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  1. Definitely trying! This is still going to be a short map, and had to take some time from working on it, but I WILL release it...eventually.
  2. American McGee
  3. Downloaded Delta today, and Beloko giving it free to previous owners of D-Touch is just fantastic!!
  4. Definitely @Mr.Rocket...Once I have it at least 95% done we'll give it some good run-throughs to make sure it works right!
  5. All the above ;) (Also Doom Connector is still alive, and lots of people are showing back up again) I appreciate all the positive comments so far everyone, it's definitely helps encourage me. lol
  6. Hmm... I worked a fast food job for basically 13 years straight...that's a random fact of disappointment...
  7. Sounds about right. Will check tomorrow, since on phone... Thank you!
  8. I know I asked a year ago, or more... but still looking for I *THINK* an E1 Replacement, I know the title screen had the original Doom title screen but with something BLUE(?) written on it as well for the wad title. The secret level had a baby Cyberdemon as a boss... I know I last played this wad in 2002ish.
  9. So I've been meaning to make something (and release it) for over 10 years... As originally planned I am going to make a sequel to that map, which was always my intention ( Then, and even playing it now it is a way over-detailed monstrosity, and though I am keeping #2 in similar style, I am toning down on that and trying to fit in some larger rooms. This is still heavily a work in progress, but I do hope to get it done and posted by the end of the month.
  10. I might be making my facts up (After all the early/mid 90s were a long time ago)...but I THINK I've seen both versions posted above.
  11. XBone: MegaZzZeux Steam: MegaZzZeux
  12. Well started a new map yesterday... (and gave up on it already...) but I actually started a sequel to my 2007 map earlier today, and so far it's not horrible. (gonna make this one more roomy and not as much obstructing detail...hopefully)
  13. I'd rather look like a fat lesbian PE teacher than a 12 year old when I shave mine...
  14. Hmm, I never learned how to swim, and my junior year in high school I took lessons a few times...and even then I couldn't float, so I just gave up. 12 years later and I still can't swim.