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  1. Dootguy

    How do I install DooT on FreeDoom?

    I put the doom2.wad with it, so I can do this with the base game.
  2. I've tried to install it multiple times, but it never fully works. As in, I believe the music works, but there is no trumpet stuff. No trumpet: no point. Help?
  3. Dootguy

    Freedoom mod bugs...

    Basically, you used a mod with Freedoom and it fucked itself over
  4. Dootguy

    Freedoom mod bugs...

    Share the times when you tried to do so, but then something backfired and confused you, because of one mod with Freedoom.
  5. Oui, I am the true Artisté.


  6. Dootguy

    Freedoom Wads+Mods

    Now, what Wads+Mods can I put I to Freedoom? Ones that can actually be played? Besides Hdoom.
  7. Dootguy

    Regarding the IOS,

    Interesting, thanks!
  8. Why do i do this to myself.

    What, i didn't say i didn't enjoy this.

    But i didn't.


  9. Dootguy

    Regarding the IOS,

    Now, do you have to hit the Romero Head with the rocket? Or is the BFG an option?