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  1. Byeblathingal1024

    Shadows of the Empire (GZDoom, DM Maps)

    WOAH! exactly how far away is that galaxy this happened in & is it possible for any Earthlings to make it there within a 50 year span? You aliens make some pretty awesome lookin stuff or should I say "out of this world!"
  2. Byeblathingal1024

    Pictures of my Doom WADs and maps

    that's only if you are playing with the wrong wad file. They are not all made for playing in doom2.wad. Some of them take TNT.wad & some of them take PLATONIA.wad & all of them run in Skulltag
  3. Byeblathingal1024

    Tips for making my first Map

    Have a really good idea in your head what you would think would look cool & be fun to play. If you don't really have a solid idea for what to put in then your going to be filled with that wary feeling of not good enough.
  4. Byeblathingal1024

    DooM3 styled Flashlight mod

    Have you tried replacing the light bulb &/or change out the batteries?
  5. Byeblathingal1024

    Which is your favorite monster of realm 667

    When you've got places you need to be on a "move your ass" time crunch situation...
  6. Byeblathingal1024

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    I always liked level 7 music (computer labs) from the 1st episode of Doom1; Ankle Deep in the Alive
  7. Byeblathingal1024

    looking for Wads in a series and wads with big levels

    Sure NP Mechnon2.wad takes doom2.wad & runs with Skulltag. I am not sure they will work if you don't use skulltag ThaArena.wad & ZYLANOID.wad both take TNT.wad & skulltag
  8. Byeblathingal1024

    looking for Wads in a series and wads with big levels

    These are what the wireframe of those maps look like.
  9. Byeblathingal1024

    looking for Wads in a series and wads with big levels

    Well huge wads with big open levels are almost the only kind of wads I make. I have been told I have a very unique mapping style (which was actually quite a surprise to me at 1st) there's more where these came from (my personal of them is MECHNON2.wad (but that wad has about half big open spaces & half narrow spaces http://www.mediafire.com/file/0dw09h4qs6238za/ZYLANOID.wad/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/32z08k90at42b2p/ThaArena.wad/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ws45oagxw4lufs1/MECHN0N2.wad/file
  10. Byeblathingal1024

    Good program to edit sprites?

    those green lines are all the trigger lines, if you don't put them close as they can get to each other; then eventually it will get out of whack. Is this how everyone else does it? I know I have seen people use a script by that's a lot more work than it has to be so I prefer doing it this way. I could let you know when I finish the map if you would be interested in seeing how I did that & other uncommon things I pulled off.
  11. Byeblathingal1024

    Good program to edit sprites?

    it's quite easy actually (easier than you'd think) first you have to be in Hexen format or in UDMF format (UDMF format is without a doubt; the best format) then I made a 3D floor transfer dummy sector (you familiar with 3D floors?) so the floor is floating half way between the very bottom floor & the top because it has to be exactly in the middle to work properly. I then put 2 trigger lines on the ground (floor waggle & ceiling waggle) & the player walks over them to set it in eternal motion. No scripting involved whatsoever, easiest way possible to make that kind of elevator.
  12. Byeblathingal1024

    Good program to edit sprites?

    That's funny because I use that same pistol in my elevator video, I am also a fan of that pistol for it's 'shoot shit dead' abilities
  13. Byeblathingal1024

    Good program to edit sprites?

    The "Angled Pistol"!
  14. Byeblathingal1024

    How to set up the Plutonia MIDI Pack?

    XWE kicked my ass on what to do in that dam program but Slade 3 kicked ass in user friendliness & I really managed to get shit done in that program. BTW that is a beautiful door for your cover photo, it looks like the real life version of the familiar door we all know & love from Doom2. But if a player walks up to it to open it; what will they find behind such a well made door?
  15. Byeblathingal1024

    WIP: Project Tremors