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  1. "TV Tropes will ruin your life" so they say. It's definitely a fun website, but it certainly needs to be taken less seriously or you'll find yourself in a weird head space like how I did for a while.
  2. Xim

    Star Wars Ahsoka series discusion thread

    I'm liking it so far. It looks like they're doing the story I was expecting, a mission to save Ezra (and stop Thrawn). I liked the part with the "not so former imperials", shows that the empire is still going. I like Ahsoka pointing out that greed is their motivation too. We tend to forget how bad imperials are, not just Palpatine. I have also picked up that Ahsoka seems to have gotten more ruthless shall we say? She's definitely more focused on getting Thrawn than saving Ezra, and her fighting style seems to be a bit more aggressive in live action. I don't think she's going dark-side or anything, but I think she's become another "bitter hero", almost like Luke in episode 8, but fortunately she has not given up, but I think she might be losing patience.
  3. Xim

    When did you meet Doom?

    Very young in the mid 90s. Played it on a friends pc and later got Doom 95 on CD when we got a Windows 98 pc. Found a book about modding and use to read parts of. I finally got into modding in the early to mid 2000s. First mod I played was WolfenDoom 2nd Encounter on Legacy. There's more to say probably but that's the gist of it.
  4. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    For some reason I'm quite fond of this sprite. It looks like it could be an aquatic cacodemon of some sort. Or maybe the type that floats around in deep space. I've been using slade to help convert sprites into the doom pallet. Depending on the sprite details can be lost, but if you "juggle around" with different pallets you can sometimes get something good. This is a quick conversion I did in slade, I converted it to doom discolored to pick up the blues better and then to doom. Obviously it doesn't look as good, mostly because doom doesn't have a lot of blue colors in it, but you get the idea. It could be more easily recolored to something else from here. Another idea would be to go back and change the colors to something that doom picks up, like a solid green instead of turquoise. It seems to me that when converting sprites in slade, you don't have to really be exact with the colors when coloring the sprite in your painting program. Just get close enough and then the conversion will make it exact.
  5. Xim

    AI Midi generator

    I like AI generated stuff, but I see the point in that it's unfair to real artists. Maybe these AI creators should be paying artists to create content for their programs.
  6. Xim

    How to replace the cursor in slade3

    Have you tried naming it doomcurs? You can also set it up in a MAPINFO/GameInfo definition. gameinfo { cursorpic = "VIDCURSO" }
  7. Xim

    Which is your favorite DooM ending?

    For some reason I like Doom 64's ending. The marine staying in hell to prevent further invasions makes for a very bittersweet ending, the world is safe for now and the hero wins, but he has to keep fighting for all eternity. I'm not even that big of a fan of the newer Doom games but I really like the idea that the Doomguy became the Doom slayer because of 64's ending, this nearly unstoppable demon killing machine.
  8. I'd definitely like to have the Unmaker. It became one of my favorite guns after not liking it, before I discovered it's potential with the demon keys. Maybe you could have the demon keys appear in secret sectors after obtaining the unmaker.
  9. Xim

    I'm totally moving to UDMF.

    I'm impressed with anyone who can make a playable map. Good luck.
  10. Yeah it's switched tones for sure. The show had it's own thing going on but now it's more like a live action sequel to Clone Wars and Rebels. Not entirely a bad thing, but yeah the show is definitely different than it was when it started. Hopefully if they do a fourth season it'll be a return to form if it's not too late. Maybe if there is a conflict between the Mandalorians and the New Republic it'll force the show back into a dark space western.
  11. Well the latest episode was great. Had the same feeling as the show should, and now I see how the build up from the first episode was worth it. This season keeps getting better if you ask me. I'm a bit worried about the implications of the Mandalorian attacking a Republic ship to kidnap Gideon though. This might create conflict between the Republic and the Mandalorians. It would be pretty bad if they started fighting each other. It's also interesting to see that the New Republic isn't much better than the old one from Episode One before Palpatine took over. I mean they called themselves the Alliance to RESTORE the Republic, so I guess the idea of them being better was kind of wishful thinking. I bet this will make its downfall and the Rise of the First Order make more sense.
  12. Yep, Ahmed Best got his redemption in the Star Wars universe for sure. EDIT: Ahmed Best got his JUSTICE in the Star Wars universe
  13. Episode 4 was great! Even better than episode 2. Grogu's flashback scene was awesome. It was very exciting to see Kelleran Beq, considering who plays him! That was probably the biggest surprise of the season so far.
  14. I think episode 2 was my favorite so far. Episode 3 could have been a bit better, I was hoping for more of the mythosaur but instead we got a story about Dr. Penn Pershing's crazy Taungsday. But I've got to admit that it was good to see a New Republic ruled Coruscant. Also apparently that episode brought some extra legends material into cannon. The ending of Pershing's story was a surprise too, I was almost worried that the imperial remnant weren't going to be in this season that much but it looks like they're still a threat.
  15. Xim

    How do you direct players in your maps?

    As a player, I usually know if I'm facing enemies I'm going in the right direction. Items of course can help too. I like to explore around too so it helps when the maps have a "more obvious route", such a bigger more straight forward hallway or path, and a "more subtle route" with narrow hallways or something like that.