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  1. blank

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    he ate many lemons
  2. blank

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    looks constipated
  3. im am just looking for what the title suggests chilled out or slower paced doom wads also wads with some sort of decent narrative -blank
  4. as the looming threat of corona takes over everything i would like to make a small thread about wads that are set in or around a plague/quarantine/isolation also as this has bummed everybody out i think we should ad in some wads that just make you feel better for me a wad that makes me feel better every time i play it would be golden souls 1 or 2 stay safe, wash your hands -blank
  5. blank

    Unique WADs

    Thank you kind folk for the suggestions i now will have some stuff to pad the time wile in quarantine stay, safe my dudes
  6. blank

    Unique WADs

    I am on a quest to play some unique wads be it unique strange or unique one of a kind i hope some of you can help me on my endeavours
  7. blank

    Puzzle wads

    Wads centred around or that have puzzles in them i want real brain teasers
  8. blank

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    does anyone know of a wad that recreates the quake campaign missions? any quake game is ok
  9. I am trying t find some open world wads. also Wads that have rain if you guys know of any feel free to send them my way - blank
  10. blank

    horror WADS

    looking for horror wads i don't mind whats its about i just want the spooky stuff
  11. i am looking for wads that recreate another game in doom or take inspiration from other games e.g golden souls
  12. blank

    looking for strange wads

    im looking for wads that are genuinely really strange wads like the kind of wad you wouldn't expect to see e.g. weird visuals or odd locations -blank
  13. blank

    WADs with great music

    most things with a good beat
  14. blank

    WADs with great music

    i am looking for WADs with great music
  15. blank

    show me what you got

    i want you to show me WADs i don't care whats its about