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  1. Xim

    Darkforces Wardusted 2021

    That's a pretty decent mynock sprite so far. Good work, keep it up! Think you'll be putting them in the main enemy roaster, or just keep them as the SS replacement? EDIT: What if they appeared over the "exposed tech" that replaces the blood texture, kind of like how the dianoga appears over water?
  2. Xim

    Darkforces Wardusted 2021

    It's a cool looking enemy, but I'm not sure what it would be from Star Wars. There are some strange creatures around in the Star Wars galaxy though. Maybe it could be something like whatever the heck this thing on the right is. (Edit: It's called a Celegian) Wookiepedia is good for finding Star Wars info. Another cool WolfSS replacement I thought of would be a Separatist Battle Droid, either B-1 or Super model, but that'd require a whole sprite to be made.
  3. Xim

    How Do Ya Like Your Coffee?

    Anyway is good. But double cream and sugar is my go-too.
  4. Xim

    status bar editing help

    Looking good! Great combination of SW and Doom style.
  5. Xim

    status bar editing help

    Here's the default status bar in SBARINFO. Look for the lines like this: drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammo Clip, 288, 173; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammo Shell, 288, 179; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammo RocketAmmo, 288, 185; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammo Cell, 288, 191; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammocapacity Clip, 314, 173; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammocapacity Shell, 314, 179; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammocapacity RocketAmmo, 314, 185; drawnumber 3, INDEXFONT, gold, ammocapacity Cell, 314, 191; Now replace the ammo types ("Clip", "Shell", "RocketAmmo", "Cell") with the ones in your mod. You could maybe print the titles of the ammo types if you give them proper names with the Tag setting, but it's a lot easier if you draw them in the graphic. Hope that helps!
  6. Xim

    Darkforces Wardusted 2021

    You're welcome to use my update to the rancor sprite I posted in the other thread (or just rip it from the current version of my other mod). I like how you were able to edit out most of the blood. Star Wars is mostly for younger folks so I feel like even a Doom mod should have less blood in it. I'll probably try and de-gorify him myself. Also I don't mind the recoloring you did for it either, personally I like keeping it in Doom colors, but your edit makes it match better with your other sprites. Good job! And yeah, just to make it clear. Me and Wardust are working together. He sent me a PM awhile ago and now we help each other out.
  7. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    Figured that I might as well share this sprite too. I made this before I did the Doom 3 Guardian sprite I posted earlier. Frakensprite of Rancor model textures from Dark Forces 2 and the Duke Overlord with the armor edited out as best as I could at the time. Just give credit if you wish to use this for your mods. Full sprites here.
  8. Xim

    Darkforces Wardusted 2021

    Thanks for looking out for me kalensar! :P But yeah, our mods are similar but not the same. The great thing about modding for free is that we can all share our work and combine it to make epic stuff like this. Love the new updates I can see from the video, by the way. I sent you a PM, Wardust. Keep up the great work!
  9. Xim

    Doom 3 in Doom 2?

    I put together a Doom 3 styled gameplay mod for GZDoom. I guess I could share it here. Here's the page for it on ModDB. There's also another one made by WaterMelon 666, Here's the ModDB page for that one too.
  10. Another way to make new sounds in GZDoom is to redefine the names in SNDINFO. If you only want to change the sound, you do not need to make a new actor. You should be able to make a sndinfo lump and redefine existing sound names they will be replaced. weapons/chngun MP5FIRE And even replace the chaingun zombie's sound to match the new sounds too if you want too. chainguy/attack MP5FIRE The pistol and chaingun both technically use the same sound, but they have different names in the sound info lump so they can be replaced with different sounds from each other. I recommend consulting the predefined sounds on the wiki. But making a new actor will have it's advantages of allowing you to change how the weapon works, and even making something totally new, so it's a good thing to learn how to do if you want to make mods with new weapons.
  11. Xim

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    For me it's always been Doom 2. The first one is great, and some of the maps are total classics, but the second one got it perfect. Final Doom is not for me. I can't stand the mandatory secrets, that's just unfair. The levels are well done but I find them confusing. Doom 64 although had it's share of nasty puzzles felt a lot more fair that Final Doom, plus I actually like the new graphics and soundtrack. Might actually be my second favourite, if not Ultimate Doom.
  12. Xim

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thought I'd share my version of Doom 3's Guardian of Hell. Full spritesheet here. It's a franken-sprite using an edited Duke 3D Overlord and pieces from the Cyberdemon for the feet and of a model rip of the Guardian from Doom 3 for the head, arms and back. Feel free to use it in your mods if you want, just give credit.