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  1. Arbys550

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A cave of sorts:
  2. Arbys550

    Dance on the Water - /idgames

    Congrats! I'll give it another playthrough, it's been a while since I played these.
  3. Just finished it, nice job! Lots of fun.
  4. Arbys550

    Inconsistent Boom/GZDoom Voodoo Closet Behavior

    DEAR LORD nevermind. I'm just a fucking idiot. Turns out one of my fixes did work, I just loaded the entire WAD when I tested the fix and not the single map WAD I was editing.
  5. Arbys550

    Inconsistent Boom/GZDoom Voodoo Closet Behavior

    Alright, here's the follow-up issue. Let's see if anyone can even help me here. Here's an example of a closet in question: In GZDoom: The square on the left is a little ledge that lowers to allow the Voodoo Doll past. The square on the right is a control sector whose ceiling lowers to "disable" or raises to "enable" the closet. However, for whatever reason, lowering the ceiling of the square on the right pushes the voodoo doll up into the air and forward on top of the left little ledge, lodging the voodoo doll into the ceiling. This is also accompanied by a constant "brrrr" sound that indicates the ceiling of the right square is trying to lower over and over again, but can't. Here's a screenshot: This is a shot in the dark but I've tried many things and haven't gotten anywhere. Anyone have a solution? I can always implement GZDoom-only doors to allow GZDoom players past, but that would be a huge disappointment because this is a really cool puzzle.
  6. Arbys550

    Inconsistent Boom/GZDoom Voodoo Closet Behavior

    I've fixed the scroll speeds like you said, but GZDoom is still insanely, slow, almost half as slow. I double checked and there's only one line transferring the scroll speed. Anyway, it doesn't matter, I've discovered that the scroll speed isn't what's causing the problem.
  7. Arbys550

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Found a random softlock today in map09, at the very start. If you take a right and drop off into here you get stuck:
  8. USA/Pennsylvania, like a couple others in here I also live on the coast of Lake Erie, which pretty much gives away my city but oh well.
  9. I've read that for the action 253 floor scroller in Boom, giving the linedef a length of 32 units should result in the same speed in both Boom and GZDoom, yet in a map I am working on the speeds aren't the same. This causes multiple cool mechanisms to be unusable by any GZDoom players. Is this value still the same between both compatibilities? I'd hate to force my WAD to be Boom only just because one puzzle doesn't work. And a follow up, is there any other reason a complex voodoo closet system would work in DSDADoom and PrBoom, but not GZDoom?
  10. Awesome map! I really enjoyed the visuals and combat. Apart from the hanging bodies, which everyone has already mentioned, there are some really thin decorative "panels" that you can get stuck on on the sides of walls that can be annoying in the middle of combat.
  11. I'd be on Jon Hamm's Staircase
  12. Arbys550

    What's your generally preferred monster count for a map?

    Most of the maps that I consider my favorite have 3001 - 10000 monsters, so that's what I chose.
  13. Just finished my playthrough. I had a great time! Probably my new favorite of the unofficial Plutonia sequels. I've got some feedback and some found bugs that may have already been reported, but oh well. I'll split my feedback into a bugs section and a subjective feedback section. Bugs: Subjective feedback on some things:
  14. Where can I find the thread of in the doghouse? Searching for it doesn't seem to work.

    1. Arbys550


      Here you go. The search worked for me, I'm not sure what happened.

    2. Nefelibeta


      And that was lots of fun! Love the strategic playstyle, especially the blue key area. I did find cleaning up the red key arena a bit annoying though. Also, do you want to decrease the amount of cells players can carry by spawning arch-viles after each fight? I mean, I kinda just got back the arena and picked up the rest of the ammo, didn't know if it's intentional or not.

    3. Arbys550


      That was the idea of the archies. I'm aware you can just go back and grab more, but whatever. It's more of a discouragement than a prevention. I actually struggled a lot with making map18, especially the red and yellow key areas. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Arbys550

    Dunn & Dunn playtesting thread

    There's one that you haven't played yet, map18. The thread is always being updated.