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Everything posted by PumpkinSmasher

  1. http://www.teamhellspawn.com/ndcp2/32in24PS.wad Title: A Grassy Area Build Time: 1.5 hours
  2. PumpkinSmasher

    Avpvt2 : fix for a sprite + warning about Doom Legacy

    Jive, you seem to making fun of other people for having a lack of common sense, when to me it seems you are the one lacking common sense. Linguica can not modify that wad, as it is not his wad to modify. It's up to the author to decide whether its a mistake or not and whether it needs fixing. Asking/telling anyone else besides the author to fix it is useless.
  3. Yes it is finally here....OMGpump2.wad has been released. I would like to thank everyone who tested this for me, I hope you can see your input has affected the wad. To everyone else, this will be your first time playing this wonderful sequel. I hope it is as great as the original, and I hope you enjoy it. Well here is the link for the download: http://zephyr.doomrepublic.com/wads/OMGpump2.zip
  4. PumpkinSmasher

    OMG!!!! WHY is PuMpKiNsMaShEr still Mapping?

    I just re-uploaded it with the 3D mode start removed and fixed the invulerability secret area. I put it in MAP02 so you can play it right after the original OMGpump level if you choose.
  5. PumpkinSmasher

    The /newstuff Chronicles #263

    Yea Phoebus bans people for stupid reasons.
  6. PumpkinSmasher

    Best Movie 2005

    I enjoyed King Kong for the most part, but some scenes could have been left out. The film was a little long. My biggest problem was trying to take Jack Black seriously. I like some of his comedies, but I just have trouble adjusting to seeing him in a serious role.
  7. PumpkinSmasher

    The new version of the DoomBuilder has dreamed me today.

    ah I was hoping this thread had a new version of Doom Builder in it.
  8. Just wanted to thank GRazza and Donce for making demo's with my map. It is appreciated. Grazza, I enjoyed how you used my mistake in the original release to make a nice demo. Keep up the good work on the demo's, they are very nice. Now I shall be looking through some of the other demo's on DSDA.
  9. PumpkinSmasher

    THE Official Sock Thread

    Mine seem to wear out pretty fast too, where can I find a kevlar pair?
  10. PumpkinSmasher

    THE Official Sock Thread

    How do yall feel about wearing socks with sandels?
  11. PumpkinSmasher

    Need a doom legacy tutorial

    You can try this site: http://legacy.newdoom.com/der/levels/legacy.shtml It should give you everything you need for 3D floors and Water, as well as a few other Legacy tricks. Lots of people here bash Legacy, but I doubt half of them have actually tried the latest release of the port.
  12. PumpkinSmasher

    Keith, Man's or Woman's name?

    Unless she is a transexual, then it is definitly a man's name.
  13. PumpkinSmasher

    A Wad by Danarchy

    The Gray and blues kind of remind of the Doom Alpha's. Good Style.
  14. PumpkinSmasher

    Super Sonic Screenies - part 14

    Looks good, but i'm still sticking with this sonic doom: http://www.srb2.org/
  15. PumpkinSmasher

    Doomers by Location

    -Earth --North America ---United States ----Georgia -----Lilburn
  16. PumpkinSmasher

    Favorite Grape

    I prefer Red Grapes, and White Grapes from Time to Time, though I'm interested in trying these Blue Grapes.
  17. PumpkinSmasher

    Map making

    Isn't that kind of an oxymoron, as no Episode One map is hellish.
  18. PumpkinSmasher

    Rise! So how about the Episode 3 trailer?

    The Game looks pretty cool, but the new movie won't match up to the original trilogy.
  19. PumpkinSmasher

    The /newstuff Chronicles #205

    The No Imp Left Behind Map is pretty fun ,would be better if it were longer. And when will the Halloween ZDoom project be released?
  20. PumpkinSmasher

    The /newstuff Chronicles #203

    Well if its taking this longs there better be some good reviews that make it worth-while.
  21. PumpkinSmasher

    Vile Flesh, by Gwyn Williams: upcoming Legacy version

    Well Legacy is being rewritten in C++, so maybe all the bugs will get worked out after that. But the latest version has been very stable on my machine, and no big annoying bugs.
  22. PumpkinSmasher


    I made a sketch once, but I never took the time to turn it into a Doom map. Maybe I'll go find that sketchone day and see what the map looks like. Usually I just play around in the editor until I like something.
  23. PumpkinSmasher

    Problem with archives

    I haven't been able to connect to the archives to upload my new wad. Does anyone know when they will work agian, or is it only me who is experiencing this? Thanks.
  24. PumpkinSmasher

    Problem with archives

    glad to see its back up.
  25. PumpkinSmasher

    conceiving the ultimate doom fansite

    http://doomworld.com/pageofdoom/ That covers pretty much ever ported verison of Doom out there.