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  1. Bratish

    Doom 3 Sound Mods

    This topic for yours (and not only) small or large-scale sound mods for the most atmospheric FPS in all world - legendary Doom 3. Topic is opened by my small mod, which replaces sounds of simple zombies that are not scary in the original with a more creepy and bloodthirsty analogue recorded by RiROBOT`s for a sound pack for games (link in readme.txt inside pakXXX.pk4), except ~step* and ~whoosh* files. Sounds in mono format, 44100 hz, 32-bit float and in .ogg extension. Download my sound mod
  2. Bratish

    HQ Sounds and some GFX fixes

    I work on the principle of "slowly but surely", so in today's update there are only 9 sounds, but they are quite significant! The player's puffs were noticeably refined and replaced by places, the fireball explosion was shortened, a micro sample was added to the beginning of the zombie pain sound / serpentipede, but most importantly, the full cybernetic roar of Assault Tripod! Download HQ Sounds
  3. Bratish

    HQ Sounds and some GFX fixes

    New version of HQ Sounds - some sounds were corrected - Trilobite's death was improved, added reload sounds in DSSSIT and cassings to the sounds of a pistol, shotgun and two-barrels the subject was selected and where needed, 48000 hz Stereo were converted to 44100 hz Mono. Since I didn’t make graphical changes, the 2-in-1 archive WILL NOT be updated.
  4. Such thoughts arise when you see that nothing good came out of the 2010 Quake series except for the remakes of the same game - Quake III Arena. They forgot about the Stroggs, did ET: QW, and forgot about the first one, the hike, as an unsuccessful experiment (it seems to me). But, they say, a remake will also be released soon for the first Quake, and I hope that it will not be turned into another multiplayer shooter without a plot and, most importantly, an atmosphere. Yes, for me, who started playing 3D shooters from the first Q, the atmosphere was most surprised with the game - I hadn’t seen anything like that in games before, and even after that, it won’t be in games: not a single person except you and no helpers - only your weapons, and all around - the creatures for whom all these dark caves and damp castles are their home, and they are mutually trying to kill you so that you do not invade their life, do not solve their secret ... Unfortunately , at Dissolution of Eternity, the developers stopped supporting the first Q, which is very sad, since all these Stroggs Valdigas s me somehow not impressive - not this, I waited after the first part of the wonderful atmosphere with inexpressible horror. What I’m getting at is that it would be nice if Id did a remake of the first Quake by setting it closer not to Doom 2016 (where there is a colorful and bright picture, a spectacular dismemberment and so on) and to the old and forgotten Doom 3 today there was also a great atmosphere just from Q1, only adjusted for high-tech base. Let the remake be impressive and scary monsters, dark and eerie locations, vaguely similar to the original, with a different passage option (the original elevator does not work, the door is blocked), and the cutscenes are for each monster, for some secrets (the main thing is not to overdo it, Well, yes, this is understandable). And yes, we need at least some plot in which an expanded “briefing” from the Q1 manual will be shown at the beginning, and then during the game with the hero Quake himself will get in touch (which in the game should only appear as a ghost after killing Shub-Niggurata) - he will intimidate the player, telling him that his monsters will still capture the Earth, and the hero will not be able to do anything about it, but will only condemn himself and all of Mankind to death. A good psychological background. And yes, I would like to rethink the image of the protagonist - instead of a health vigilating family man from QC, in the Quake remake there will be a warrior who has only been in one battle, who before the game’s events just went on vacation to marry, but then his commander calls him and he throws everything and goes into the unknown. Something similar could be observed in Doom 3 - there the hero was also not a super-buper soldier, contrary to Doom 2016, it was a simple person, not even revealed to the end. I hope that if the Quake remake is announced, then at the output we will see exactly what I wrote, and not just the next Doom 2016, only with nice shamblers and Findic and heaps of skins for your nails. And it would be nice to return the runes to their original name "sigil" and add such a thing - after picking up each rune, some capacity is added to the hero, but another is taken away (for example, a shot is amplified 2 times, but protection drops by 20%) - in our the century of achivok and other things would not look too arcade (and the games are becoming more and more arcade - this is the worst). In conclusion, I’ll say that id has exhausted all of its ideas before Quake Live is the same ET: QW is just a prequel to advertised Q2, and that’s where QC draws its roots from, and you don’t have to say, this constant copying of Q3A looks stupid, complete squandering of logic and common sense. Based on the above, I want to show you a fragment of how I see a remake of Quake 1. That's about this style IMHO should be sustained by a remake of the beloved first Quake. Without these features, it will be a stupid repetition of the original, except that the yard will be full of court and even higher resolution. Oh, by the way, about the sound component. It would be nice if Id Software were attracted to writing the xovle soundtrack, which is the author of the music pack for Q1 - Diabolipak. His tracks are very atmospheric, and they awaken either sadness or rage that Trent Reznor lacked - with all due respect for his work, the music in the original Q1 does not cause any special emotions (except maybe Persia Invasion, and only then at the beginning ). Much better music in the Quake port for the Nintendo 64 console - Ebri Hodges himself worked on the local soundtrack, and as for me, his soundtrack keeps in suspense much more than the original I think he will no longer write the music for the game, but you should note what exactly the soundtrack should be in the new reincarnation of the first Quake. The music of Hodges and xovle in the aggregate gives just an inseparable and complete immersion into the atmosphere of the first Quake, which should be implemented in the first order in a remake. The meaning of the topic is to write your thoughts about how you see the remake of the first, real, true Quake, and not the stupid game that appropriated his proud name (Q2, Q3 and more ...).
  5. What is Solaris, I think, do not speak. Everybody knows the original book, and the film by Andrei Tarkovsky, shot in 1972, won world fame. However, it is characteristic that both Tarkovsky and Sundberg (who also removed his version of Solaris already in 2002) in their films are far from the essence of the novel, from his mood and so on. Not without reason the author of the story, Stanislav Lem, strongly quarreled with Tarkovsky, saying that he showed the film “Crime and Punishment” in the cosmic entourage. Stephen Sundberg, inviting such a famous actor as George Clooney and hiring the most excellent artists on computer effects, all the wonderful things that happened in the book, shot the most romantic love story. Someone even said that he had Twilight, and I would agree with that person - the only thing left of the novel in the film was the scene of the action, and everything else, including the characters, was subjected to a hard rethinking. But few people know that there was a literal film adaptation of this greatest work. Yes, the ocean was not shown in it, and in general the film had very scanty decorations, and even the budget was negligible compared to Sondberg’s film, but there were two main things in it — the play of actors and the atmosphere. It is these two things that make you forget that the film completely lacks computer graphics and other modern gadgets, because of which the films look more like some kind of attraction. In general, this film adaptation was shot back in 1968, in the Soviet Union, by a certain Boris Nirendburg, in the USSR Central Television. Starring Vasily Lanovoy, Vladimir Etush, Victor Zozulin and Antonina Pilius. It seemed, where is it before the 2002 film, shot in the USA by the famous Steven Sundberg in 20th Century Fox, which included George Clooney, Jeremy Davis, Viola Davis and Natasha Machelhon? And here is one catchy thing - in pursuit of money, the Americans made a film that was easily digestible for American viewers - a naive love story and space and station decorations that were set against the edge. But our compatriots, having no effects (except for scientific equipment from scientific research institutes of those years), ensured that their screen version was only one step away from the book - the television movie completely cut out observations and descriptions of anomalies on the planet Solaris itself. All the rest is exactly like Lem's - the terrible atmosphere that prevailed at the station, the convincing play of actors, and so on. Where are there before the next screenings! In Tarkovsky's attention is focused on the family relations of the hero, while in Sondberg and in general a dull love story, which only makes you yawn and wait for the end. So, the atmosphere. From the above, it should be clear to you that in Solaris of 1968 a terrible atmosphere. This, I will not forget to inform you, was the unresolved factor of all the "scary" Doom `s - (Final) Doom PSX, Doom 64 and Doom 3. In the film, the station is shown as a dark and cramped place in which nothing glitters, and in general the impression is as if the station is abandoned. Well, remember Doom PSX! The entire first episode took place at the abandoned stations, which filled the creature from hell. And all this was emphasized by the music of all the respected Aubrey Hodges, who literally made us shy away from every cry of an imp! Although the composer of Solaris of 1968 - Galina Koltsina - is not so famous (I couldn’t find any information about her at all), but her music evokes the same emotions during the entire film - you really fear for the fate of the main character, and it seems that - for every corner an unknown creature will appear and kill it to hell. I had similar emotions except for the soundtrack of the film “Something” of the sample of 1982 authored by John Carpenter, but it came out 14 years later than the film by Boris Nirendburg! I will show you three examples of music from this wonderful film, so that you also understand the essence of my statements (I post on the disk to avoid copyright problems): Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 (Samples are not subject to any changes, just unnecessary interference is removed, everything else is exactly like in the movie itself) In Galina's Koltsyna music look through the principles that, after 29 years, Aubrey Hodges uses when writing the score for (Final) Doom PSX and Doom 64 - “tapping the door”, “cutting off the metal”, the cries of sinners in hell, etc., creating an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness . You are simply amazed that in the Soviet Union a group of several almost unknown people created such a thriller-horror, which Americans usually shot in the 80-90s. Moreover, Solaris was shot even before the famous Alien, which also focused on the terrible atmosphere and dark locations! Truly you think that many cinematographers (and not only) used this almost forgotten television movie as inspiration. But I deviated a little. In short, Galina Koltsina’s music is similar to what Aubrey Hodges will write after 29 years. Actually, if you insert its music, for example, in Doom 64, then you will not notice any difference - this ambient will sound like “native”. So I guess that Hodges saw this film, otherwise why his music is so similar to the work of the Soviet composer? And that is not all! Further more. I said everything about music, let's move on to the locations now. They are fully consistent with the music - dark and creepy, with low light. Below I will show an example where the corridor from Solaris and the dark corridor with Map02 from Doom 64 are shown: Note the striking similarities! Yes, there are additional objects in the film, so that the corridor does not seem completely empty, and the ceiling is slightly different, but everything else is exactly the same, even the reflections of the lamps on the floor (or rather, their location)! It can be seen that the mappers of Doom 64, in turn, also used locations from Solarium in 1968 as inspiration. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found more matches in locations, but there is a similar situation, but you should not compare Doom 64, but with Doom 3 alpha. See the toilet scene when the hero hides from a kick with a gun, and the moment when Chris Kelvin with a blaster is around the corner, and somewhere behind the wall the ghost of a woman goes to the office of Dr. Sartorius: Noticed a coincidence? Yes ... Let me remind you that Alpha Doom 3 was released in 2002, and Sondberg's film was also in 2002, but that’s why Doom 3 has echoes of Solaris, released 34 years ago, is unclear. Be ashamed, Sondberg! And yes, Sondberg will blush more than once, as I will continue to compare Solaris in 1968 with Doom 3. So, the last - characters. Here's an example - Chris Kelvin performed by Vasily Lanoviy and the main character Doom 3 without a middle name: Well? And you said that main character Doom 3 drew from employees id Software! Not here it was! The analogy of Snaut performed by Vladimir Etush in Doom 3 could not be found, but there was an analogue of Dr. Sartorius, played by Viktor Zozulin: And I want to note that the model of L. Kaczynski is just one of the default NPC models (that is, you could pick up any example, but I chose this particular NPC, since it stands in a similar place and by the color of the suit it is scientists). As you can see, the image of a cold doctor Sartorius found a response in Doom 3. Here is my story about how (possibly) the now forgotten film Solaris of 1968 influenced by Boris Nirendburg influenced. In conclusion, I will say that finding this film on the Internet is not difficult, and therefore I will not give a link to the online viewing of Solaris - you will find it, you will find and see for yourself, I told you everything about the similarities with the scary Doom `s.
  6. Bratish

    HQ Sounds and some GFX fixes

    O! Finally, at least someone answered! New version of My Stuff - sprites for hand added for GFX, and for SOUNDS some sounds have been completely changed / improved (but the number remains old, 89). Download 2-in-1 pak
  7. Bratish

    HQ Sounds and some GFX fixes

    Hello! I brought the number of audio files to 89, updating some old ones and adding new ones. For example, the hero has another sound of puffing and pain, the final boss has a full set of sounds, and also has a DSSECRET. Also slightly edited the TitlePic and the head of the final boss on a stick. Download links in the first post. I split one archive into two by assigning the .pk3 extension to them, but you can still run GFX Fix in the Doom chocolate port by copying .lmp from the .pk3 archive to .wad. However, in this post I will leave a link to the "2-in-1” archive in the .zip format. Wait for more updates! P.S. In order not to become a “doubleposting-man”, I will update this post for a while, until the feedback from any other user appears in the topic.
  8. Bratish

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Several monsters from Doom 3 in cartoon style: Mancubus HellKnight (coloring from Doom 3 Alpha) Pinky
  9. Bratish

    HQ Sounds and some GFX fixes

    Hello to the entire FreeDoom community! I am Russian, and I am big fan of Doom 1-3 and First Quake, and therefore it is not surprising that your project caught my attention. I to go through half of each Phase, and was very pleased with the gameplay, maps and enemies. The only negative is sound design. His at rather low level. And, having thought carefully, I recorded many completely new sound files for FreeDoom (90, in studio quality - .wav, 44100 hz, mono). Also redrawn Titlepic, the player's head on the HUD and the head of the final boss on a stick. This is so say a gift from me to Your community. The sounds of weapons and objects I took from FreeSound.org, and I recorded all the enemies myself (also borrowing a bit from the free RiROBOT`s Sound Pak, although I am the second author of this in essence). I sincerely wish that the main leading FreeDoom developers will see my work and add it to the new release. Regards, Bratish Download HQ Sounds Download GFX Fix