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  1. dac

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    What he said. Name's Dac on the discord, count me in.
  2. Echoing the lots of fun! I wasn't too sure at first and basically joined in at the last minute, but I'm definitely in for another round. Map Name : Faucet Trouble Theme : 1 weapon (Plasma Rifle Only) Format : Boom Build Time : Slightly less than two hours Music : E3M8 Download : Dac Speed 01 - Faucet Trouble.wad
  3. I've been collecting crashes for a while, and thought it was time to stop collecting and start sending. So here's a bunch of logs and a few more detailed comments about them: Crashes.zip Failed copy: IIRC tried to copy and paste a strange sector and caused a crash. That one was a while ago. Falied Lua when selecting: Easiest to replicate, just select anything (with E) then switch to Lua mode. Failed save: Two instance where I overwrote a map with another. Actually saves the map just fine, it just crashes right after. Failed sector make: Instance where I tried to make a sector connected to a "bad" linedef. Would be easy to replicate if I knew how to create said "bad" linedef. Sleep mode: The "fun" one, might be completely on my end. Whenever my screens turns off there is a chance DBX will crash with what looks like a DirectX/Direct3D error. Actually hard to replicate because it's seemingly random. Otherwise, I'm enjoying my time with DBX. Lua is fun, even if I'm using it to create circles and curves only.
  4. Been working on a second map for a while. Enjoy black and white.
  5. dac

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Oh, this goes really far back, to where I did not know source ports existed and spent a lot of time trying to make the original .exe work correctly on Windows. cydreams.wad was the one custom wad I remember trying to run like that.
  6. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    Same here. Guess it's time to look forward for next month. +++Alienated +++MAYhem2019
  7. All the resources used are in the OTEX pack, sky included. Impressive run. You got the secret just fine, it's just the alcove being too small and the megaarmor being accessible without entering it and triggering the secret linedef. I'll have to fix that in a future version. Last fight: I know all the demos in this thread go for 100%, but that fight last longer than I thought it would. I didn't want the doors to stay sealed too long, maybe I can extend it a little, but hey, at <20% HP I think you deserved the porch :p That was a nice demo too, really enjoyed your herding skills. As implied in the OP, the lost souls were the one element I was nervous about: I needed some kind of area denial so the player wouldn't camp endlessly in the south, and they seemed the best way to do so. MAabe a bit too well, considering how many times I died to them while testing. Glad to see you enjoyed their use.
  8. dac

    Your advices for mappers

    Compounding on the common "start small, start simple, learn the basics" answers: ultimately, those tips are so you can release something, and releasing something should be your goal. While you shouldn't mindlessly crank out raw sketches, at one point you have to be satisfied with the map and the mapping skills you learned, and send the map into the wild. It might suck. People might tell you it sucks, in various ways. Still, it's out there, you got feedback, and you are better for it than the one person with an unreleased masterpiece. Hell, you can improve on what you did and release a v1.1 later on!
  9. Thanks for all your initial comments! It's especially wracking for a first map - at least it was for me. While it's a bit liberating to get rid of supreme masterpiece expectations and just make a map, I still felt I had to make a first good impression and stand out. A by-the-book post format was a huge part of that, but it also carried to the map itself: learning the ropes, refining the ropes, doing crazy experiment with the ropes, all while not being sure I was using said ropes correctly and sometimes stumbling on them. But more about that later. Social anxiety in check! Okay, comments on the demo as they go: First parts of the map are as tested. I could have ramped up the fights more, but I wasn't trying to be too overwhelming when I designed these parts. (he says, opening the map on three shotgunners) 1:53 - Well, this isn't intended. Nice job securing the SSG! 2:30 - Yeah, I brute forced the door problem. Also concerning the map's only secret: 3:00 - Right, a green armor can be added somewhere. Those revenants hurt more than I thought they would. 4:15 - I see what you mean by more shells. This is something I ran into while playtesting too: I originally designed the last fight for rockets, but it became apparent lost souls were proving an annoyance, more so than I wanted them to be as pseudo area denial of the south section. More shells were added then, but then why not use them on the mancubi and revenants? It's a tricky balance to set. 5:00 - This is more architectural, but a better way to tell you need to flip both switches to open the exit might be a bit welcome here. Oh well. 6:00 - Oh god this fight is a lot nastier than I intended 6:15 - The bars open on a timer. Let's just say I wasn't expecting the fight to end up there. End - I didn't mess too much with MAPINFO and end of map text. Something to think about for future maps. All in all, good run. And sorry about those revenants. I know it's technically not a mistake, but it's just so easy to go "What kind of enemy will bring the most hur-oh, right." and go way overboard.
  10. Alright, I can do this, I will do this, here goes To resume a long story, I decided to sit down and create a map one day. A small one, with strict area constraints, just to get something out there. I got way farther into it than previous efforts, then I got burned out, took a break, came back and got even farther than the previous farther. Today I decided I was done shifting sectors and objects, and it was time to tie a nice bow on the map and make it public. So without further ado: Chimaera Station A (very) small map for Doom II. Get the key, open the gate, and be ready for a fight. Screenshots: Requirements: A Boom compatible source port. This map was tested with both GZDoom 4.2.0 and PrBoom-plus. Ola Björling’s OTEX texture pack. Get it here! Restrictions: No jumping, crouching or freelooking. Difficulty Settings: Implemented. Not sure how to grade them with well known mapsets, but it should not be too Sunder-ish on UV. Coop: Player starts only. Deathmatch: No. Map Time: Too short. Build Time: Too long. Release Notes : v1.0 - Initial Release Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqg5fq6lsjbuuog/dac01.zip?dl=0 I'll try and write some thoughts about newbie mapping experiences tomorrow, and also how I might have gone a bit far in a few places with lost souls. Meanwhile, enjoy the map! Okay this wasn't so bad
  11. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    MAP11 – Spider Caves by RastaManGames This is a lie, by the way – no spiders to be seen anywhere, and parts of the map aren’t caves. Otherwise, this is a map I could feel was made under a time limit, by someone who is not used to such. The flat map design is an obvious clue, so is the small scale, but also the ammo balance, somewhat? That revenant in the lava cave felt like it was there under the impression players would snipe it out with a chaingun. The limited weaponry does not do this map any favours, and once the final arch-vile popped out I decided it was time to abandon any 100% idea and rush the exit.
  12. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    MAP09 – Point of Accident by Dragon Hunter A sequel to the last one, starting us waist deep in nukage with a healthy supply of radsuits. Of all to say about this map, of the minimap art and cute toilets and the surprise ending among others, I loved its non-linear design most of all, both having multiple approaches once you get the red key to revisiting previous areas from a new angle. Once again, only a few secrets found among the dozen or so. This time it ended up making the final fight a lot trickier than it should have been, especially once I remembered, yeah, there’s a spider demon and I can’t waste my plasma ammo on anything else. MAP10 – Last Hangover by +Ku6EPyXOBEPTKA+ If I had made a demo, you’d see me take some unusual routes and backtrack over and over and over, which really affected my enjoyment of the map. And by that I mean I completely missed the blue key area, got the super shotgun until very late in the run, and traversed the lava pit way too many times. In a sense, I wonder how much of it was my poor pathing and how much was the map being designed that way. Also, it’s still okay to not end on a cyberdemon. Aside: At one point I saw a demon have the hardest time trying to walk down some fancy stairs. Mapping can be weird at times.
  13. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    In my case it's less the russians and more myself underestimating the free time I had last week. Still alive, though! MAP08 – Symphony of Darox by +Ku6EPyXOBEPTKA+ Not playing the mapper defined MIDIs was a wise choice, going by all the AGH MY EARS in this thread. Anyway, I had expected something fiercer judging by the start of the map, but it’s relatively simple and inoffensive, with only the crusher section giving me some trouble. Any other fight had an element making it trivial: the lost souls ambush was cheesed by dropping into the pit, the yellow key fight cheesed itself with all the monsters wedging themselves at the door, and the last fight could have done with one less BFG and giant spider. Or hell, it’s okay to not end with a cyberdemon.
  14. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    MAP07 – Nanotechnology Experiments by Dragon Hunter Beginning with the end, the final fight with revenants and a lone arch-vile. Specifically, this combo and the radsuit secret hidden in a nukefall, which I realised was here when the aforementioned vile incinerated me through what I thought was a solid column. Pleasant. It’s a shame this moment soured me on the map, because otherwise, it’s a nice change of pace from the immediate murders seen previously. Lights-out laboratory in a flooded city, with small scale encounters hidden in its darkness, waiting as I went back and forth. That, and the experiment itself, a fine arena fight. Did not find a lot of secrets, but what I found was more than helpful.
  15. dac

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    MAP06 – Sprint by Memfis Grand disclaimer: I kind of forgot to pick up the rocket launcher until I had the red key. Made that initial section a lot more tense. That arch-vile is aggravatingly placed too. Memfis returns! As is becoming habit the map opens with immediate danger, and the first minute of the map was spent getting enough firepower and realising I’m supposed to flip that switch, dodging overhead fire in the progress. Like Spectre01, one initial death trying to thread the beginning, another at the double baron ambush. The last fight was the easiest of the lot, although it didn’t feel that way – I still get a bit of unease using a rocket launcher when I could get splash damaged out of existence by a stray lost soul.