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  1. Arbys550

    save spamming while playing

    I save a ton. I save before every fight, and if it's an incidental map with no clear starts to fights I literally save before opening every door and pressing every switch or entering any new area. The only time I don't use saves is when I'm doing a max or just challenging myself on a hard mapset to improve my skills. And even then, I usually do practice runs of the map with saves before hand.
  2. Arbys550

    Help Needed with Scrolling Walls in Boom

    Damn, so I essentially can't have multiple linedefs that scroll the same speed with action 255? I guess I can just use 48 and 85 but change the X offsets.
  3. Arbys550

    Help Needed with Scrolling Walls in Boom

    Here it is, map18, linedef 13870, the same problem happens with others in that closet, and on the other symmetrical closets on the three sides of the arena. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1urEfH5c8H0ezLsccgtGGSGSc4hK-bIfL/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hi, I've got a set of walls I'm trying to scroll in Boom. At first I used action 255, with the offsets at 0, 2 for all the walls I wanted to scroll. However, this inexplicably made them scroll super fast, much faster than they should have. This action has always worked for me in previous maps. I couldn't figure it out, so I changed them to left and right scroll instead using the base actions 85 and 48. However, now they won't scroll at all! I've never had a problem with scrolling walls before. The weird thing is there are walls in the same room that will scroll just fine. I've attached images below: Here's the settings on the walls that don't scroll: The walls that work just fine have the same exact settings, but slightly different offsets, because they weren't meant to be scrolled up. I don't think that's causing it, though. Here's what they look like in the map, if it matters: Here's the ones that DO work, behind the cages: I can provide the wad file too if anyone wants to take a look.
  5. Arbys550

    Favorite band?

    Genesis always, but after that, a little known prog band Bubblemath. I also like a lot of classic prog like Van der Graaf Generator, Yes, and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Modern bands I really like include Wobbler, Dream Theater, Tool, and Birds and Buildings.
  6. Arbys550

    MIDI Challenge!

    What program do people usually use to make midis? The program I use to compose doesn't have specific numbers for each instrument type.
  7. Arbys550

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    The way I found to beat that fight in map10 was to stay in view of the tunnel as much as possible to maximize the cybers in the back infighting. You have to spam at the entrance to the hallway with bfg as much as you can so the cybers in the back can kill most of the AVs. I do have some criticism for that fight, which is that there's really no way for the player to know that the arch viles and cybers in the back lower later in the fight, and that they're arranged in such a way that the cybers will hit the archviles and distract them at that time. A player that doesn't know this is most likely going to take refuge further outside and just keep getting overrun by AVs since the cybers won't hit them. I was only able to discover the lowering cyber and AV pillar when I randomly ran through the levels in god mode and noclip, before I reached map10 for real.
  8. Arbys550

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Haha, you weren't alone in that thought!
  9. Arbys550

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I've got a thread for the WAD. I'll edit this post once I grab the link. You can also do a search for "in the doghouse," which is its real name, boomhouse was just the filename at the time. Here you go:
  10. I'm probably gonna have to withdraw from this. I have a knack for signing up for things I'm never gonna do. You can take me off the list.
  11. Arbys550

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    Category 2, blew myself up in map04 because I didn't feel like playing anymore. This may be my last ironman. arbysResurgeIron.zip
  12. Arbys550


    You need to put more info in your post or no one's gonna know how to even find the map, which is in slot 31. Look at the pinned thread in the Wads and Mods section for more info. I feel like this is just a joke map, but in the off chance you're serious, the map is really not hard at all.
  13. Arbys550

    What do you hate most about doom?

    Lately I've really been irritated with the RNG of Doom. I think the range of possible values is too high. I hate it when I'm cruising along in a fight and then get royally screwed by an 80 damage rev rocket or 64 damage hell knight booger.
  14. Arbys550

    Cosmogenesis (-cl9, slaughter)

    I think I owe an apology. I started this up again to see if I missed something in the fight I ran out of ammo on, and turns out there was a huge wall of cells in the middle of the arena I didn't know where there before. I think it was a combination of the darkness and my frustration that made me miss them initially. I finished map02. I kinda wished the cybers on the ledge in that L-shaped damaging floor arena got crushed. I assumed they would and so I just left them alive and I ended up missong the kills.
  15. Arbys550

    Cosmogenesis (-cl9, slaughter)

    Got to about 7K kills deep into map02, and I'm just gonna have to call it quits I think. I don't know if this is just me but I'm constantly running out of ammo in a good chunk of these fights and it's really frustrating. An example early on was the big pinky bridge where I had to sit at the start and camp until the imps and hell knights killed enough of them for me not to run out when I finally pushed through. When I quit, it was when a giant outdoor section with arachnotrons opened up and there's just plain not enough ammo to get past them. I keep running fresh out with still hundreds of spectres left on the board. I already left the previous fight early cause I ran fresh out of ammo there as well, so I was coming in with absolutely nothing. There's plenty of other examples like this where i managed to just scrape by, but I think I'm completely stuck here. I think the ammo balance is too tight for my tastes.