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  1. I'm sorry your thread got locked. I don't see any good reason for that. 

    1. Misty


      There were plenty of reasons to lock thread before it went downwards. 

    2. Masonicon


      Let me Elaborate my Project(that's called Ani-Toonspiracy):


      contary to what you say in my thread that got locked(for thread Necromancy presumably), Lex Luthor(which bought ACME from Illuminati) is perhaps unaffiliated with the Illuminati due to Lex's childlike Hatred toward All Superpowered Beings that aren't completely mortal guys in tech-powered suits(his hatred extends to Transhumans that Illuminati actively employs on their ranks). this make ACME Corporation enemies with both Illuminati and Anunnaki apart from being enemies with the Protagonists of Ani-Toonspiracy. and while both Hannibal Lecter, Anton Chigurh, Syndrome from the Incredibles(as a Corpse on a Life support that used as living CPU for ACME Mainframe), Emile Danko, and Princess Morbucks are all working for Lex Luthor Here, while Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are working for the Illuminati instead of ACME and Lex Luthor.


      TF2 Mercenaries are at first hired by ACME only to rejected and joins the Protagonists of Ani-Toonspiracy.


      Madoka Magica are joins Ani-Toonspiracy mostly just for it's Witches being Anunnaki member species


      Marvel vs Capcom series join Ani-Toonspiracy as some of crossovers that averts All Stories are Real Somewhere trope here in Ani-Toonspiracy. for the Earth-616-type Marvel Universe that Ani-Toonspiracy uses, it used as Deadpool's home Universe(Deadpool are only Honorary member of Ani-Toonspiracy protagonist groups)


      we uses Animated canon for Ghostbusters where Extreme Ghostbusters join ACME Corporation only to got convinced to quit ACME Corporation lot later