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  1. I now very much understand why darkgat2 made Piece of Pie Software want to quit.

    That WAD is headache inducing.

    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      Yeah man, I could only get a few levels in before losing interest.  Among the worst in Max Doom.

      For a laugh, check out what some other people thought of it:


    2. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      That's hilarious!

      Also, I just finished playing them tonight. Map08 isn't actually completable. There is no exit.

    3. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt

      It's wads like these that made me have to take a break from watching your stuff, man, I'm sorry but I got burned out - after you completed the castle12 level, and I realized it WASN'T broken, I once again got some serious hatred for this collection and had to stop thinking about it for a while.  You gotta understand, it took me over four years to get through as much of Max Doom as I did, which included me ragequitting it several times and vowing never to play it again (got close to simply deleting the whole thing off my computer).  Then a month or two later, I'd slowly get sucked back into it, and the cycle would begin again.  

      Speaking of which, I just downloaded darkgate.wad and am currently trying to find out how that last level works.  (I'd deleted that wad in disgust years ago.)  Of course I'm playing in God mode with all weapons (because SCREW playing this one normally), and it's still an epic slog.  It looks like there is a certain sequence you have to do the areas, or you'll get locked out of the progression and have to restart (because the mapper is pure evil).  There IS an exit, but I don't know how to access it, so I'll just say the switch sequence is probably broken and it's impossible to complete this level without cheating.   In any case it's unfair as hell and I'm sick of all the hidden lifts and switches and the close-up baron fights.