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  1. I agree about the old colors. But, this has all been fixed now, these screenshots are old. The game isn't even in Early Access yet, so it's improving every day. Feedback helps!
  2. There's definitely lore. You can see the story pages at the end of the video, that's part of it. There's also a big part of it that follows the Half-Life style of storytelling.
  3. Here's 7 and a half minutes of uncut gameplay from the latest build of the game. Also, release date for Early Access is July 16th!
  4. I've sent out preview builds of the game lately and got a lot of feedback. Check out this vid: I had made improvements with feedback I got in this forum, and I made further improvements because of feedback following that vid. My main focus was visibility, now it's art. I got a total of zero comments about "clown vomit" at least, which is a major win :P
  5. Ding. We've just released the official reveal trailer for Nightmare Reaper. Coming summer 2019.
  6. I think the grappling hooks were in mods. I remember the Quake 3 Corkscrew mod fondly because of that. But yeah, the chainsaw is cool. I never really used it much in Doom because you usually end up taking some damage from ranged enemies. I figured that a grappling hook to close the distance was a good idea.
  7. Yep, April fool's. But, since a lot of people actually like it, I'm going to keep it in the game as some kind of joke parental mode.
  8. New update by the way. In order to reach a bigger audience, we're removing all blood and gore and replacing that with more piƱata-inspired effects. We think you'll love them as much as we do!
  9. I'm a one man studio, so I have to be very strict about where the time and effort is put. I strived to make the best balance I could. It's true that there's tons of retro FPS nowadays, but Nightmare Reaper will differentiate itself from others with details to come.
  10. That's perfectly fine. But Nightmare Reaper is a bit deeper than all these other games. It hasn't been revealed yet though.
  11. About the clown vomit, I think it's just these levels that are pretty intense visually when you pause during an explosion. I think that if you look at video, it's not so bad. It's true that it's a very colorful game though, but most people seem to like it.
  12. Yes, this is something I'm concerned about. So far, all testers have said that they never had issues tracking enemies at least. About the bloom and other effects, they can be toned down and even removed. I've already improved the visibility a bit since the minigun video.