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  1. Making the nightmare spectre in ZDoom is pretty easy, no new sprites required and extremely little code. Here's the decorate code. ACTOR NightmareSpectre : Demon { RenderStyle "Subtract" Health 300 }
  2. Xim

    User Ghastly has passed away

    I am shocked and saddened. I will always remember him. I'm at loss for words really. RIP Ghastly.
  3. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    Pretty sure that would be their weapon exploding. I think awhile ago we all decided that BFG-tier zombies all have their guns explode on death.
  4. Xim

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    There is "Fallout Fixit" for the first game. Would recommend it. Ads some handy features without changing the game too much.
  5. Xim

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Agility is even more useful in the first two I'd say. Your action points is directly affected by your agility, and action points are required for EVERY action in combat. I usually go with small guns as my first combat skill, low AC cost, decent damage and common ammo, but you might want to put some stats into unarmed or melee early on when ammo is still rare, later on you'll get ammo everywhere though. Traits depends on how you want to play, but I avoid "Skilled" because it lowers the amount of perks you get, I don't always like picking "Fast Shot" either since you can't do aimed shots (the old one's equivalent to VATS), it does lower AC cost, but you can get a perk that does that with no debuff later in the game. EDIT: Almost forgot, friggin OUTDOORS, unless you want random encounters like you're walking through pokemon long grass every time you leave a town, get a good outdoors skill so you'll reduce them. If your skill is good enough you get a description of the encounter along with a choice to skip it or not.
  6. Xim

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    I have been a fan of Fallout since I was a kid, before the development of the 3rd. I watched my older brother play it a few times and then started playing myself. So I've got a lot of thoughts on it. The first two games I thought was amazing. Immediately got me hooked on the franchise. The game-play, the story, the factions and creatures, the guns and especially the convo system. The second one I think is superior in almost every way, but you really need to play the first one first. There are more QOL features in the second one to make it easier on the surface, but they throw much more of a challenge at you, even from the start, and those extra features become much needed necessities for the second chapter. Fallout Tactics is another old one, but I don't really recommend it unless you're a huge Fallout nerd, and even then it's still worth skipping. It's non cannon and the game-play feels like playing a clunky RTS. (edit, but I might want to check out that mod RDETalus posted) When the new games came out, I was actually very happy to have more people to talk about Fallout with. Game play wise they are very different but I personally feel like they really capture the whole vibe of the game, I still feels like Fallout to me. So I think both eras are pretty good. Fallout 4 is okay, but it was weird, in some ways. I haven't played 76 yet, it looked terrible at first but after the updates and watching others play it I might pick it up some day. Overall I'd say my favorite two would be Fallout 2 and New Vegas. The others are still good but those two probably have the best story-lines, and game-play wise they are better versions of each of their predecessors. EDIT: Btw, word of advice on playing the first two. It took me several characters before I figured out on that suited my play style, so be patient and don't feel too bad if you have to restart the game. Make several save files just in case too. But here's a fun fact, the same character build I use in the first two is the same I use in the new ones (speech, smalls guns and energy weapons).
  7. Xim

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    It's hot, the red parts are burning hot and the blue parts burning even hotter. Blue flames are complete combustion of gas.
  8. DoomGuy in a newspaper comic, peeking around the corner getting ready to steal Jon Arbuckle's lasagna
  9. I have had similar feelings DSC, and a lot of what people are saying here makes sense to me. I hope you feel better soon.
  10. Xim

    Wardusted MOD 2022

    Really impressed with the Scorpenek! Very good replacement for the fatso for sure! Very fun to battle with. Btw, I just noticed that some enemies don't make a sound when they shoot their blasters. I noticed it with the scouts, but there may be others too.
  11. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    Made a sprite of the Doom 3 maggot. It's not perfect but I think I did an okay job. I based it off Craneo's concept and used parts from it for the face. Spoiler for full sprite sheet:
  12. Xim

    DOOM 64 PC Version - worth it

    I was more excited for the Doom 64 PC Remaster than I was for Eternal. I didn't like it as much on the N64 and the game is much better played on PC.
  13. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    Sharing some ZSpecOps sprites I put together for other to also use if they want. Included are d3 grenades, d3 plasma rifle and a UAC tank. Xim-ZSpecOpsSprites.zip
  14. Xim

    The worst movie you seen

    It's gotta be Batman and Robin for me. When I was a kid I thought it was fun to watch, but it quickly became more fun to laugh at than anything. I still think it's the worst Batman movie. Despite that I don't dislike any of the actors or the director, I think it was just a mess and nobody could have made it good. I hear the toy companies had more to say about what went in the movie than anyone else did. Then again that was also the case for the 1986 Transformers movie and that was still enjoyable.
  15. Despite the movie being mediocre, Karl Urban was actually a pretty decent Doom guy. But Richard Brake was the best performed actor in that movie IMO. I also think Rudolph has a good pick with Michael Shannon, he's got the look for it for sure. But it'd probably be a good idea to go with someone less famous for the role.