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  1. TheMegaKid

    The mystery of Doom the Movie's lost action figures

    There's this guy called Ian Ulmer his youtube page is EN ulmer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Xc7g82g1UuSQAOAkMLdHQ his ebay is mynamesen https://www.ebay.com/usr/mynamesen?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 his etsy is ENsTrinkets https://www.etsy.com/shop/ENsTrinkets his deviantart is ENulmer https://www.deviantart.com/enulmer/gallery he makes custom figures and makes doom figures which he's made like a whole bunch of you can contact him and see about him making a figure for you :P
  2. Максимка пулемет
  3. TheMegaKid

    Containment Area v1.1

    I like
  4. I once was recording my voice, I was singing the zyuranger theme song, and right as I said "Zyuranger! Zyuranger!" a second time, I immediately forgot the next line and said something along the lines of this: BOKU KEY BOkA KU BAROAZ bob axell (the guy I sent it to) said it sounded like the best singing he ever heard. you'll have to hear the recording if I can find it
  5. I thought of an idea, a great way to share music that we like. I might make a thread about it. It goes like this: first person: *sends two songs he/she likes* second person: I like first/second song posted more. *posts two songs THEY like* third person: I like first/second song posted more. *posts two songs THEY like* fourth person: I like first/second song posted more. *posts two songs THEY like* and so on let me start: song one: song two:
  6. TheMegaKid

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    he dyed it to be a youtuber
  7. you know what my grandpa always said: "dont like it? dont buy it" if it's so bad then why pay attention to it? it's not harming anyone and it's not making such a big impact that it gets rid of good things entirely. just stop giving it what it wants (attention) and move the fuck on with your day. that simple. Resident Evil 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Uncharted STAR WARS Battlefront DOOM 4 DOOM Eternal Halo Super Mario Odyssey Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A L I E N: Isolation Minecraft Assassin's Creed Devil May Cry Overwatch ^ I assume you've never played those games before sir. you are truly loopy if you think that's all there is in modern gaming
  8. what game is president evil? I know of Resident Evil, the game with Jill Valentine in it, but other than that I have no idea what game you mean :P
  9. and Schützstaffel hopefully if you play wolf3d no hablo espanol amigo
  10. I speak german but I've mostly been speaking english lately, haven't spoken german in a while and now that I'm back in germany I've been starting to speak it again. I know not a single word in espanol though amigo. adios
  11. TheMegaKid

    My Doom Themed 'Super Shotgun'

    If that happens you need to fuckin' livestream that shit everyone needs to see that that would be an event bigger than jesus's birth
  12. TheMegaKid

    My Doom Themed 'Super Shotgun'

    I swear to god if John Romero doesn't hear about this I will cry
  13. TheMegaKid

    So Doomworld what is your favorite NIN track?

    Hurt Closer The Only Time top 3