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  1. Kryt1caL

    does anyone play multiplayer for doom 3 anymore?

    Multiplayer on consoles is dead yes. If you want to play multiplayer you have to play on pc. there are still more than 10 servers running and after 9pm you will get some nice matches if you wait for a few minutes. there is still a small but active community on doom 3
  2. Kryt1caL

    My feelings on DOOM Eternal in London

    I hated the glory kill animation when i first saw the Trailer in 2015 from doom16, but now it doesnt bother me. I hope id will give us the possibility to change icons more to serious. Anyone here in contact to marty Maybe? He listens to us and bethesda cant get another Desaster like rage 2 and fallout 76.
  3. Kryt1caL

    Switch port?

    Im loving it !!! i only play in mobile mode Most Time before sleeping. Go for it and buy it. You will get the original game, the addon and the lost Mission. Only Multiplayer is missing.
  4. Kryt1caL

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Any info for release? I cant wait to Play it on my switch.
  5. Kryt1caL

    Multiplayer Community

    Cool! Thank you :-)
  6. Kryt1caL

    Multiplayer Community

    So there are still a few servers up and a few people still playing it. I want to ask if anybody know a Discord Server or somerhing else like a forum to find more ppl to play Doom 3 Multiplayer ?