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  1. blank

    horror WADS

    looking for horror wads i don't mind whats its about i just want the spooky stuff
  2. i am looking for wads that recreate another game in doom or take inspiration from other games e.g golden souls
  3. blank

    looking for strange wads

    im looking for wads that are genuinely really strange wads like the kind of wad you wouldn't expect to see e.g. weird visuals or odd locations -blank
  4. blank

    WADs with great music

    most things with a good beat
  5. blank

    WADs with great music

    i am looking for WADs with great music
  6. blank

    show me what you got

    i want you to show me WADs i don't care whats its about
  7. blank

    fantasy wads

    i was wondering if there were any fantasy wads (not herratic or hexen) for doom. i know there must be some but I've never seen others so if anyone could send me some i would be ever grateful -blank
  8. things with sequels like scyth
  9. thanks for these ill be sure to look at them soon. they look awesome
  10. looking for wads that come in a series also looking for wads with big open levels
  11. Im just curious as to what peoples favourite wads are
  12. i am trying to load back to Saturn x ep 1 with gz doom but i cant figure out how to the 2 wads that need to be loaded to work. if anyone knows how to load 2 wads please tell me - blank
  13. blank

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    i remember seeing this wad where your in an arena and theirs slots that randomise certain elements of the guns or enemies i don't remember anything else if someone could find this for me i would be eternally grateful
  14. i am looking for WADs with unique textures. also some straight up weird stuff
  15. blank

    looking for more wads

    im looking for cool/fun/unique wads with some unique assets