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  1. Mister Xiado

    Most recent movie you saw

    John Wick, and I should not have watched it. I have grudges going back 30 years.
  2. Mister Xiado

    doom episode 2 :(

    I played through all of the episodes from their respective first levels with a pistol start, and no memory of anything but like the first half of E1 from playing it on nearly every console port. The last time I played through episodes 2 and 3 was back in like 2006. I never hit a point where I had to go back to an old autosave and scour a map for ammunition to return to somewhere. I don't remember having a rough time on E2M2 after E2M1. Then again, GZDooM makes the game tremendously easier than playing on a 486 at a tenth the frame rate and at one-sixteenth the resolution. It just feels more fluid, like you can dance between the hitscans or something.
  3. Mister Xiado

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    Study, experiment, practice. Without experimentation cannot come innovation. Without practice cannot come proficiency. So long as you put forth some effort, you are better than the bottom 50%. Without study cannot come understanding. DooM mapping adheres to some strict rules, that if disregarded, result in a map that cannot even be loaded, much less played. There is no specific style, as maps for DooM differ greatly from maps for GZDooM, so comparisons aren't easily made. Not like in traditional art, where there are objective points in quality that must be achieved to be considered good. If you have no grasp of perspective, anatomy, light and shade, or color, you'll never get anywhere outside of a hugbox. DooM is less nerve-wracking. What you make is something that is more than a picture or a song, but an experience. If anything, it feels like a more efficient means of expression, as you get more out of it without nearly as much mandatory input.
  4. Mister Xiado

    doom episode 2 :(

    First three episodes of DooM don't put you anywhere you have to really prepare for. Even if you level skip, even the boss maps give you weapons, ammo, and armor suitable for beating them. Beyond a player wasting ammunition like a fool, there should be no unrecoverable situations in DooM that require a player to start over. Even a simple berserker pack and some fancy footwork can turn a bad situation around, in many cases.
  5. Mister Xiado

    I need mapping advice

    Fun is subjective, but approaching objectivity, here's some of my advice: Give the player the opportunity to cut loose once in a while with no concern for health or ammo, but make it something to be earned or achieved, not randomly slapped into the middle of the map. Give the player means to use their own skill to achieve different experiences. Maybe a platforming path can save time for a skilled player in reaching the next objective, bypassing a series of switch-activated doors. Multiple ways to reach an objective. Give the player new experiences. Use your imagination, or translate concepts from other games, or even films and books. This can go back to the second bullet point. Perhaps have the player be able to go through a gauntlet early in the level to get a key that opens no doors, but activates a crushing press to kill a boss instead of having a tough battle. Make maps sensible, not classic Id-sanity and schizophrenic nightmares of geometry. Making a starbase or a lab? Make rooms that seem to serve specific functions, and link them sensibly. No military facility would be a linear corridor running through a series of large, empty rooms. Look at other people's maps for concept ideas. Instead of a long, plain wall, maybe a series of inset computer panels? A see-through mesh? Simulated damage? Cracks in the floor, holes in the ceiling, busted doors that have to be circumvented through various means? Think of your map like spaghetti and meatballs. Your chunky gameplay sections being the meatballs, and the spaghetti being the halls and adjacent areas linking them together. A map that's all meatballs is as bad as a map that's all spaghetti. Just keep in mind what game or version you're working with. You can't go all out on a map made for vanilla DooM, with 200-sector, voxel-level details for damaged walls, doors, and floors, as DooM will choke on it and crash in most cases, but don't do a disservice to the player with a series of 64 corridors separated by man doors in STARTAN. For non-DooM games, think in three dimensions! Give the player a reason to look up and down, beyond shooting enemies. Provide rewards for curious and attentive players. When I made Quake II maps, I tried to make multiple levels (in terms of height) for combat. Rooftops, street level, sewers, for example. Making an adventure map? Let the player's actions affect the map, physically, be it demolishing a pathway that enemies could use to attack the player, or clearing a hallway of debris using scripted explosions to hide shifting the debris brushes outside of the playable area. For the love of God, don't just abuse the player for fifteen minutes, then throw invulnerability, a BFG, and a mountain of cell packs at them to fight ten cyberdemons. Also, make your map first, make sure it plays properly, then go to town prettying it up with a CONSISTENT level of detail, if you can. Don't put all of your eggs into the entryway, with light gradations, sparking consoles, smoke, fire, exposed wiring, dead bodies, and then dull fullbright hallways immediately outside.
  6. Mister Xiado

    What Enemy Makes You Most Vocal?

    I cannot not hear Joel when I run into an Arch-Vile.
  7. Mister Xiado

    doom episode 2 :(

    I don't remember much, if any, of Shores of Hell, and I only played through it like last week. Conversely, I found Thy Flesh Consumed to be an angry, un-fun chore. Like Plutonia and TNT. The maps feel like they belong in another game, or in a prank WAD competition. They're not badly made, but lacking in the essence that makes you want to play again.
  8. Mister Xiado

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    I stopped watching TV shortly after Heroes' first season ended. I saw the degradation in writing, casting, acting, and rise of identity politics on the horizon, and didn't want the brainwashing to interfere with my electronic engineering studies. Even now, when I pass through a room where some show is being watched, I keep thinking it's a parody from Idiocracy or something, but no.
  9. Mister Xiado

    UAC-M1: E1M1 remake for Doom 2

    Fancy. I went the other way with mine, being a "what if someone remade E1M1 in 1994 without going berserk on detail work?" project.
  10. Mister Xiado

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    ShenMue on the PS4. My DC disc 1 is scuffed, and having it resurfaced didn't fix it. Blazing through the PI portion just so I can spend more time practicing moves.
  11. Mister Xiado

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    Duke Nukem died when Gearbox swiped the property, and was buried when Jon St John drank all of the Kool Aid ever mixed and started vomiting it all over social networking.
  12. Mister Xiado

    Levels or megaWADs with a "broken reality" theme?

    The map I'm working on has a Hell-mirror version of the not-Hell part of the map, with some bleedover in spots. Also a junket to Stroggos to pick up a rocket launcher. I'll try to finish it sooner rather than later. It doesn't even have a name yet.
  13. Mister Xiado

    What is your process?

    To a degree, yes, but it's not like I sit and dwell on a concept in great detail, as I find some of the more interesting gameplay quirks come about in the midst of working on the more mundane sections of a map. Some of column A, a lot of column B. I go about a decade between maps, so I'm not sure how to answer. The form of the container. It is like water. Just look at the world around you, and leave your neighborhood once in a while. Anywhere could be a game map, and anything could be a gameplay object. Normally I'll think of a general idea for a map. A secret facility in the side of a mountain, covered by a waterfall. An abandoned laboratory with a slowly-failing security lockdown system. A city street with a gas station and convenience store, across the street from apartment buildings. A deathmatch map full of player-activated traps, with a control room that kills the occupants if they stay too long. If the game engine I'm messing with supports the idea, then I would start making the starting area, and branch out along other paths. The problem is, having been clinically dead for about 12 minutes before, my drive to do absolutely anything is almost zero. Motivation is rare, so I have to jump on it in the rare instances it arises. Other times, a project will run far longer than my motivation will, and I abandon it, or worse, force myself to complete it with a modicum of effort. I've only just today finished a DooM map. My previous works were for AvP2 and Quake II, but those are lost to time, now.
  14. Mister Xiado

    Share Your Jokes

    How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb? How many ADHD kids does it take to change a light bulb? How did the hipster burn his tongue? If you're attracted to baked goods, does that make you a breadophile? If you're choking on purple soda, do you have grape aspirations? Would the passcode to my old iPhone be called the secret to my 6s? My teacher politically corrected my test. All of the differently-correct answers were circled with Native-American pen. Why is it called it a unicorn, and not a hornse?
  15. Mister Xiado

    Doom Mapping Eras

    I would describe the earliest era as 128x128 corridors everywhere with misaligned textures and random angles, based on my experience with a DooM WAD CD I bought back in like 1996.