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  1. Melter

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Managed to figure out all secrets on first playthrough. I really like how Chris Hansen able to find that balance between gunplay and exploration in his maps.
  2. Melter

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Hmm... Eternal Doom? I don't know maybe first 3 maps aged not so well but after you ends up on MAP04: Nucleus - this is what we came for and it keeps getting better until... Map 13. It clearly exists only to nullify player's inventory but maps 14 & 32 feels like they not from this wad at all. Also map 15 broke the continuity between them and kinda feels slow even comparing to the rest of the levels.
  3. Baphomet for Sigil would have been cool. As for TFC can't think of anything original, maybe some cybie or smm variations.
  4. Melter

    brutal doom?

    Brutal Doom and Project Brutality are good for bringing neophytes to the community.
  5. Melter

    DooM: Master of Demons Remastered

    You should probably add a note that there is no MIDIs in the archive, only MP3s and FLACs.