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  1. Malefication

    Perpetual Powers [/idgames] - 21-level megawad

    Happy to see it finally released! Some really great levels here!
  2. Okay, I've updated the file with a redone lighting. It was as HAK3180 helped me realize. My default GLBoom+ was on gamma 4, which explains the different lighting I experienced from others. This didn't happen in my UDMF maps prior to this one, as I was completely unaware of GLBoom+ defaulting to that. Even had to google how to change the gamma... Anyways, I have updated the map with redone lighting so it should work better for everyone with default gamma. The map is still somewhat dark in places as is intended, but nothing should be invisible and even if your monitor is dark, you shouldn't have to increase the gamma a lot. Find the new file in the link in the OP, and enjoy! @Caleb13 Could you capture some footage of that? It's never happened to me, I've ran circles around every pillar to make sure players could get through them no matter what, so if I've missed it somewhere I'd like to fix it ASAP. @BoxY Sorry for that experience! If you want to have another go at the map to finish it, the new file should be much more playable. Would love to hear your feedback if so.
  3. Ooh shit, you might be right there lol. I think I upped my gamma years ago since with using f.lux everything turns darker by default and I kind of had to default to a higher gamma no matter the source port I used. You might have found the culprit there. I'll go down in gamma and rework the lighting in the map and upload it when done tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the insight there!
  4. Starting to watch @HAK3180's video, I see the map is far darker for him than it is for me despite using GLBoom+. I would have issues with the map if it was that dark as well, was that one of your issues in that one room @Pechudin? I updated the OP with screenshots at the end to show what it looks like on my end, and what the map is supposed to look like. I'll work on another version that just straight up increases the brightness in all sectors across the board for those who can't get the intended lighting in their port of choice. The ammo in the very second room... isn't supposed to be invisible.
  5. Now that's a true work of art, @Reelvonic. Appreciated ;)
  6. Long time since you last played a map of mine, but you haven't missed a thing. Really appreciated the feedback and playthrough of my previous two maps, as such I'd appreciate if you gave this one a whirl as well. Boom compatible, recommended to play in GLBoom+ and... happy new years! Map takes me about 10 minutes to beat. I recommend not forcing yourself to play save-less when doing a FDA.
  7. Download link, 3.33 MB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/52oa1a6w7i64n9q/Stellar Depopulation.wad?dl=0 Working on making the map brighter, in the meanwhile bump up your gamma a little bit. I began working on this map back in May 2019, and took a long break from DOOM map making, before returning to it halfway though November 2020. Worked hard over a weekend and a few other days to finish it (a majority was still undone), and touched it up after some feedback at the end of November/beginning of December. It's the third map I publish here on Doomworld, but in some way it's a first for me. The first map with the more restraining Boom compatibility, the first map actually balanced for multiple difficulties, and the first map where I have actually replaced the music. Stellar Depopulation is... IWAD: Doom 2 Compatibility: Boom Tested in: GLBoom+ and GZDoom (recommended GLBoom+, if some areas are too dark in GZDoom switch render option) Not designed for freelook, jumping or crouching Balanced for multiple difficulties, though the intended one is UV. A single level, in MAP01. Using replaced music: A Dying Wish by Anathema (IMDI) Additional textures: Nick Baker's 5th episode pack to spice things up About the map: When I first played Plutonia many, many years ago I stumbled upon gameplay sections and ambushes that killed me, making me think "That's bullshit!"—I wasn't very good back then. Stellar Depopulation isn't inspired by Plutonia. It's inspired by my memory of those feelings. Slightly challenging and punishing, but I'm still not a great Doom player, so it might not be for you. Stellar Depopulation is a dark and (to me) moody attempt of using more old-school design, which is also why I replaced the music with a fitting 90s metal track MIDI. Not exactly a secret that Doom 1 & 2's soundtracks are inspired by metal. Despite the map being somewhat challenging—far more so than my previous two maps, there are helpful secrets that the attentive Doomer can find that makes the tougher sections easier. I hope you enjoy the map! Please provide feedback whether you hated it, enjoyed it or merely found it middling. I appreciate it. Check screenshots in the spoiler below below, this is the intended brightness you should have. Trivia: Changelog: 2/1/2021 — updated lighting, moved a couple of ammo pickups, added two enemies.
  8. Malefication

    Big texture/editing issue

    Thank you both for the replies! I am indeed not very good with the SLADE/doom editing terminology, so thanks for the clarification of what is what. I had indeed forgotten to open the doom2 IWAD first, so that seems to have solved the missing patches (look, I learned!) that should have been part of the textures. I had read the SLADE tutorial page, but it never mentioned any IWADs, nor the issue with the n5vtx-textures. My original plan was to just copy over a few textures to avoid unnecessary bloat of the WAD. The only current issue now is that some of the default textures (like n5vtx010) lack the vines, but if I go into the TEXTURE1 lump and view the texture there, the vines appear as they should, and I figure just exporting them and replacing the old ones ought to do the trick.
  9. Malefication

    Big texture/editing issue

    Hello! Was planning on using some basic "5th episode" textures in an upcoming WAD. Everything of course looks great in Doombuilder, and almost all textures work fine when adding them to the map using SLADE3. However, there's a set of "N5VTX001 - 057" that cause issues. Seemingly not all of them, but every single one of them with metal (see first attachment) have some major issues. First of all they aren't found under the default PP_START (or FF_START, TX_START). Instead I need to export them through the TEXTURE1 lump/patch(?). Doing so lets me add the textures to the WAD, however issue number two appears then. The vines are missing. So I dive deeper and look at them in SLADE3's texture editor. All the "N5VTX001"+ textures seem to be made out of several different textures, and some of them work as they should and some don't. "N5VTX010" shown in the image above consists of 4 "N5META30" textures next to each other, and a "W107_1" texture above that. Clicking "W107_1" only highlights a small square in the left corner (seen in image 2). Trying to replace or add another texture/patch in the editor takes me to two different selections: Unknown and nb5texd2.WAD. The N5VTX000 textures that work have their components in the nb5tex2d.WAD while those, like the vines, are "Unknown". See image 3. At this point I'm at a standstill. This is how far I can troubleshoot on my own, as I am unfortunately not very experienced with Doom texturing etc. Since Doombuilder can access the vines and display them correctly when launching the map from Doombuilder itself (both with GZDoom and PrBoom+), surely there has to be a way to access them through SLADE3 to repair the textures and make them look like they should in-game? I have made an attempt at re-downloading the texture WAD, but the same problem persists. Hoping someone more experienced than I am can help me out here, or just confirm that there's nothing I can do!
  10. Malefication

    thoughts on DOOM 64?

    I had never played DOOM 64 until the official re-release with DOOM Eternal. Always had it on my to-do list, but never got to it. Now that I've tried it a bit, the controls feel really off. Much floatier than the original DOOM games, like the player is skating on ice. I constantly got stuck on little pieces of walls that were sticking out due to the game's movement not feeling very responsive. Is this a general 64 thing, or would the experience be better in Doom 64 EX?
  11. Malefication

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    I played what I guess is the last pre-release version and will be playing the release version co-op with a friend in the near future. Like with Alienated, IMO this level has stellar design when it comes to the map's geometry. Super detailed and good textures without feeling cluttered. The "most" interesting aspect of the map are the new enemies that force a completely different gameplay style to traditional DOOM, where the SSG is king. The baron and caco replacements can be incredibly lethal in close range and thus, makes the rocket launcher a superior weapon for several encounters as it is often simply too risky to get close enough to use the SSG efficiently. Thankfully there is a lot of RL ammo to supply the gameplay. It's a nice and refreshing twist and I'm happy to have experienced this somewhat different style! Looking forward to the next map. Edit: Ok, no Zandronum compatibility so no co-op for now. It is, however, more than enjoyable enough when playing alone.
  12. Malefication

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Quick little question. I've been away from DOOM map making for a while, and I feel dumb now. I've mainly used UDMF previously but am working on my first Boom compatible map (Doom Builder X). I'm trying to just make a standard lift with the function of raising the floor, wait, and then lower it again. I can't remember having issues with this in UDMF but I can't for the life of me find the linedef to do it in Boom. In this case it'll be a repeatable walk-over linedef, but I guess it won't hurt to know the switch version either. Any clues? E: I'm half expecting to be told Boom doesn't support it, but if that's the case I can at least know I should stop looking for the solution.
  13. Malefication

    [IDGAMES RELEASE] Alienated - 10 levels for GZDoom

    It was a pleasure playtesting all these maps over the last several months. They all have really impressive visual design and great architecture. Good encounters with a solid mix between smaller and some really large fights. Not full on slaughter, though (thankfully, for me). Some levels even have some really unique areas/encounters (at least to my experience) that are a treat to play! I'm looking forward to playing the completely finished version, and possibly run it co-op as well.
  14. I'd appreciate if you gave my level a playthrough. It has seen a few updates since anyone last played it/gave me feedback. Currently only balanced for UV, only tested in GZDoom and no jumping/crouching/freelook intended.
  15. Malefication

    My New Doom wad "THE WARDS OF GALLU"

    Yeah, of course. Some tips I've gotten are obvious like study other maps and think of what makes them good or challenging. No need to make things extra unique when starting out either, best to get a good, solid foundation of a map. Also remember to restrict the area you play in. As I said, many of your areas are just way too large so there's no incentive to fight the monsters.