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  1. Yo, another quick question - on your last stream, did you explain that DOOM142.wad was a straight copy of Doom 1 and that's why you skipped it? I didn't watch the whole thing, but the part when you went straight from DOOM1-32 to DOOM4-62 you didn't say why - did you say it in a different part of the stream? 

    Just checking in the name of completionism :-)


    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      I did, I mentioned it after that I think, because of where it showed up in the folder alphabetically. ;)

      Thanks for asking though!

  2. Hey man, quick question:  you said you completed the DM section of wads, and you started your latest stream by doing DOA-122.wad, but I see in my list there were five more wads you didn't do (DM_FLEU2, DM_KHAN1, DM_KHAN2, DM_TPA_2, and DM_ZIGS).  Is this a formatting thing - those wads were at the top of the DMs because the underscore _ comes BEFORE letters alphabetically in your list (and after in my list)? And if so, you've just played them earlier?  

    I just need to know that, my OCD is in full flow today!!!


  3. Yo man, this is something I'm gonna try to do more often - give you a heads up on upcoming Max Doom levels.  

    I see you've got some wadpaks that have a bunch of stuff you've already played - like I've said you can skip DOOM142 as it's just the first three episodes of Doom I converted.  There's also the DOOMPL series - 


    DOOMPL12.wad maps - 

    1 - AMBUSH.wad

    2 - E1M1 remake

    3 - E3M1 remake (and was also E1L1RQ.wad)

    4 - E2M1 remake

    5 - ATLNTS12.wad

    6 - forget the name of this one, but you would've played this one before in a wadpak

    7 - A crappy dark slaught map (you'll probably recognize it)


    DOOMPL32.wad - 

    1 - STONES.wad

    2 - I think you've played this one...?? (sorry to be unsure)

    3 - NOPANIC2.wad - Don't know if you've already played it, but it's in the D2 folder

    4 - Not sure, but it's tiny

    5 - Your favorite, WARHOUSE.wad :-)

    6 - E1M2 remake

    7 - E1M5 remake

    8 - E1M6 remake


    DOOMPL42.wad - 

    1 - E2M1 remake

    2 - E2M1 remake (....yeah)

    3 - THIS one looks new

    4 - And this one

    5 - And this one

    6 - E1M2 remake

    7 - CASTLE.wad

    8 - E1M1 remake


    So this might help you blast through these wads when you get to them.  I'll keep an eye out in the future for other potentially redundant wads you'll be up against.



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    2. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      Not much of a story, I was just addicted to it for quite a while - I remember when the Master Levels first came out, and I couldn't believe it had 3,000 levels as bonus content for it (I seriously thought it was a typo, it could only be 300 right?) Then around 2013-ish, after getting deeply back into Doom and playing the hell out of Doom I, II, Final Doom and Momento Mori I just had to get it and check it out.  And that's when the thing pulled me in - it's such a fascinating and bizarre collection, it has so many maps from the very beginning of Doom community mapping, you truly begin to feel like a Doom historian going through it.  

      It's got lots of classic maps, but there's TONS of crap - amateur my-first-wad maps, slaught-a-thons, broken maps, and of course loads of IWAD remakes and duplicates.  I started scouring the net for more info, discovering Youtube channels and videos of playthroughs, going through the Wad archive and the /idgames archive, I did ragequit and vow never to play any again more than once, but would get sucked back in, I'd be like "well, there's only 800 more wads to check out".  

      And then, just as I'm getting away from all that and playing actual quality Doom stuff from that era (Icarus, Requiem) this dude named Kes comes along and fires up my OCD once again, and I'm right back to where I was.... back down the rabbit hole I go...

    3. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      I feel like this is the part where I should refuse to take responsibility for that... but I'm not going to.

    4. Maximum Matt
  4. Yo!! It totally sucks you've got to replay those levels from DMINATO2.wad, but at least you can properly finish map 07 (and man I love the Wad Archive):


    The button you press after the blue door opens the final door in the original version of this.  But as you know, whoever messed with this level is a douche.  

    Near the southern part of the map is a bridge over the slime with a big pillar that lowers with some barons on it.  After you've cleared out the level and pressed the button after the blue door, come back over to here, stand on the lowered pillar and as it starts raising, jump north-east to the little platform that the button raised.  This will allow access to the button that opens the final door.  Very sneaky....

    And also, I'm sure you know that map 08 is impossible to finish because the tag that lowers the walls only works in E1M8 of Doom 1.  That's a LOT of aracnotrons and cybers, man....

    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      That's incredibly helpful, thanks so much! I could not for the life of me figure that out!

  5. Yo man, I've been obsessing over that final level of DARKGAT2.wad for a while, because I didn't think that a mapper who would create such complicated and sadistic levels would have a broken one for the finale, and I finally worked it out - and I can finally confirm that the level is NOT completable, because it's a conversion of a Doom I wad that uses Tag 666 to lower some walls for the final area.  It's a tag that only works in E1M8 of the Doom I version, and triggers only when all twenty-four (TWENTY-FOUR!!!!!) barons are killed. 

    As soon as I realized this, I loaded up the level again, put on God Mode, No Clip mode, all weapons, and the light amp cheats, and had me a good ol' baron hunt, counting them as I took them down.  This of course was still very difficult as the whole level's so dense, but once I killed the final one at the end, and saw the walls finally come down, there was no better feeling, dude, and I finished this bastard and deleted it from my computer once and for all.  

    I made sure that it CAN be done from start to finish - that part where you got stuck (couldn't re-lower that elevator), there's another elevator that gets revealed in that arch-vile room (if you can remember that bit).  But there's loads of untextured buttons, big monster traps, half the level doesn't show up on automap, and still some mysteries (there's a cyberdemon in a closet I have no idea how to get loose) - this one just fascinated me for some reason. 

    Pound for pound this HAS to be the most sadistic and convoluted episode wad in Max Doom (I certainly hope so), and it's ones like these that make me really question what goes on in the mappers' minds - these are definitely not made for fun.  It's like they're daring you to take them on, and using every dirty trick in the mapping book. 

    I just had to share that with you, man.  Screw DARKGATE.


    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Thank you so much for figuring that out! What a relief to know what was actually going on. You're absolutely awesome for finding that answer, and I'm glad I never have to look at there terrible level again!

      Also, just so you know, I should be streaming Maximum Doom again in a couple of weeks. 😉

  6. Yo man, gotta watch this vid:

    The first five minutes talks about the Master Levels/Maximum Doom, and about some of the map authors like Jim Flynn, who is a legend.  

    And before I forget, I have to show you (an obvious AC/DC fan) the song Big Gun, from the soundtrack to an oldschool Arnie movie (and Arnie himself makes a cameo):

    It's an awesome song in any case, but I had to show you especially because it inspired a Doom music track.  Can you guess which one??

    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Lol mate, it's funny you should link that to me now, because I just watched that video a couple of days ago. In fact, if you check out the comment section, you'll see that I actually mentioned Maximum Doom in there.

      Also, I'm glad you shared this with me, I had never heard this song, and I'm afraid I can't tell which track it influenced. Which one was it?

    2. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      Wow, I only just discovered his channel a few days ago too... Great minds think alike right?


      And the Doom song is E2M1, not exactly the same and the tempo is slower, but the verse riff under the vocals is very similar

  7. Aw man, that sucked so much today!!  I was having breakfast and watching episode 10 of your Max Doom series (damn that's long), and as I'm about shut down to get ready for work, I see you're not only streaming at that very moment, but you're halfway through a level I remembered very well, because it drove me nuts trying to complete it!!  I literally had five minutes before I had to get out the door, so I was like "uh... shootable button!!!.... uh... key inside a secret!!!...uh.. I gotta go!!"  

    I actually considered calling in sick at that moment, but I knew I couldn't live with myself if I took a day off to watch a freakin' Doom stream.  But I tell ya man, it was hard to close Youtube and turn off my computer - hopefully soon I'll be able to stay for a proper live stream.


    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Yeah, Episode 10 was a long one indeed. And I'm really glad you got to come, you helped me out a ton! Not sure I would of gotten through that if I hadn't had your help. xD

      And that's great! Glad my streams are that fun that you'd take off work for them. 

    2. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      That was cool yesterday, that I finally was able to jump on your stream for a decent amount of time, I'd never been on one before!! And I must clarify, I haven't played ALL of Maximum Doom.  Just a ton of it.

      I would delete any DM-only maps if I encountered them, and sometimes when the text file specified that it was DM-only, I'd delete them without even loading it up.  I'd also remove any duplicates, sound-only wads, and levels that were so crap I never wanted to see them again.  Then at some point I decided that if I saw a playthrough of a Max Doom map on Youtube, I'd consider it 'done' and not need to play it myself - and this is where I got into Youtubers like Rybacksda, TheGreenHerringMajor Arlene, Deathstalker667, and Piece Of Pie Software, where I would learn a ton about Max Doom and the mechanics of Doom in general (and I would highly recommend checking them when you have questions about certain levels; sometimes a regular Youtube search isn't enough and you have to search inside their channels).  So a lot of levels, I've 'witnessed' them being finished, because sometimes I couldn't be bothered trying to find my way through some big crap level.  

      But now I realize I have completely missed some wads (like ILLUSORY, one you played not long ago) and I'm kicking myself for not being more thorough - yet another reason I'm gonna watch all of your Max Doom streams (and all your Doom stuff in general).  I'm STILL going through that huge nearly-six-hour one, and I gotta say again, I really admire your dedication (and occasionally question your sanity:-).

      And yeah, I checked that level in NEWDOOM.wad where you guys rocket jumped to exit (E2M7); for some stupid reason, those pillars are there in multiplayer, but aren't there in single player - I have to ask, did you play that wad in co-op mode or Deathmatch mode? I can see why it would be blocked off for DM, but not for co-op - maybe you were in the wrong mode?  But whatever, small thing, they're not there in SP.

      And speaking of co-op, watching you play Max Doom levels with others is waaaaaay more entertaining and funny, and you'll get through Max Doom quicker with some helpers!!! I love watching the chaos when there's players running all over the place and shooting everywhere!!


    3. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      That's right, you've told me before that you didn't do EVERYTHING in Maximum Doom. I must have forgotten.


      I'm glad you are still enjoying the series so much and finding out stuff Maximum Doom. That's kind of my dream is that everyone will do that, and that we will get Maximum Doom 2 (totally joking about the last part. xD) I'm also glad you're going to watch my other Doom content. I'm going to be playing every other game in the series, up to the new Doom Eternal Ancient Gods DLC. And I additionally have a list of other custom WADs and mods in a PDF list, 150 or so that I'm going to play through, so I'll be working on Doom for a long time (you probably saw it if you looked at my games list).


      The toughest game to do a series on will be Doom Resurrection, the iOS exclusive game. Mostly because it won't run on anything newer than iOS 9, which means I'll need to buy an older tablet for it, and also will need to figure out how to stream that to my PC so that I can then stream it to YouTube (being an older iOS version will mean that my software options are somewhat limited). But I'm sure I'll figure it out.


      I appreciate you letting me know about Newdoom. We definitely were playing coop on that, since we couldn't damage each other. I suspect it was just the fact that it was Zandronum running the map that triggered it. I guess I don't really need to go back and redo it then? Since, the pillars weren't supposed to be there anyway.


      Thanks for making me aware of those other channels, I'll start making it a priority to check some of those if I get stuck. It's sad that half of them aren't on the scene anymore.


      And yeah, the co-op is a lot of fun! My only concern with co-op is just when other people find the exit and whatnot before I do and push it (it's weird, but I don't really feel like I've completed the level if I haven't actually gotten to the exit myself). So, that element of control is the only thing holding me back from doing that more.


      Well, this has certainly been a long reply. Anything I'm forgetting? Oh yeah, right after newdoom, I played Nick.wad, and... You have to see that to believe it.


      Also, check out the About tab on my channel, put something there for you. ;)

  8. Ok, I had to play through IIE.WAD myself because I knew it's finishable (but I scoured Youtube as well for a walkthrough, couldn't find one) but I haven't played it in years.  

    On the full automap you can see a structure in one of the corridors that doesn't seem to be actually there.  Since you don't have full automap when you ended the level (and I'm not going to look around this level to see if there is one) and since I'm assuming you don't want to put on the full automap cheat (type IDDT in old-school Doom) you can refer to this map in the Wad Archive:E1M1.PNG

    At the top of the map there is a horizontal corridor sandwiched between a bunch of rooms.  If you look closely you'll see a round thing on the eastern side of the corridor that looks like a basketball or something.  This is a platform with two switches, one to access the nearby invulnerability, one to open the nearby door to progress the level.  

    Now, you're supposed to find a switch to raise it up.  However, I couldn't be bothered and instead did an exploit - you can stand right where the switches are going to be and press use, and the you'll activate them.  This is not a cheat, just an oversight of the Doom engine, where you can activate switches above or below you as long as you are next to them.  Speedrunners do this all the time.

    Again, if you don't want to use the full automap cheat (where you can line yourself up visually in the map) I would suggest lining yourself up at the eastern end of the corridor, in the exact center, and very slowly walking forward while quickly hitting the use key, until you hear the switch sound and the door to your right opens.  If you want the Invulnerability, do the same but in the opposite direction.

    Then you gotta hit a few more buttons, fight some more dudes, and then the exit door opens.  But realize this is a trick exit: the door locks behind you, the switch doesn't work, and the lava floor hurts you, BUT this is a "Type-11" damaging floor, that ends the level when your health goes under 11%, like at the end of the first Episode of Doom I (here's the technical stuff).  This actually also happened at the last level of HALLSPRO too, but you were at 6% health, so as soon as you touched the lava, the level ended. 


    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Wow! Don't know what I would do without you mate! Will be covering this in episode 9, thank you so much!

  9. Yo!!!! Your quest to play EVERY Maximum Doom level is admirable, if slightly insane, but I must tell you about some of the things I learned from plowing through it myself.  

    Firstly, you really do need to know the amount of maps in each given wad before playing it.  I see that the engine you are playing through lists the number of maps in each PWAD, it's very important to always check this - in your last video, you played the first level of EP.WAD and quit out before loading up the next map.  This is actually a nine-level wad with a secret level, so playing through the whole thing is a bit of bastard - 


    The secret level is in map 6 - there are two exit buttons (in the dark) next to each other, one goes to map 7 and one to map 9.  With me so far?  Then in the secret level, the exit room ALSO has two buttons, one is ANOTHER secret level switch, so it loops back to the start of level 9 again (for whatever the hell reason), and the other takes you back to level 4, which is the set level that secret levels progress to in episode 1. This is even before mentioning that this exit room is behind a false wall, and has a spider mastermind in it, so good luck with that (I, of course, was on God Mode).  My point is that to completely play this WAD all the way through without cheating will require you to play levels 4, 5 and 6 twice.  I would also like to point out that this WAD totally sucks and I hate it with venom.  

    EDIT: Whoops, there's a secret exit button in map 3 as well.  Disregard

    WADS with this particular type of secret level crap are actually quite rare, as far as I remember - if they are created by one or two people, and made specifically as an 'episode replacement', usually they have taken care with the secret levels.  The ones you need to look out for are the compilations, or 'wad packs' - unrelated levels put together by somebody and chucked on the 'net - there are LOADS of these in Max Doom.  What you need to check is if the WAD contains a ninth, eighteenth, or twenty-seventh level, as these most likely won't be accessible at all through regular sequential play.  

    Which is why I would highly recommend considering using the IDCLEV level warp 'cheat' in these situations.  I don't know if you would consider it cheating, but really, there will be no other way to play them (except for starting on these levels through the Doom engine you're playing through).  

    Also, the Doom Wad Archive (https://www.wad-archive.com/) is absolutely essential for getting info on Max Doom levels.  Only a fraction of the WADs in Max Doom have accompanying text files, and this site easily allows you to look up info on just about all of them, not to mention pictures of the full automaps of the levels.  This site is a massive help.  

    And for what it's worth, here's my Maximum Doom list that I did over a few years, basically scattered observations of my experience.  I dunno if it's of any use to you, but it may be good for a laugh or two.  

    Okay, so keep up the good work, and I eagerly await your upcoming episodes!!!


    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      D'OH!!!!!!!! I just looked up Zombotron's playthrough of EP.WAD, and I just saw that there is an exit switch to the secret level in level 3.  Just remember to press the LEFT switch, that will take you to map 9, and then in map 6, press the RIGHT switch, that will take you to map 7.  I should have known, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna play this bastard again.  There may be other secret exit switches in the other levels as well, just lettin' you know. 

      Also, in map 8 there's a dumb trick you'll see every now and then - the exit switch has three single-use teleporter linedefs in front of it.  Meaning, you'll have to approach it then get teleported elsewhere in the level three times before you can hit the switch.  Again, this wad sucks.