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  1. More progress on 0.5 E1M11: It's going pretty well so far! Although I'm a bit concerned about how similar the map has to be to the original product... I've been pretty much breaking apart the original map and stitching different sections together while adding a couple original areas in between.
  2. Begun working on E1M11, trying to figure out the general theme I want to go for. I have a question though; do I have to stick to the rectangle that surrounds the map? I'd like to build past it.
  3. I'll try my hand at 0.5's E1M11, under the Highly Suggested list. E2M7 is already one of my favourite levels from the IWAD so it'll be fun to mess around with it and give it it's own spin :)
  4. Cacodemon187

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm planning on doing a arctic-themed wad soon. These use the custom palette from doomxmas.wad which makes the white range look a bit colder and nicer. Got a few textures done already: Window from lostres with icicles - front and back side: Shiny pipes: Edited BIGBRIK2 from doomxmas to fit the aesthetic of the stock textures: Dark wood PANEL textures: (the lamp is from Fistful of Doom) And finally some misc. edits from my recent wads:
  5. Cacodemon187

    DURANGO: a Hispanic Deathmatch Megawad

    Cabros no dejen que un sólo tipo les arruine el proyecto, ustedes sigan haciendo mapas nomá y pásenla bien! Claro que hay por mejorar aún, pero hay mucha más gente en esta comunidad que les dará consejos y comentarios realmente útiles. Mejorarán solitos siempre y cuando se diviertan haciéndolo y compartan sus procesos con los demás :)
  6. Cacodemon187

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Thank you for the words! The wad does start pretty easy, but there's a bit of a difficulty spike at map03. I dunno what difficulty you're playing on, but I made sure HMP is a lot more manageable than UV. Have fun :) It isn't, but it is based on that image.
  7. Cacodemon187

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Hello everyone, we've done it. The project is now on /idgames!! Thank you all, It's been an absolute pleasure working on this, reading your posts and seeing your playthroughs. As promised, I've listed all of your names under the Credits section of the textfile. If I missed anybody please let me know! :)
  8. Cacodemon187

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Thank you so much for your playthrough!! Nice work getting all the secrets in map03 :) I'll stick with the map order I have now. I intended to make map06 a secret level because it's not good enough in my opinion to be part of the main lineup, but I didn't want the map to go to waste.
  9. Cacodemon187

    [Now on /idgames!] - El Viaje de Diciembre

    Hey there, it's been a long while of procrastinating since last update, but it's finally here! RC2 is ready! This should be the final product, it's pretty much ready to go to /idgames. I'll wait a couple days to see if anybody finds any bugs or any oddities that need fixing before being archived for good. Difficulty settings are ready. I've fixed a couple VPOs here and there and added a custom text screen at the end of map06. Thank you all again for your comments and feedback, without you this project wouldn't be as polished as it is now. All of your names will be listed in the /idgames text file!
  10. Cacodemon187

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Working on a new solo release, vaguely inspired by A.L.T. If all goes well it should be ready by the 18th!
  11. Cacodemon187

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Nope, but you can pretend you're shooting it with the chaingun!
  12. Cacodemon187

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    M60 doomcute!
  13. Cacodemon187

    How many Doom textures can you name? [Doom Quiz]

    Did it on my phone, got 47% hell yeah :) I couldn't for the life of me figure out the STARxx names lol. There are some incorrectly named textures in the quiz too as Dragonfly mentioned, hopefully the Doom 2 quiz is more accurate, whenever that comes out