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  1. So how have you been here recently?

  2. SamuelNMEvander

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    So was the cyberdemon, until devs made supplementary episodes and started spamming them, heh heh...
  3. SamuelNMEvander

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    Would be nice to have Maledict back as a recurring flying enemy. Hope those are flying Maledict.
  4. SamuelNMEvander

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    Same thing with Sekiro. These companies are watering down their products with each installment.
  5. SamuelNMEvander

    Some Doom fan-art

    Doom assets, concept
  6. So hows Doom 2016 review coming along? Hope you are having a good day. 

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    2. TheDoomDude


      Holy crap, this is alot more than what I was expecting. Thanks for writing this.54a.gif.91117905e42863d899ac809510debcc6.gif

    3. SamuelNMEvander
    4. TheDoomDude


      Your welcome, anytime. :D

  7. SamuelNMEvander

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Ok, will take some time, tho.
  8. SamuelNMEvander

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Well, talking about Doom 2016 really gets me going so I could do that. It's going to be a hot take so I hope people will understand :)
  9. SamuelNMEvander

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    I can write a topic on that.
  10. SamuelNMEvander

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Hard to pick one. I'll go with the Ultimate Doom. Doom 1&2 both seems like they start out well but end up being really frustrating the more you play. Doom 3 tries to re-invent itself as technology progresses and I can't really say I'd call that my favorite. Doom 2016 seems like one step forward and two steps back. It corrects the sneaky dark horror atmosphere, introduces the run&gun action as a central design principle, but also brings a lot of design choices I don't agree with as a long time Doom fan. I can go over those things in another thread but since Doom 1&2 both have good first episodes, Doom 1 wins with a more fleshed out thoughtful Episode 1. Doom 2 first 6 levels start out well, but they're too small and cramped to really compete with Episode 1. In Doom 2's defense, it does give the player a super shotgun and introduce couple new enemies in that timespan but as a believer that a good level design makes or breaks the game, I'll have to go with Doom 1. Its first Episode raised the bar too much, while content onwards in both games average out each other. P.S. Don't kill me...
  11. SamuelNMEvander

    Some Doom fan-art

    I'm actually thinking about it. Using Berserk & Evil Dead as influences would be interesting to tell a story :P
  12. SamuelNMEvander

    Some Doom fan-art

  13. SamuelNMEvander

    Some Doom fan-art

    Doomguy's face