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  1. MegaZzZeux

    What's the best song in a WAD you've ever heard?

    "Sexy" - E1M5 from 2002 A Doom Odyssey by good ol' Paul Corfiatis. I mean the whole soundtrack is overall great, but that song is one I remember getting stuck in my head after playing the Demo of Episode 1.
  2. MegaZzZeux

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    Apparently I decided to hop back into the world of Doom at the right time. Very nice to see this, now to get myself back into the mapping spirit after 9 years.
  3. MegaZzZeux

    Playstation Doom graphical glitches

    You broke Doom.
  4. MegaZzZeux

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Would definitely be cool if someone could help me figure that out...
  5. MegaZzZeux

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I remember there was a wad I played that Map01(I think) was Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats... Took me like 5 years to finally hear the song on the radio again to figure that out... NOW though, I cannot remember what the WAD was that HAD the song in it. Any help? I know this is kind of the opposite of the topic...
  6. MegaZzZeux

    Tower of WAR: Beta testers requested

    Yeah it's pretty disappointing to see he never actually finished and released this. I remember finding a topic on GameFAQs.com he made with the 6-level demo he released back in '03, and I watched this WAD get built level by level, section by section, and would indeed like it to be released. May not be "Great" on today's standards- But, it is pretty good for what it is, and when it was made (Practically 10 years ago). Of course balancing of ammo/items is needed, and some minor bug fixes. But I suppose me and ermac may be able to get this released- If Nomad is alright with that of course.
  7. MegaZzZeux

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    #1: I know I found it years ago, but I already forgot what the wad was called. I think it was a 1-episode replacement(or maybe even a short Doom 2 "Megawad") - I know the title screen had the WAD name labeled on top of the regular Ultimate Doom title screen, in big blue or green letters. The final boss or maybe it was a secret level boss was a "baby Cyberdemon" I always get nostalgia thinking about this wad, and I've found it twice before, but I keep forgetting what it's called. #2: This one IS a Doom 2 MegaWAD and the first level had "Stray Cat Strut" in MIDI form for the music, and the level used GRAY textures mostly from what I remember- Unfortunately that is the only part I can remember. Any help finding these two would be awesome. Thanks guys!
  8. MegaZzZeux

    2002 ADO 10th year edition (RELEASED)

    I'm surprised I haven't noticed this yet. I'm excited to see the finished project Paul.
  9. MegaZzZeux

    Doom Connector Revival

    Sup Grotug...I remember me and you playing that one DM wad a lot, Greenwar or something like that?
  10. MegaZzZeux

    Doom Connector Revival

    Come on exp, you know you wanna.
  11. MegaZzZeux

    Doom Connector Revival

    Would definitely love to see more than 5 users on at any one given time these days.
  12. MegaZzZeux

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Haven't released a map since '07...Finally started messing with WA again a few days ago...Gonna work on a level I already started for my own little project, but I am DEFINITELY interested in this.
  13. MegaZzZeux

    Music Wad...

    Any chance you could put a link to just the MIDIs up as well?
  14. MegaZzZeux

    DoomLegacy alpha3 release

    Well let me start by saying I've been a HUGE Legacy fan, and used it from 2003 up until about 2007 when I stopped playing Doom religiously...Is there going to be a 64 bit Windows version available?
  15. Holy crap. I think that's it! What's it called?
  16. Well hello there anyone who may recognize me, and even those of you who don't...Anyway. After many years, I am actually starting a map I am going to finish since 2007's "I Give Up On Trying To Map", and after over a year of even touching Doom, or WadAuthor. This is going to be a decent sized map, with a decent amount of challenge, and just enough detail to not make it an eyesore (I hope). Here are the pics so far after just a few hours of work: http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/1775/idontg1.png http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/2939/idontg2.png http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2928/idontg3.png
  17. No idea what you're referring to...but this made me remember an editor that came with a Doom 2 guide back in the day, the default sectors always had Bronze/Brown Walls, and the yellow rock flat RROCK02 for ceiling and floor.
  18. Put up some more recent screenshots. Again, still a BIG time work in progress, and so far I am happy with it.
  19. The editor I use has nothing to do with the time frame in which I get stuff done, it more has to do with my mapping style, by deleting and restarting areas to better fit into the level.
  20. Eh, I've just stuck with WA over the years.
  21. Yeah the second shot is weird. But there is no HOM there...and as for the third shot that's where I have the map ended so far so still in progress. Also not much of a fan of DB
  22. MegaZzZeux

    My new project: Short maps! EDIT: It's finished!

    This is something I should really do...haven't mapped for over a year, and haven't released a map since 2007. Making a collection of small maps would be a good idea. Anyways, looking at the screenshot, looks pretty good. Keep up the good work!
  23. MegaZzZeux

    Pcorf community project (fun and easy going)

    Damn, Sucks I've been away from the Doom community for a while, I would have enjoyed being a part of this.
  24. MegaZzZeux

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    I will agree about the slight "Looney Toonsish" type of sound that came out of some of 2002ados music...but the parts that were not like that, were probably some of the best music I've heard for a wad, and they helped fit the mood pretty well.
  25. MegaZzZeux

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    I know I am starting to sound very obsessive here... but any chance we could get a short clip of the music? Considering you have a lot of it done, that is.