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  1. > How much effort do you think it would take to get sound going? BREW runtime provides no sound support at all, only API, it needs to be implemented from scratch. So it would take some time if I get to implement it.
  2. > there is an Android BREW "emulator" called Melange. ... written by me. And it's merely a port of BREW runtime to Android rather than a full-fledged emulator (and a pretty bad port, I would say) In fact, it runs Doom RPG pretty smoothly (requiring a patched version of the game, because unpatched version ran without graphical glitches only on Motorola BREW phones due to some display driver quirks). With some bugs and no sound support (because I did not implement sound support; and the bugs like random crashes in Sector 5 are bugs of the game itself) > I wonder if BREW apps can run relatively easy on newer ARM chips. They can. Though you're out of luck on 64-bit-only platforms like iOS/macOS on M1.
  3. Assuming that it was reverse-engineered from BREW version, which itself was a 32-bit ARM native app... if he either publishes source code or builds one, that's technically possible :) But there is an obvious issue - touch controls would need to be implemented.
  4. Check them out in the Options - Input - Bindings.
  5. a small suggestion: add an option to set game resolution. yeah, i know that the game doesn't like resolutions too high and graphics become a little bit glitchy (like pixelated floors/ceilings and broken FOV on wide resolutions), but it would be nice anyways :) ah, there is one in the settings, even though the maximum is 800x600. didn't notice it at first. good job!
  6. usernameak

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Might be a weird feature suggestion, but what if you add ScriptCall ACS function with the same behavior as in GZDoom, but invoking VavoomC static functions instead of ZScript ones? Or, well, I could write it myself if you tell me where to send pull requests (...I don't see such feature on repo.or.cz?)
  7. usernameak

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    https://gist.github.com/usernameak/158bf0302596d8d4b78741c6e2db21f6 this might be useful for you, @Anarkavre hint: all resources in Doom2RPG/OrcsAndElves2/OrcsAndElves1 are RESTYPE_IMAGE with a gzip archive inside, so most likely it'd be same in Doom1RPG; gzip headers contain the original filename but the game itself finds the files by resource id *.mod file is just a raw ARMv5 executable that is compiled and linked with -fPIC; you can load it at any address greater than 0x1000 into a disassembler and reverse-engineer it
  8. usernameak

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    I use desktop mostly as temporary stash
  9. usernameak

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Did @Erick194 send you my way to dump filesystem image from phone?
  10. usernameak

    [DRRP] Doom RPG Remake Project (v0.6.0pre)

    You SHOULD crouch there.