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  1. Ziad EL Zein

    Excited For Eternal?

    after Seeing E3 I am super Excited !
  2. Ziad EL Zein

    No Chance

    A Hell themed Cave that is insanely difficult ! ! ! Really enjoyed it ...finished on UV.... but still can't get it out of my head ... it is a sweet torture ! Note : one must save and load a lot ... I used monster infighting to my advantage Played it using GZdoom ...Too many monsters , Good map design It is simply Relentless ... While fighting the revenants near the end an arch vile attack send me flying towards the exist I almost lost all my health yet barely made it to the (eye) Exist ... One of the most insane maps i've played !
  3. Ziad EL Zein


    Couldn't put it better myself !
  4. Ziad EL Zein

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

  5. Ziad EL Zein

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    ops I mean 1 & 2
  6. Ziad EL Zein

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    Sorry for that i adjusted the list 5 points for each
  7. Ziad EL Zein

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    5 Points each Speed of Doom Jenesis Plutonia 2 A.V Scythe 2 Community Chest 4 Zdoom Community project The Ultimate Tormnet & Torture Zpack Doom the way Id did it Scythe I remember more experiences but I can’t recall the names of the wads in my head
  8. Ziad EL Zein

    How did you play Doom in the old days?

    First time i played Doom was on a Dos operating system using the default controls ! I was trying to discover them! It was too scary and a bit complicated for me couldn't really finish it ... finding out that the space key opened Doors was a major discovery ! I became able to progress and ultimatly finish the first level ! I tried out every single keyboard key but i still couldn't open the door ! then my sister opened it for me ! Later I played & finished Doom 1/2 and Final Doom using a controller on the PS1
  9. Ziad EL Zein

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    I Loved the old rage and played it 3 times with it's expansion pack : first on Hardcore then on Nightmare then on Ultra nightmare ... it is my second favorite open world next to borderlands to me it was 1000x better than Far cry 3,4 ... & I was hoping id was invovled in this ... but anyways we don't have to wait to see the end result ...it's coming soon !
  10. Ziad EL Zein

    how to use the weapons in a usefull way! FINALLY!

    Here are the two main ones I used in the game: Heavy assault rifle with Rocket: used it most of the time ... made me feel overpowered Gauss cannon with sniper cannon: for far away targets Played on nightmare but couldn't help the feeling that weapons are too powerfull
  11. Ziad EL Zein

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    Thanks for the update i thought it was id ... i am sure i read somewhere that they were heavily involved in Rage 2 ...By the way i am a new member but i have been downloading content from doomworld since inception such a great community and content!
  12. Ziad EL Zein

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    I am worried that Bethesda after tasting the success of Doom 2016 and the disappointment of Fallout 76 might be pushing the ID team to release more games to generate more revenue for the company, a new Doom … a new Rage / a new quake (i.e. Quake Champions sadly doesn’t appear to be doing well) … 3 games all releasing presumably in the same year 2019! No? I mean I never recall id releasing games in the same year … it was done when it is done …
  13. Ziad EL Zein

    Legendary FPS in gaming history

    Most Influential Doom = (the most important shooter ever made period) Quake 1, 2, 3 = (true 3d + driving PC hardware Vodoo cards+ Multiplayer scene + pro-player is born) Duke Nuke = (The Cheese Hero + interactive environments not dark corridors) Half-life = (the formula of the classic shooter was mastered to perfection: environments are interactive they speak and tell stories without cut scenes + classic action +creative weapons + smart A.I.) Counterstrike = (was the most popular Team multiplayer shooter for a Long time a timeless classic) Rainbow Six = (Birth of tactical shooters: like Ghost recon, Swat …) Delta Force = (open level design huge areas to snipe) Operation Flash point = (birth of true military Sim…Arma Series which in turn gave birth to DayZ & Battle Royal mods that are very popular today plus the seed of the open world level design) Unreal Tournament 1 & 2004 = (the Twitch shooter that rivaled Quake 3 and in the eyes of many played better) Medal of Honor = (WW2 shooter subgenre) Battle Field 1942 & 3 = (middle grounds between Call for Duty and Military Sim…. the multiplayer war experience perfected + destructible environments!!) Deus Ex (series) = ( Most ambitious gameplay design in a shooter never replicated) BoiShock Infinite: Best Story telling in an FPS Call for Duty Modern Warfare = (copy pasted in most shooters / a very good multiplayer formula arcade like) F.E.A.R= (still feels like best AI in a shooter) Half Life 2 = (highly influential but the first did it better) Far cry 1 & Crisis = (semi open world shooters that eventually evolved to the open world shooter that we know today Far cry 2,3,4,5 ….) Doom 3 = (Horror Shooter + action oriented: I have to put it here) S.T.A.L.K.E.R = (Open world shooter + Post-apocalyptic setting (not really but it feels like it) + RPG elements + good shooting mechanics + extremely immersive environments) Fallout 3 = (Post-apocalyptic setting + Full-fledged RPG open world game+ with shooting elements: note Fallout 4 had better shooting mechanics but weaker RPG elemnts) Borderlands = (RPS Role Playing shooter genre is created + open world + RPG Diablo like Elements+ Solid Shooting mechanics influenced Destiny 1,2 , division 1,2 , Anthem , Shadow Warrior 2 etc.…. )
  14. Ziad EL Zein

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I first finished Doom 2 playing the Play Station one version ! In 2009 I was hooked on Borderlands one and thought it was better than Doom!
  15. Ziad EL Zein

    Excited For Eternal?

    I know this is about Doom Eternal but I have a feeling that it is an extended expansion for Doom 2016 I liked Doom 2016 but the originals are still better...in terms of 1. Level Design 2. Combat I had a feeling while playing Doom 2016 that it is an arena shooter... gameplay was like: a. I enter an area , b. Door closes c. Wave of monsters spawns d. I kill them e. Door opens f. Repeat ... Push forward combat is nice but original was better ... Somtimes the player enjoys scarce resources I never felt I was low on ammo or health playing Doom 2016 Although I finished the game on nightmare diffculty ... I still felt overpowered playing the game ...too much powerfull upgrades ! I am afraid that Doom Eternal will be more like Doom 2016 a good game but not DOOM