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  1. morken

    Doomsday Engine Linux

    Yeah, it worked, thanks
  2. morken

    Doomsday Engine Linux

    Yeah, i have done this, but it still doesn't works.
  3. morken

    Doomsday Engine Linux

    Doomsday won't load the IWADs on my folder, what do i do?
  4. Thank you, it worked just fine. I don't have idea on how to do this kind of stuff, so it can be hard to realize how to fix something - even simple stuff like this,
  5. I don't know where i should post this, but here i am. I'm trying to download Crispy Doom on my computer (Linux Mint 19.1), following all the commands from the GitHub page: sudo apt-get install build-essential automake sudo apt-get build-dep chocolate-doom; when i get to this one, this message appears on the terminal E: Impossible de trouver une source de paquet pour chocolate-doom (E: Cannot find a package source for chocolate-doom) Can i do something about it?