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  1. Arbys550

    Quick demo recording question

    Yeah I read about that in the thing rdwpa sent. I may use that from now on. I'm using prboom+ and I usually record boom compatible maps
  2. Arbys550

    hello i am new here

    Welcome! I'd suggest a wad called epic 2. I don't know why, that's just the first thing that popped into my head
  3. Arbys550

    Quick demo recording question

    I was just wondering: are mouse movements supposed to be not as precise while recording a demo, or is it just my crappy laptop?
  4. I'm using the latest version of DoomBuilderX and I can't figure out how to stop it from auto-filling missing textures in. It's really annoying, because, for example, I'll lower a ceiling, leave textures blank, and a couple minutes later I find that the missing textures were replaced with a seemingly random texture. It causes problems when I try to flood-fill textures and stuff like that. I've tried looking through all the menus and I can't find an option to turn it off. Does anyone know a way to disable it?
  5. Arbys550

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Thanks for the playthrough! Yeah I'm so sorry about the ammo situation I didn't know it was that tight. And for the dark area, I had no idea it would be that dark. It's not like that for me. Maybe it's the sourceport. And the reason this one may seem so much better is because this is actually the 21st map I made for this project. I am in the process of converting the other 20 to boom format. I'm probably gonna move this one to slot 9 or 10 because of the difficulty as well. Also the key is a secret. It leads to the secret bfg and a slaughter fight. Yeah I knew this would happen. I might honestly release what I have now as a 20 map wad and get to work on a new wad that's way better, because a lot of the current maps are old and the layouts are poor, and they would be hard to revive like you suggested.
  6. Arbys550

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    This is Archie550. I changed my name. I'm finally finished with map03 of In the Doghouse. It uses doom2, no jump, no crouch https://www.dropbox.com/s/nb0gu5odgo29t10/boomhouse.wad?dl=0
  7. Arbys550

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Hi this is formerly Archie550. I changed my name. Map03 of In the Doghouse is finally done! The wad uses DOOM2 instead of plutonia now, and I recommend prboom. This map is a techbase/swamp thing that doesn't really look like any of the other maps. It also has a secret bfg slaughter fight. download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/nb0gu5odgo29t10/boomhouse.wad?dl=0
  8. Arbys550

    Loading a wad from a desktop icon

    Do you know how to make a batch file? You could create a batch file like this: (source port you are using).exe -iwad (path to iwad you want to use) -complevel (compatability level you want to use) -file (path to wad you want to use) example: glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.WAD -complevel 9 -file ../wads/downloaded/sunder/sunder If you want to skip to a certain level, you can add to it: "-warp (map you want to go to)" You can also specify a difficulty by adding: "-skill (skill level you want to use)" so for example "glboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -complevel 3 -warp 04 -skill 5" would put you in doom2 map04 on nightmare difficulty Then, after typing everything, save the file in the same folder as your source port, right click, click "send to," then click "desktop." Then you can just double-click the batch file on your desktop and it will run automatically. This works with most modern source ports I believe. If you don't know how to create a batch file, just simply create a new text file, write everything, and save it with the extension .bat
  9. Hi, I have been mapping for a while, however, I know next to nothing about nodebuilders. The past couple of weeks it has been taking quite a while to save my map and I think it's because I changed nodebuilders. Before, I had ZDBSP, but I recently switched to zennode - normal. Currently, zennode takes me two minutes to save my map each time. the reason I switched is because ZDBSP kept requiring confirmation from windows because it was an unrecognized program or something, which was annoying. Now I feel like I should switch back to ZDBSP again but I'm not sure which one to use because there's ZDBSP - compress nodes, ZDBSP - normal (no reject), and ZDBSP - normal (zero reject). What is the difference between each node builder, and which one would be the best for me to use? My map is in boom format, with around 12000 linedefs
  10. edit: just realized how the green checkmark works, sorry
  11. Arbys550

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on a new map03 as my old one was trash. It's a techbase situated in what is supposed to be a swamp. More screenshots if you're curious
  12. Arbys550

    Best and wort levels.

    UD E1: favorites: 1: E1M3 2: E1M5 3: E1M6 least favorites: 1: E1M9 2: E1M4 3: E1M8 UD E2: favorites: 1: E2M7 2: E2M2 3: E2M5 least favorites: 1: E2M9 2: E2M3 3: E2M4 UD E3: favorites: 1: E3M3 2: E3M9 3: E3M2 least favorites: 1: E3M5 2: E3M8 3: E3M4 UD E4: favorites: 1: E4M6 2: E4M9 3: E4M2 least favorites: 1: E4M1 2: E4M5 3: E4M4 D2: favorites: 1: MAP10 2: MAP27 3: MAP28 least favorites: 1: MAP12 2: MAP13 3: MAP15 Final Doom and Sigil I only played once NRFTL: favorites: 1: LEVEL05 2: LEVEL01 3: LEVEL07 least favorites: 1: LEVEL08 2: LEVEL03 3: LEVEL04 for non-slaughter I like maps that are interconnected with cool layouts and lots of exploration with lots of secrets and optional paths for slaughter I like interesting fights and open air architecture and all-around epicness. Long post but oh well it's what you asked for
  13. Hi, I'm using doombuilder x, and how do you stop the program from autofilling missing textures with a random texture sometimes? It really annoys me because sometimes I want it to stay missing
  14. Arbys550

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    I think Deus Vult 2 needs to go down a bit. It doesn't really belong in the same category, difficulty speaking as some of the big slaughter names and is DEFINITELY not harder than sunder by any stretch of the imagination, especially the new maps. Most fights in DVII took me one or two tries first time, while the hardest fights in sunder took me 10 or 15 tries first time
  15. Arbys550

    Give me your wads to record.

    Here you can play my wad called in the doghouse so far. It's kind of a weird wad. uses doom 2 iwad works with prboom, gzdoom, zdoom, and zandronum. Only maps 01, 02, 04, and 05 are done however so I'm not sure if you want to play something incomplete. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nb0gu5odgo29t10/boomhouse.wad?dl=0 Also no jumping/crouching