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  1. TheLoneliness

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 04 Max in 2:25 gd04-225.zip
  2. TheLoneliness

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 03 Max in 3:25 gd03-325.zip
  3. TheLoneliness

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    Map 32 Max in 1:51 fl32-151.zip
  4. TheLoneliness

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    So I was told I wasn't cool unless I posted some bounties that Dubzzz Someone could beat! final4 D2all fast in 1:43 maw D2all fast in 4:58 Mayhem 18 Orange! Map 18 Fast in 4:28 *1337 Map 01 Max in 0:19 *Slaughterfest 2012 Map 27 Max in 10:09 here's 5 demos, that are either old or was low effort as they were demos for other demo months :)
  5. TheLoneliness

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 01 max in 1:12 Map 02 max in 2:11 gd01-112.zip gd02-211.zip
  6. TheLoneliness

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Going Down Map 22 max in 5:26 gd22-526.zip What an awful map to max, all those lifts @Bdubzzz :D
  7. TheLoneliness

    Doom 2 under 18 minutes!

    what a great journey and loved watching those streams :) GG Looper, GG!
  8. TheLoneliness

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    way to over the top for my taste, but each to their own.
  9. TheLoneliness

    Cheapest Traps in the IWADS?

    the one that comes to mind, is the plutonia level where there is a chaingunner right behind you, when you start.
  10. TheLoneliness

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    1337 Somehow I managed to screwup the previous demo, not sure what I did, but went and redid the demo and luckily got an improvement :-) (I will edit the previous post, so it doesn't have a faulty demo/zip) Tic improvement Map 01 nm speed in 3.74 133701nm374.zip
  11. TheLoneliness

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    This. I'm fine with E1 & most of E4, but the rest (E2/E3) is just mashed together in my memory and I can't really recall which levels are where, other than the finals.
  12. TheLoneliness

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I find most of Ultimate Dooms maps forgettable, with a few exceptions, I just don't find them as enjoyable/memorable to play as Doom 2's.
  13. TheLoneliness

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    1337 Map 01 uv-max in 00:19 133701-19.zip and tic improvement Map 03 uv speed in 5.91 133703-591.zip
  14. TheLoneliness

    What is your least favorite DOOM enemy?

    Pain Elementals.
  15. TheLoneliness

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    I didn't enjoy any Mario game I played, doesn't mean they were bad, but as stated in the post you quoted; just not my jam.
  16. TheLoneliness

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    I personally dislike all and any platforming in any game, just not my jam.
  17. TheLoneliness

    What are some good MegaWADS

    Eviternity, Going Down, Sunlust, Speed of Doom, Scythe 1 & 2 and although I'm not done with Valiant yet, I do recommend it from what I've seen thus far.
  18. TheLoneliness

    Frailty, My first wad.

    interesting, I'll take a look at that. Have done no testing in GZDoom so not surprised that it might not work there.
  19. TheLoneliness

    Frailty, My first wad.

    Over the last 11 months or so I had a journey with building doom levels and these 8 maps are the result. Now these maps have stayed mostly as I first made them, other than bugfixes and similiar, so there's a big difference between the first and the last map, but I like that, as I can then share my journey, as I learned how to map. It's a slaughterwad. There's 8 maps in total (Map 1-8) Iwad is Doom 2 and it's made in boom format (Complevel 9) and tested in Prboom+ and Zandronum. There are currently difficulty settings, but it's mostly just Coop>UV>Not UV and the most of the changes are just that there's less viles, barons and cybers. It's made with both soloplay and coop in mind, but some of the fights can be a bit grindy solo :) Here's the wad: Frailty.zip Unless something major needs fixing, this would be the final version. While I will (hopefully) not change this wad, I'm still looking for any constructive criticism, tips and what not, so I now what to change, do better or try out the next time I'll be making a wad. :) Edit: My personal favorite maps in this would be 8, 7 and 2 in that order. Here's some screenshots: Edit: fixed the issue that you couldn't open the wad in GZDoom. (no idea if it breaks in it as it isn't tested, but now at least it can be opened/played). upgraded to OTEX 1.1.
  20. TheLoneliness

    Pistol start/Quicksaves/Permadeath? How do you play?

    almost exclusively pistol start.
  21. TheLoneliness

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Bloody Rust (Bludrust) Map 04 uv-max in 2:46 br04-246.zip
  22. TheLoneliness

    Best joke WADs

    Noye should fit this bill.
  23. TheLoneliness

    Frailty, My first wad.

    Thanks for both taking time to to some of it, but also for writing down your thoughts about! While all fights have been tested to be possible to do without saving mid, some of them do require a lot of tries/luck and I have made them all easier than their initial form, it is still very much the case in some areas. The biggest reason why I didn't want to overhaul the entire fights on some of the earlier maps, was simply to keep it 'authentic' to my journey/progress of learning to map. Regarding ammo problems, as mentioned fights have been tested, but here I'm partly to blame, as I usually play a lot with infighting in mind, so I usually spend less ammo than others :) I'm aware that esp. some of the earlier maps, have these fights where I essentially just threw most things in large numbers at the player and the main reason it stayed like that in this 'final' version, is simply as mentioned above, for the authencity. Again, thanks for your input, it will certainly help me in my future endeavors! :)
  24. TheLoneliness

    Frailty, My first wad.

    I completly understand :)
  25. TheLoneliness

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    A strong flying enemy, that's really the only enemy which I feel is needed for vanilla doom.