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Maximum Matt

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  1. Maximum Matt

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Halloween Harry.
  2. Maximum Matt

    Doom version 1.666 with everything

    Purchased in Australia, eh? Then it would be worth exactly seventeen boomerangs and half a wallaby, adjusted for inflation.
  3. Maximum Matt

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Ace Frehley.
  4. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Which blew my goddamn mind as well when I first saw that.
  5. Maximum Matt

    New guy on the block

    As long as you ain't Donnie Wahlberg you're cool with me
  6. Maximum Matt

    [SPRITES] Alternative Deaths

    I like this one very much.
  7. Maximum Matt

    Thoughts on the music

    I recently posted about how the music in E2M2 is the awesomest, and have been recently thinking about the music in general - and I got something more to say... At Doom's Gate and Running From Evil will haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life. E1M2* clave FTW Bobby Prince should've got a Grammy for E1M3 I used to associate E1M6's track more with E3M6 Ditto E1M7 with E2M5 (and very interesting that this is the only track used in all 4 episodes of UDoom) I don't think anyone playing Doom and getting into guitar at that time didn't try to learn the solo to E1M8 E2M4's music is too damn quiet and tense. Used to associate E2M7 more with E4M5 Everyone knows Alice In Chains' "influence" on Barrels O Fun (Them Bones) and Bloodfalls (Angry Chair), but no-one talks about how they influenced were influenced by the drum break in E2M8 when they created the intro to No Excuses ** And let's just say, the first time I heard Mouth For War by Pantera at my cousin's house, I was quite confused. Ditto with Slayer (Crooked Cross, South Of Heaven) E3M8 - when Prince stated he originally wanted to write only metal songs for the soundtrack, I'd like to think they'd be along the lines of this one. Pure ass-kickige ALWAYS have associated the ending 'bunny' music more with Plutonia map 11, for extremely obvious reasons Map02 is a goddamn samba Map03 is dreary, but I like the ticking clock motif Map04 is goddamn jazz fusion Map06 sounds like a mistake was made with the bass and drums not 'matching up', like Prince was going for something else as he was making it, but heard it and was like "I'll leave it like that", then continued making the song this way. I dunno, it always sounded off-kilter to me Map08 is an awesome blues-rock song. Used to associate Map10's music more with Map16 ...And Map18's with Map27 Map20 has the second-coolest solo ever in Doom Map28 is too kickass to be introduced so late in the game And of course, Icon Of Sin theme is a masterclass of tension - freaky opening 'whistle' sound, subterranean bass, slow groove, subtle sound effects (including more clave), also possibly an influence on A Therapy For Pain by Fear Factory.** * No, I ain't learning the names of the rest. ** At least I'd like to think that. Hey man, it's possible. Stay tuned for part II, where I'll drop a massive dissertation about the TNT:Evilution music
  8. Maximum Matt

    Thoughts on the music

    And I mostly associate that song to E4M9. That level kicks so much ass. Arguably the most incongruous level in E4, it still is hands-down the best secret level in UDoom (E1M9 is too ugly and boxy, E2M9 and E3M9 are gimmicks) and it's symmetricity totally works in its favor. And there are crates in the starting area.
  9. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doomguy's hairstyle on the front cover of Doom II is glorious.
  10. Maximum Matt

    Doom E1M1 Pacifist / UV-Speed in 0:08.97

    'Tis some Godly skill.
  11. Maximum Matt

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    Because hipsters must always die first.
  12. Maximum Matt

    Doom Sprite History

    *head detonates*
  13. Maximum Matt

    Doom Poster Differences

    Joe Rogan always plays on ITYTD in God mode and full weapons.
  14. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Tell me about it. They even make their employees walk through a river of it right at the entrance to the Phobos Lab, I have a right mind to report them on this
  15. Maximum Matt

    Classic Doomguy Cosplay

    Holy shit that's wicked
  16. Maximum Matt

    Favorite midis?

    Now that's what I'm talking about.
  17. Maximum Matt

    For The Love Of DOOM

    Posting this here, because why the hell not:
  18. Maximum Matt

    Random facts thread

    I heard that when you give blood, if you stand up really quickly at the end, you'll pass out.
  19. Maximum Matt


    I'm sure this will be tasteful
  20. Maximum Matt

    A Wolfestein inspired doom mod

    Call it WolfDoomEnstein
  21. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    They bought an inferior design in bulk for a lower price, completely ignoring occupational health and safety standards in favor of saving money. The UAC are despicable.
  22. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Which of course is some serious bullshit.
  23. Maximum Matt

    Thoughts on the music

    Salsa music!! Sorry, got the names confused. Thanks for the vid, very interesting. This style of music is quite cool, but to me doesn't really give the right atmosphere when you're stalking through the waters of the underhalls.
  24. Maximum Matt

    So Doomworld what is your favorite NIN track?

    Quake soundtrack or GTFO