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  1. Wow.wad 2: more HOM's
  2. Mortrixs19

    Favorite doom gameplay mod

    So far my favorite gameplay mod is Death Foretold. Brutal Doom and Beautiful Doom are pretty damn good too, and I can't forget about Final Doomer, Brutal Doom: Black edition and Smooth Doom
  3. Doom and Blood I can imagine myself killing cultists with a BFG 9000 and then killing demons with a Tommy gun.
  4. Humanity is ready for extinction.
  5. Mortrixs19

    The Doom timeline.

    For me it's: Doom [Episodes 1 to 3] - Doomguy is sent to Phobos, shit happens, goes to Deimos and then hell, kills the mastermind. Ultimate Doom [Thy flesh consumed] - Doomguy makes his way through hell as he tries to reach earth to stop the demons there. Sigil [Episode 5] - Doomguy is sent to another place in hell, and he makes his way to earth. Doom II - Doomguy makes his way to trough the space port, then his own hometown and then hell again, kills the Icon of sin. No Rest For The Living - Doomguy kills some remaining demons in earth Final Doom [Plutonia] - Doomguy is having some nice vacation. The UAC creates the quantum accelerator device and hell strikes back. Doomguy goes to Africa or South America, I don't know, goes to the Devil's hive, kills the gatekeeper Final Doom [TNT] - Doomguy becomes a sergeant, survives the first attack of the demons, and then he goes for a walk in the fields of IO, meanwhile demons make another ambush and the marines die. Doomguy gets very, VERY angry because of the death of his friends. Goes to hell, kills the demon-spitter. Doom 64 - Doomguy becomes the only veteran of the incident on Mars, Deimos, Phobos, Earth and IO. the archives were classified under the name ''DOOM''. The UAC finds out about the mother demon, sends a massive strike to Phobos and Deimos. Doomguy kills the mother demon and decides to stay in hell. About the new Doom. Yes, I know it's reboot, but the theory of Doomguy being the Doom Slayer makes sense, and there's proof of Doom Slayer holding daisy's feet in QC. That's my timeline for the classic doom games, I think Doom 3 takes place the same time as Doom/Ultimate Doom and Resurrection of Evil happens alonside Final Doom.
  6. Mortrixs19


    Wolfenstein 3d: ''Around the corners'' A.K.A E1F10 Heretic: ''River of Fire'' [I think] A.K.A E2M3 Duke Nukem: ''Aliens, say your prayers'' A.K.A Lunar Reactor Quake: (Actually from a mission pack) Track 03 from Mission Pack 01 Quake 2: ETF (from Quake 2: Ground Zero)
  7. Mortrixs19

    Worst Doom Level

    Map 21 of TNT is one of my least favorites. This map is a dick, long and hard. And even tho is boring enough to make me quit TNT before habitat and mount pain
  8. Mortrixs19

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2

    Holy shit! I have no words, just... AMAZING.
  9. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    Also, some screenshots with Chocolate Doom:
  10. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    Update: Hopefully last. This version of the map fixes some things regarding the flow, the vanilla compatibility and difficulty. All the changes were done by @Erick he did the small tweaks on the deathmatch map too, so thanks to him.
  11. Mortrixs19

    Best Vanilla Deathmatch Maps

    Obviously Map01-Doom 2/ Entryway Map07-Doom 2/Dead Simple Map26-TNT: Evilution/I forgot the name, lul Map30-Plutonia/Gateway to hell
  12. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    Update: I posted a new version of the map, this one aims to fix most of the crashes with Chocolate Doom as well as polishing some stuff. You will note a different starting area because the previous one had way to many lines and there were HOM's in vanilla. I hope this is the final version of my C3M5 before uploading the file to github, but if you find any small issues tell me. I will (probably) upload a demo using Chocolate Doom or Crispy Doom later.
  13. Mortrixs19

    Best and wort levels.

    Knee deep in the dead: Favorites: E1M4 E1M7 E1M8 The Least Favorites E1M9 Yeah, I don't really hate Knee deep in the dead so... Shores of hell: Favorites: E2M3 E2M6 E2M8 Least Favorites: E2M2 E2M5 E2M9 Inferno: Favorites: E3M2 E3M4 E3M6 Least Favorites: E3M1 E3M5 E3M7 Doom 2 Favorites: Map 09 Map 15 Map 20 Least Favorites: Map 17 Map 24 Map 25 Plutonia: Favorites: Map 12 Map 15 Map 32 Least favorites: Map 08 Map 19 Map 23 TNT: Favorites: Map 04 Map 13 Map 15 Least Favorites: Map 08 Map 22 Map 30
  14. Mortrixs19

    What 10 maps would you remove from TNT Evilution?

    Map 07: Prison boring map honestly. Map 08: Metal absolute garbage. Map 12: Crater good visuals but boring, the main crater area has nothing but wasted space. Map 19: Shipping/respawning It's pretty weak and bad compared to the previous maps. Map 21: Administration center Long and boring as fuck. Map 22: Habitat Do I need to explain? Map 25: Baron's den Another long and boring map. Map 27: Mt pain Long, unfair and ugly. Map 30: This could have been a better fight, the puzzle at the beginning is ok. the IOS itself is pretty easy. Monsters telegfrag themselves. Map 32: Honestly not a bad map but it could have been better.
  15. Mortrixs19

    My own Freedoom's C3M5

    Update: Just uploaded a new version of the map, the two big changes are a new arena for deathmatch and a reworked area (the yellow key one) otherwise, the map is still the same. *Yeah I'm still aware of the bugs with chocolate doom* As always, feedback is appreciated.