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  1. ryker

    Woow (DooD and DooW combination mod)

    Hi Omxgamer127, I am no longer involved with the DOOM community. Sadly, I no longer have this wad anymore.
  2. ryker

    MDL - Mini Doom Launcher

    I am no longer involved with the DOOM community anymore, anyways, here is the link.
  3. ryker

    2Fort5 Download link?

    Thanks, I see it now!
  4. ryker

    2Fort5 Download link?

    Are you sure? I don't really see it. Could you provide screenshots of areas that are similar between the two maps?
  5. ryker

    2Fort5 Download link?

    It says on the TF2 wiki that "2Fort5 is based on the Fortress map for Doom." Does anyone have a download link to this mentioned map?
  6. ryker

    Can you make large text?

    All I see is this, what button do I press to make it big
  7. ryker

    MDL - Mini Doom Launcher

    Alright, Thanks for the feedback
  8. ryker

    MDL - Mini Doom Launcher

    Mini Doom Launcher Mini Doom Launcher or MDL is a modification launcher for Doom and Doom 2. It is designed to be compact and simple in a small window. Some things are not complete and will be patched. If you encounter a glitch or bug of any kind. Please leave a comment in the forum below. Get Mini Doom Launcher here: Download MDL 1.1 MDL 1.1 Changelog: Added "Refresh ports" option in the options menu. Added multiple files select while adding PWADs. Added error message when the start button is clicked with no ports configured. Download MDL 1.0 View the website
  9. Can you make large headers as, for say, a title like you can on the ZDoom forums?
  10. ryker

    My Doom Tutorial

    Added chocolate doom, Fixed the repeating wad(it was actually a link to Trailblazer but I forgot to rename it).
  11. ryker

    My Doom Tutorial

    This tutorial is supposed to be for people who have no past knowledge of ever doing this kind of stuff. I don't want to overwhelm the reader with tons of source ports, I've never even heard of DSDA-Doom! I think I will include Chocolate Doom and then just leave a hyperlink to a full list of source ports. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. ryker

    My Doom Tutorial

    Here is my tutorial on how to setup doom source ports and mods. If you disagree with anything or feel something should be changed, leave a reply. I'm always open for feedback. I'm not the best at HTML or CSS, but they will continue to improve as time moves on. https://avienj.github.io/doomnewb/doomnewb.htm
  13. ryker

    Doomworld glitch

    do you seriously have to wait a year, I was just confused by the "356-"
  14. ryker

    Doomworld glitch

    um, yeah, pls fix this
  15. ryker

    Freedoom maps in regular Doom?

    https://www.gamingroom.net/games/patches-addons-editores/doom-in-freedoom/?download How to get rid of missing textures: Use this load structure