new weapons, and new enemies. Of these, creating new enemies will probably be the most challenging, as the amount of time/talent required for the art and behavior definition generally surpasses those required for new maps & weapons. As @Misty said, please be more specific about which aspects of your DooM wad you'd like some tips.
  5. ReX

    Tips on making a good skybox

    Are you asking about creating the graphics for a new skybox? Or using an existing skybox? If the latter, use the suggestions by @Kappes Buur
  6. ReX

    Favourite fire/lighting effect?

    You didn't specify in what source port (if any) you are building your map. If you are using doom.exe or doom2.exe, your options are quite different than if you are using a source port that allows different ways to create in-game lighting. In "vanilla" DooM, using gradient sector lighting for torches can create particularly jarring visual effects, because the torch will be flickering and the sector lighting will not be.
  7. A young Jabba the Hutt (all starry-eyed with dreams of one day ruling the underworld in the Outer Rim. And, of course, having a semi-nekkid Princess Leia chained atop his space barge.)
  8. ReX

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    Several excellent remakes have already been made. And many of them are free.
  9. Echoing what @TheMagicMushroomMan said, nothing in what you showed here would be considered x-rated. Especially if that type of art is not used gratuitously. Incidentally, there is a folder in the idgames archives for x-rated content.
  10. ReX

    Doomworld International thread

    Sadly, this has been the price of progress. "Homeless people with jobs" is an oxymoron, if I ever heard one, and it's a terrible situation. Yes, some cities in the US have the previously-unheard of problem of solidly middle-income workers who can't afford rent. San Francisco is another example. [Incidentally, if you haven't done so already, check out the magnificent temperate rain forest in the Olympic National Park.] Not to mention the near-constant smell of urine and vomit at night. [The gnomes magically clean it all up by morning.] But, on the plus side, there's the mighty Mississippi River that flows through the city, and the abundance of free music (from Country, to jazz & blues, and mainstream rock & roll).
  11. ReX

    Doomworld International thread

    Let's not forget the highlands. Kangaroos are not as prevalent as popular culture would have you believe. As a tourist who visited for 10 days, I saw only a handful. I did see a few koalas in a grove of eucalyptus trees, and some semi-tame kookaburras. Yes, the scenery is spectacular, from the hills/valleys of the East, to the central desert with the magnificent Uluru, to the dramatic 12 Apostles in the Great Southern Ocean. @Oday: I had intended to visit Saudi Arabia a long time ago when a friend of mine lived & worked there, but never made it. [Back then, the government didn't issue tourist visas unless you were sponsored by someone living there.] @bobstremglav: I would love to visit Russia, especially Saint Petersburg @Argenteo: Get out of the city! Explore! Argentina is a diverse and interesting place.
  12. Engage! [EDIT: @URROVA jumped in ahead of me. I was reacting to @CBM's avatar]
  13. ReX

    What are you listening to?

    A very cool mashup with Robin Williams and Will Smith singing Friend Like Me from Aladdin.
  14. "Why does doomguy have black gloves on the cover ...."? Those aren't gloves. Those are hands stained with the black blood and gristle of demons into whose chest cavities he's plunged them before ripping out their still-beating hearts (or whatever passes for hearts in demon chest cavities).
  15. It used to be fairly common for players to use pistol starts and complete a given map without saving (as vanilla Doom demos typically required). I, myself, completed & recorded the games with pistol starts in each map with no saves, achieving 100% stats. But I have never played the entire games from start to finish with no saves.
  16. ReX

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    @DownloadTheseSweetViruses: I rest my case. But, staying on topic: I FR*CKING love vegetables. No, I do.
  17. Commandeer Keene (yes, yes, I know it is, technically, a decoration and not a monster). They just hang there and allow themselves to get shot. That's what I call a good little monster.
  18. ReX

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    @DownloadTheseSweetViruses: I didn't say I like vegetables (although I do). I said your cow avatar almost certainly likes vegetables. Unless it was raised on a diet of Purina Chow and Diet Coke.
  19. ReX

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    Your avatar would beg to disagree.
  20. I loved Blood, but the bugs in the early releases (e.g., game crashing when firing some weapons underwater) made for an occasionally frustrating experience. On the plus side, the moody, 19th century atmosphere (aptly described by @129thVisplane as Victorian) and dark humor more than made up for the bugs. Too bad Ken Silverman "lost" the source code. Because Duke 3D was my first Build game, it is probably also my favorite. Irreverent, mouthy character with wise-cracking one-liners, juvenile humor (shot any urinals and drunk from the gushing water to restore your health lately?), and generally not taking itself seriously were among the reasons I found the game appealing. Plus, it had more-or-less realistic environments, some weird-but-funny weapons, and plenty of vertical-based gameplay. I liked Shadow Warrior quite a bit, but it seemed more like an Asian variation of Duke 3D.
  21. And I see a puzzled circle but no Robot. There, we're even. [:wink:]
  22. I hope I look that good when I get that old. [Great topic, btw.]
  23. Even otherwise, @Enjay is an old-timer, as he joined the forums in October 2000.
  24. ReX

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I'm a yellow-eyed Mongol clan chieftain who herds goats for a living, and does DooM-related stuff in my free time. Oh, and my ambition is to graduate from herding goats to herding yaks. And if I get really rich, I'll be herding camels and making big bucks selling cheese to the snooty crowd that has too much money and too little taste.
  25. The Magna Carta Libertatum charter. King John was soiling his royal drawers at the prospect of having his testicles chopped off by the rebel barons in his kingdom. Oh, wait. You said "event you can remember".