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  1. Almost forgot to post this, Doom Hockey is done and a thread is now up!
  2. Doom Hockey is a multiplayer mod for GZDoom made over two NaNoWADMo sessions, last year and this year. Up to eight people total (four per team) can play hockey at once, and all manner of weapons and ammo will drop to make it easier or harder to get the puck in the goal. Matches are also configurable in the post-game lobby - set a time limit (or remove it), or a First To 3/5/10 Goals (or just play until the clock runs out). You can even set the spawn rate of items or turn them off completely! This was a lot of ZScript learning for me over the last year and change, and with the limited playtesting I got done the scripts seem pretty stable online! I'm glad to finally have this out and ready to go into people's ZDL launchers. Down the line I might add in more rinks and other features, but for right now I want to sit back and slap some pucks. Requirements: GZDoom 4.7.1, ZDL 3-1.1, Doom 2 v1.9 The requirements have all been tested with, I can't guarantee this mod working without the same versions! Download: Doom Hockey Itch.io Page Discord for arranging some playtesting: Doom Hockey Playtesting Gameplay Video (footage is from beta playtesting, visuals have been improved since):
  3. I did some playtesting of Doom Hockey today, and it's working pretty well! I was pretty scared that multiplayer scripting in GZDoom would break apart, but so far it's been pretty stable. Eventually I want to get some 4v4 matches going, but for now I consider this a resounding success! If anyone is interested, I have a playtesting Discord set up for some scheduled playtests before the end of the month is here: https://discord.gg/rQh92bFd Here's uncut footage of a few matches, feel free to skip around and check out how it's working with a few weapons in use.
  4. Got in a short little intro when starting a new match in Doom Hockey!
  5. I'm gonna' be continuing work on Doom Hockey this year, and i should hopefully have it done early enough to be able to get some playtesting in too! Here's where I left off after last year's NaNoWADMo.
  6. Dieting Hippo

    Dread Moon - MAP02 released

    Here's a playthrough of MAP01 and MAP02, this is coming out great!
  7. Dieting Hippo

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    I see those as reasonable options to someone putting transphobic shit in their mod. Take it out or remove yourself from the communit-wait a minute
  8. @Murdoch I went back and re-watched what I did on my successful run of that fight, and I think I worked out exactly what the winning strategy was. First, fire BFG at the Archviles and hold fire until they are all dead. They only spawn in that one spot (and I think there's only four), so if RNG smiles upon you they should be dead in 3-4 shots and you should only eat at most one Archvile blast. Then, I started annihilating the imps. Getting rid of them does reduce the chance of infighting, but they're a smaller mob that will easily get in your way. By focusing on them and sitting at their spawn point, the Revs/Hell Knights/Cacos are all sitting on the spawn points for their types and reduce the amount of monsters coming in at once. It's made way more manageable especially if you can keep the monsters sitting toward the back of the arena blocking the monster teleports. At that point, it's a matter of continuing to hold fire on the BFG for rapid-fire blasts and making sure not to pick up cell packs when you're nearly full. I tried to make sure I didn't do that too much, since each cell pack is 2.5 BFG blasts and picking one up after firing a shot from full cell ammo reduces the number of BFG shots you can fire. That's mainly what I can parse from the video, but it definitely took me a few tries before I finally found that rhythm!
  9. Dieting Hippo

    The DWIronman league dies to: Violence

    Category 1, died on MAP03 with 112/182. I got a little cocky with how the last two levels went and eventually ate it. I did better than I've normally done in the past though! Demo: dietinghippo_cat1_uv_violence_ironman.zip
  10. I played through MAP01 through MAP08, here's a video of the playthrough: I had a blast with these opening levels! I wish I hadn't blown myself up a few times (you can see me quicksaving more after MAP02 because of this), but other than that it was good fun fights. There was one issue I hit with the end of MAP03 "Keep Out!", where I exited the map early and tried to reload it only to not have the door trigger fire again. Not sure why, I had to noclip myself to the exit for that one.
  11. I balanced my map so that it can be played pistol start, but the maps should support continuous playthrough. Death exits were not allowed, so don't fret about keeping your weapons from map to map.
  12. Thanks for playin' through a second time! Watching a second playthrough is neat, because you've seen the stuff the map throws at you the first time and I can see what you'd feasibly expect to ambush you again on a second play. And thanks a hell of a lot on the kind words about the design, I spent a lot of time fiddling with map geometry to give a really neat look. On the music, that's definitely my first upload of the map since my final one has the music added. I kinda' waited until the end of this to add music in! And I did notice you mentioned using lifts to get back up to the top level of the center/final arena haha, I was sitting here goin' "the lifts did open up!" although I didn't exactly telegraph them as lifts that are usable with buttons. Those side pillars in the center area (the ones that contain 2 Revenants) that open up on the closed-off corner room switch also become lifts that activate on use from the bottom floor, so you can use them to get back up to the top level. Once again, thanks for playing through, and a second time too! It was super enjoyable watching this playthrough!
  13. I did a UV playthrough on stream yesterday, check it out! Timestamps for specific maps: Some notes where I messed up the level flow or scripting, or there was something odd: Sempiternal: - (12:15) I was able to get to the Megasphere secret that's visible at the start of the level. That let me skip over to what appeared to be the last few fights. Tech Duinn: - (48:22) I ran through the elevator cage before it could capture me inside. - (1:33:30) I was able to leave through the two gigantic doors before the arena fight, but couldn't get back in. Had to noclip to get back inside. Cyanotic Dreams: - (2:04:30) I couldn't figure out immediately how to exit the area after the last fight, which led me to believe that the gate to the wall teleport was a timed gate. Turns out that stepping on the small colored square at the back will open the gate up and I figured that out on accident!
  14. @MFG38 Here's the last drop of 3TEK! The only difference is that there's now a music track for the map, Blades of Hell. I was originally writing it for a DOOM Hockey map but it fits pretty well here too. The information text file has also been updated with a music credit. I'm pretty happy with how the map turned out overall, this was a fun challenge! Download: 3TEK.zip
  15. Glad to hear you got through! There's a hint very early on as to where you can find that rocket launcher.