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  1. Arbys550

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Map11 Hot damn this one was rough. I made a demo with saves (An fda i think? Idk if that's the same thing) so you guys can laugh at me playing first time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik08lplcpdlxnxn/m19m11fda.lmp?dl=0 I'm just gonna get right to it. I hated the satyr part where they're guaranteed a hit. At that point i had 15 health and I died like 10 times before I decided to look for secrets and I eventually found the megasphere. Also It seemed like most fights in the basement area were handled way easier by retreating to a vantage point, which I didn't like. I'd prefer a map to force you to dance around with the enemies and get your hands dirty. Two examples are the first basement fight, where, after a couple attempts, I decided it was way easier to stay at the door and camp. I think the door should have closed behind you or something. Also the aforementioned satyr part, I literally just jumped down below and shot rockets from a distance, since it's highly difficult to stay up there and fight them. It was kinda boring. Also holy crap at the beginning there was this stretch of time where there was just no gosh darn ammo! I think it would be better to move some shell ammo from the later parts of the map to the earlier parts because shells were disproportionately abundant at the end compared to the start. I did like the first fight and the bats though, they were pretty fun to me
  2. Arbys550

    The worst doom joke

  3. @ancalagon I just made a map as well to try this and I just got completely blown to bits. But judging from your video I wasn't moving slow enough. I'll try again
  4. Arbys550

    The worst doom joke

    damn it knock knock
  5. Arbys550

    The worst doom joke

    Cyber who?
  6. Arbys550

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    I guess I'll contribute to this since I just happen to be playing this wad the same time this is going on MAP10: I liked the layout of this one and how there was one central area with small offshoots to the sides. As far as combat goes, the fights that jumped out at me the most were the BK fight and the fight after the red key. I died a couple times in the BK fight to those rock guys. They pack quite a punch. Once I had 100 health and one took me down with two swift punches. Quite a spectacle. As for the RK fight, I got cornered once, but decided it was best to lay back and pick off those skeleton guys with the RL from a distance. At first I thought, "wow this is all you have to do?" I didn't realize that there were four chainsaw guys bearing down on me from behind and they gave my butthole a good sawin'. Also I didn't even realize there was an archvile either until very late in the fight after most everything was dead. One thing I noticed about this map was the use of the bats and I thought they added a much needed variety that the other maps were missing. It was cool walking down a hallway and seeing a crowd of bats turn the corner and chase me down. Hopefully the maps further on use more of them. There were also quite a few surprise chainsaw guy traps that I loved. Just the situation of seeing a guy with a chainsaw sprinting down the hall at you was very entertaining. As for the progression I liked that the map relied on the use of raising pillars to progress you through the level, rather than just opening plain-ol' doors. I also appreciated the fact that you could walk around and discover where all the key switches were and generally what they did before even grabbing the respective keys. Overall a good map that I enjoyed! One thing about the wad overall, I don't really like the projectiles that the skeletons and the vampires use. It's really hard to tell when they are both being fired because they don't have loud audio cues. A lot of the time I found myself getting hit by random projectiles that I didn't even know where there. They are also substantially difficult to see which doesn't help. Also the difficulty seems pretty jagged, what with the end of map08 and all, but I guess it's to be expected in a community project.
  7. Arbys550

    Paitent person needed.

    what format? what compatibility? I may be able to help. Also how large?
  8. Arbys550

    The worst doom joke

    who's there?
  9. Arbys550

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    This one's my favorite.
  10. Arbys550

    Pick up sounds in Doom

    I'm sorry man. Like doomkid said, I think the only easy way is to download zandronum since it has it by default. Zandronum is virtually the exact same (as far as the settings menu is concerned) as gzdoom so if you're currently using gzdoom it wont be that much of an adjustment to use zandronum. I think the reason it doesn't work for me is because I deleted a folder named "announcers" lol.
  11. Woah really? I just assumed a mega armor switched to 33% protection when it got below 100%. Well you learn something new every day
  12. Arbys550

    Pick up sounds in Doom

    Do you mean as a setting in some source ports? I think it works in zandronum
  13. Arbys550

    A wad file i just made, named WHYYYYYY cause WHYYYYYY

    Wow originally I was like "Everyone on here is so harsh, it can't be that bad!" It is
  14. Arbys550

    what is your playstyle

    I always get all kills or as many as I can. If it's a map I've never played before, I do a little searching to find secrets but I don't waste any time, unless it's a map15. As far as combat, I always find a way to run out in the open and tackle enemies rather than hide and peek out because it's more exciting and also more likely to generate infighting. I used to be real anal with my ammo, and would carefully make sure I only used as much as necessary, however I have changed my ways and now am fine with ssging one imp. Also if I see an enemy on a high ledge or a hard to reach area, I just wait until the level takes me there to kill it instead of trying to snipe it because I hate trying to rely on doom's autoaim to hit far away or up high monsters.
  15. Arbys550

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Album cover? Looks cool but also kinda creepy in a weird sort of way