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Everything posted by MegaZzZeux

  1. MegaZzZeux

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'd rather look like a fat lesbian PE teacher than a 12 year old when I shave mine...
  2. MegaZzZeux

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Hmm, I never learned how to swim, and my junior year in high school I took lessons a few times...and even then I couldn't float, so I just gave up. 12 years later and I still can't swim.
  3. MegaZzZeux

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Mobile) South Park: TFBW (XBONE)
  4. MegaZzZeux

    "You are your own worst critic."

    Definitely like the small level idea, but I'm always focused on making huge maps...might be the problem.
  5. MegaZzZeux

    WadAuthor is Freeware

    Hmm what good timing for me to see this...WadAuthor was the first level editor where I could finally make doors/switches work right. (Thought I still had plenty of fun with Waded, and the one that came with one of the old Doom 2 strategy guides back in the day...), So unlike many others this is my primary source of wad-making, especially if I stick around this time...
  6. MegaZzZeux

    "You are your own worst critic."

    Well welcome back after 11 years, and I am definitely going to finish SOMETHING this time around (even if it is another 3 minute start to finish map)
  7. MegaZzZeux

    "You are your own worst critic."

    Love those words of wisdom. I mean looking at my 2007 release it was 100x better than my stuff from 2003...but then I just kinda gave up (as the file name of my 2007 map implied, though it was meant to be a joke... and the next one was going to be a sequel, but it never came.)
  8. Back in the Doom world again (pun not intended)...let's see for how long.

    1. Lüt


      You and me both.

  9. MegaZzZeux

    Castlevania: Simon's Destiny [V1.4 OUT!]

    Took another short hiatus from Doom... and as I log back on here and see this, I am excited to give it a try. Looks fantastic!
  10. Well we're trying to #MakeDCGreatAgain... It's definitely a work in progress, and I know lots of people will keep using other programs, but DC will always be a part of me.
  11. Ah yes, good ol' DC (Past, Present, Future)
  12. MegaZzZeux

    Doom 50% Off on Steam.

    Are there any pros/cons getting the Steam version or buying a physical copy? (Besides the data usage for the online version)
  13. MegaZzZeux

    what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    Not sure I've played a map thinking "This is the worst map I've ever played" ... I probably played some bad ones over the years, and maybe I just made myself forget them. I'd want to say something of my own, because I am overly critical of myself and haven't actually finished a map since 2007. Working a on a new one now though.
  14. MegaZzZeux

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    And when you were a newborn baby I was playing this game...
  15. MegaZzZeux

    Homages in Custom WADs

    I like the "homage" in 2002ado's E3M7 ... Just a neat little surprise ending.
  16. MegaZzZeux

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Yep that's it!! I forgot I made another post mentioning it at another point. Now to figure out that other E1 Wad with the "Baby Cyberdemon" ... Minimal change to the original Doom start screen with blue letters on it...
  17. MegaZzZeux

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Erm...So I haven't been on here for years, and searching the rest of this thread I don't think I got any responses. so quoting to re-hit this maybe for some resolution.
  18. MegaZzZeux

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yeah that is a good one too, but for some reason 8 year old me was able to find that nice and easy... took me til I was well into my 20s to figure out the one at the start.
  19. MegaZzZeux

    Just Not Your Day - My First WAD!

    Yeah, and I never had that issue running ZDoom as well. *shrug*
  20. MegaZzZeux

    What's the best song in a WAD you've ever heard?

    This is also a great answer. and I think Map05 or Map06 from #2 is also up there.
  21. MegaZzZeux

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Not JUST found out. I did the last time I played Doom 1 like crazy, and was going for 100% secrets/kills/items years ago. The secret near the left side inside the door of the start of The Cathedral. It actually blew my mind.
  22. MegaZzZeux

    Just Not Your Day - My First WAD!

    It shouldn't really change anything, normally if a texture shows for you it would show for others. Not quite sure the issue on that.
  23. MegaZzZeux

    Just Not Your Day - My First WAD!

    Awesome! Anyway after watching your video of your playthrough, I noticed you did not have the HoM (Or Hall of Mirrors effect) where the game acts like there is no texture there - Like if you go into no clipping mode and you're walking through walls, that same kind of effect. T The first switch, and the waterfall were missing textures on my end for some reason. Also playing on ZDoom.
  24. MegaZzZeux

    Just Not Your Day - My First WAD!

    Not bad for a first map... I liked the start of Map02 the most though. Couple HoM effects in Map01, and I dunno how I feel about the almost hidden wall to get out of the first area. I'd be interested in seeing the future of this.