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    Finally played this one today, pretty good for an old-school level, hub layout, so not so linear, varied locations (including a huge canyon area and an underground cavern), LOADS of monster traps triggered by linedefs, including traps WITHIN traps (very nice).  Not too much of a challenge, but quite fun. 

  2. N.B. this is a review of GATHR2.WAD from Maximum Doom, which excludes the fifth and final map, and doesn't include the custom music


    Classic minisode, map one is like a prelude to the main meat (a long road with trees and troopers either side, a tunnel, and then like a 'manhole' into the sewers) - nothing offensive, cool opener.

    Map two is a classic sewer map with cool switch tricks, tolerable slime tunnels, a barrel trap, cool looking marble zone and a cool final tech area.

    Map the third starts off the same way map two ended (always love that detail), a fight in a huge water basin, and then around the periphery of, very cool looking, with a semi-secret area that is simply iconic. (Curiously, these last two levels were merged together as GATHER2.WAD, also available on Maximum Doom.)

    And of course the forth map, a huge complex building surrounded by an outside courtyard guarded by plenty of beasts, nonlinear, varied, filled with memorable traps/scenarios/rooms (love that room with the bunch of thin pole crushers), loads of secrets (although only one 'official' secret), central hub room that transforms when you return to it, every enemy type except the ol' cyberdemon, there's even an outdoor 'balcony bar'.  Yeah, there's way too many megaspheres, whatever.  A classic '95 map pack. 

  3. Oracle...


    If you're gonna play just one level from the Maximum Doom collection, it's got to be this one.  Massive, varied, unique, incredible 



    One reviewer described this as 'Doom on acid', and yep that's right on the money.  Excellent episode replacement, maps 6 and 7 still haunt my nightmares



    Yeah, I got about three levels deep before tapping out.  I especially like how the monsters in all the traps are blind. Screw this one.