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  1. Here is a slightly different version of my second (1st official) wad since I was a kid..


    Feel free to add more player starts if you all know how to play a wad with someone without a modem.


    If you know how to multi player play, and want to play with me leave me a message.





  2. Hello,


    This file is the new version of the previous post. 


    Only a few things are changed.  I added a door area between the main two areas.




    Please remember to use your proper settings


    I made this using doom builder 2, and am running it with gzdoom, as a heretic alteration.




    Thank you

    The Wad Mindset 2.rar

  3. Hello,


    I decided to begin doom wad buiding again.  I did as a kid in the 90s, 1994,5,6,7..  I believe I did this in high school as well, but not as much.


    This is my first(second) wad that I made on this software tonight.


    It's just a room, and I am running it as heretic/on zdoom.


    It is intended be run through with shift on, gently strafing the walls for safety.  I intend on putting some secret entrances in the next edit.



    Thank you


    The Wad Mindset 2.rar

    #Wad #RunningMap