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  1. Melter

    What are your favorite MAP01/E1M1 MIDIs?

    Perdition's Gate MAP01 Crucified Dreams MAP01 Revolution! MAP01 Akeldama MAP01
  2. Melter

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    You hate Bobby Prince music, but your favourite Soundtrack is Alien Vendetta? There's a thin line between love and hate.
  3. Melter

    Favourite Track from the Classic Doom Series

    Doom: Dark Halls (simply the best techbase exploring track) Doom II: Intermission (never get tired of this) Evilution: Into the Beast's Belly (one of those tracks which stuck in the head, but sadly too short)
  4. Melter

    Plutonia in a nutshell...

    Looks like Archie's famous human bbq
  5. Melter

    Playing with mods?

    Supercharge all the way! It's especially fun on UD wads where super shotty is unavailable. The most notable changes is buffs of a pistol (now it's more preferable weapon against zombies and imps) and regular shotgun (faster grinding through barons and cacos always appreciated). Honestly I'd say it's more qol improvements than a mod.
  6. Melter

    Best Icon of Sin map

    Object "34": Sonar by Lainos was quite memorable. Also as already been mentioned Excalibur from Eternal Doom.
  7. Recently I finished playing Hell Awakened by @insanoflex312, even though I see why some people don't like it, it's still a very solid work, a one-man megawad. For this wad stock doom 2 tracks just don't fit because of plutoniesque gameplay with PSX/D64/D3 atmosphere. I also made a full-metallica replacement for The Beginning of the End Part I & II (great classic-style Ultimate Doom E1-E3 episode replacement), can share them if someone is interested.
  8. Melter

    DOOM Retro v4.4 (updated December 3, 2021)

    Exactly as you said. Guess for now I move on to Crispy to complete the rest of the levels.
  9. Melter

    DOOM Retro v4.4 (updated December 3, 2021)

    I've got a strange problem in STRAIN. When you pick up a 7-slot weapon and then changing it to another or trying to fire it, it disappears and you can't switch to it anymore.
  10. Melter

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Managed to figure out all secrets on first playthrough. I really like how Chris Hansen able to find that balance between gunplay and exploration in his maps.
  11. Hmm... Eternal Doom? I don't know maybe first 3 maps aged not so well but after you ends up on MAP04: Nucleus - this is what we came for and it keeps getting better until... Map 13. It clearly exists only to nullify player's inventory but maps 14 & 32 feels like they not from this wad at all. Also map 15 broke the continuity between them and kinda feels slow even comparing to the rest of the levels.
  12. Baphomet for Sigil would have been cool. As for TFC can't think of anything original, maybe some cybie or smm variations.
  13. Melter

    brutal doom?

    Brutal Doom and Project Brutality are good for bringing neophytes to the community.
  14. Melter

    DooM: Master of Demons Remastered

    You should probably add a note that there is no MIDIs in the archive, only MP3s and FLACs.