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  1. Raves

    I almost went to my first rave a few weeks ago, but I had to go to court then jail instead :/
  2. God Mode

    I rarely use godmode...
  3. How long have you been playing Doom?

    I've been playing since 1995 or 96. Can't remember which one it was.
  4. New Family Guy episode

    No, I thought it was retarded.
  5. Map07 Done Pacifist

    Oh my fuckin' god! That's awesome! =D
  6. Speedwhacking

    Fuck, I forgot all about this.... =/
  7. Weapons In Progress (practice yer skills)

    Nmn: What ever happened to that Uber Tank thing?
  8. Sin City (OMG SPOILERZ)

    I havent read the comic, probably because I'm not a big fan of comics but this movie was awesome. Although I wasn't to fond of the way that one guy was superhuman. But that one was the best one! =D
  9. Doom3 in Doom2?

    This isn't going to turn out like the Metriod TC is it? Because that would really suck and be kinda depressing... =/ Anyways, good job guys. ;)
  10. Simplicity - Because Complexity Sucks

    Spork, you kick ass! =D
  11. When you had to live in a doom level......

    I would live in map01 because I don't need a lot of space.
  12. Metroid Prime 2 and San Andreas If you don't like GTA and Metroid then you are a blasphemer!
  13. New Kind of Deathmatch?

    Sounds good to me except for one thing, you can still see people pretty well no matter how dark you make it.
  14. This guy is a hero

    The fuck deserved it. I would do the same thing if I had a gun, although I would make sure it was a shot in the head...