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  1. Thanks for playing through it! You're definitely hitting the stretch of "Now you will feel real pain" maps haha.
  2. Also in for this, looking forward to piecing sectors together!
  3. Dieting Hippo

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    Chipped in toward the fund. I am over the wall at how he was treated, there's no fucking excuse for it.
  4. dh_ironman_jan23_bmhkd.zip Category: 1 Kills: 383/819
  5. Thank you for making this fix! I'll grab that for future testing too, I originally got EE for Heartland and was pretty amazed at what it could do. I'm very tempted at taking a crack at a few EE maps now! And thank you @pantheon for bringing this up to them, I hope you enjoy the rest of Kil'd By Several Accidents!
  6. Yeah, this is primarily meant for Boom and EE wasn't tested for this map pack. We'll try to get out a fix but right now we're still hitting the issue in testing when trying out some potential fixes. You will be sure to know when it's done and fixed though! For anyone that's more knowledgeable with Eternity Engine, here's the error that I'm hitting when trying to load MAP08 from tdac1632.wad v1.1 (a few computer-specific details redacted from pathname): eternity caused an Access Violation Exception (0xc0000005) Error occurred at 1/27/2023 19:10:02. ..\Eternity Engine\ee-4.02.00-win64\eternity.exe Operating system: 6.2.9200 32 processors, type 8664. 82% memory in use. 32679 MB physical memory. 5867 MB physical memory free. 77592 MB page file. 15715 MB paging file free. 134217728 MB user address space. 134213139 MB user address space free. Access violation at 00000000. The memory could not be read. ===== [end of CRASHLOG.TXT] =====
  7. The idgames link is now updated to v1.1, if that's your preferred method of download then please have at it!
  8. Thanks for the reviews and replays y'all! I've been enjoying watching and reading everything, and it's been very heartening to see the pack get well received. And on that, there's now an update! v1.1 has a few bugfixes and one fight rebalance, the full changelist is up in the original post and included with the v1.1 zipfile. Unfortunately it'll be a few days before idgames updates, but the itch.io page has the updated version. Please feel free to give the updated maps another go, or if you haven't played it yet it's a good time to try it now!
  9. Thanks for playing and for the kind words! I gave the demos a watch, that was great progress made in MAP02 and MAP03. MAP04 was a short run, that one's a rough one on the first blind playthrough though. (but then again, they're all pretty brutal going in blind haha)
  10. The Diseases, and Casualties this year being 1632 A Something Awful Forums 'Doom WAD Club' Community Pack We've got 11 Boom-compatible maps here made by SA goons all based on the image "The Diseases, and Casualties this year being 1632". Each mapper took causes of death and disease from the list below and made levels based on their interpretation of the cause. Please enjoy the maps and effort that everyone put into making this WAD! 2023-01-14: An update has been released to fix a few bugs and rebalance an area or two. See below for the full list of map changes. Source list of diseases affecting London in 1632: Map List: MAP01: "Palsie" by @granggg MAP02: "Teeth" by @Dieting Hippo MAP03: "Jaundies" by @A.o.D. MAP04: "Jawfaln" by @LeschNyhan MAP05: "Surfet" by @LeschNyhan MAP06: "Quinsies" by @LeschNyhan MAP07: "Apoplex, and Meagrom" by @Weird Sandwich MAP08: "Made Away Themselves" by @A.o.D. MAP09: "Aged" by @A.o.D. MAP10: "Chrisomes and Infants" by @LeschNyhan MAP11: "Kil'd By Several Accidents" by @A.o.D. Port compatibility: Boom (PrBoom+, DSDA-Doom) Download itch.io (v1.1): https://dietinghippo.itch.io/diseases-and-casualties Download idgames (v1.1): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tdac1632 Screenshots:
  11. It'll be located with the "Tools" on the top-right corner of the 3D Viewport. Select the "Palette Studio" tab, then go to the "Render" section.
  12. Awesome! I am super glad to hear, and I hope to see the sprites you make with it!
  13. Hmm, I can think of a few things off the top of my head that might help re-enable transparency but these are mainly troubleshooting guesses that I'm hoping will work. If these don't work, feel free to DM me the Blender file and I can take a look directly to see where this might be having hiccups. 1) Enable "Transparent" in Render Properties. 2) In Output Properties, set the output to PNG with RGBA color. 3) In the Palette Studio UI, ensure "Alpha" is checked. The threshold value shouldn't matter too much if there's no partial transparency, but I have it set to 0 currently and that works fine. 4) In the scene compositor, ensure "Use Alpha" is checked for the Viewer Node. It's also odd that the finished render from hitting "Render" completely blanks out when it finishes the palette swap. If this transparency fix doesn't work or you keep getting blank finished renders I will be happy to take a closer look!
  14. Small update on this: Palette Studio is working with Blender 3.2.1, so it seems to be staying compatible with future versions. If any bugs are hit I will try to knock those out.
  15. @Ganbare-Lucifer Hey thanks for giving it a shot! Here's my layout for the scene composition nodes, your nodes should roughly match this layout: The 'Render Layers' node will feed into your post-processing nodes (in my case, color adjustments and sprite scale/cropping), then into the 'Viewer' node. In my scene I also have one of the Camera Rig cameras selected as the scene's camera, so manual rendering will use that camera. Let me know if this works for you! Keep in mind - the results you will get from manually rendering will not match the final output, as the 'Render' button in Palette Studio's UI will perform the palette swap when it generates the finished sprite images. This can't be done via the manual render because I had issues trying to make this operation a Composition node itself, so if anyone with more Blender knowledge knows how to make a node that will execute code I am all ears!