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  1. I played through MAP01 through MAP08, here's a video of the playthrough: I had a blast with these opening levels! I wish I hadn't blown myself up a few times (you can see me quicksaving more after MAP02 because of this), but other than that it was good fun fights. There was one issue I hit with the end of MAP03 "Keep Out!", where I exited the map early and tried to reload it only to not have the door trigger fire again. Not sure why, I had to noclip myself to the exit for that one.
  2. I balanced my map so that it can be played pistol start, but the maps should support continuous playthrough. Death exits were not allowed, so don't fret about keeping your weapons from map to map.
  3. Thanks for playin' through a second time! Watching a second playthrough is neat, because you've seen the stuff the map throws at you the first time and I can see what you'd feasibly expect to ambush you again on a second play. And thanks a hell of a lot on the kind words about the design, I spent a lot of time fiddling with map geometry to give a really neat look. On the music, that's definitely my first upload of the map since my final one has the music added. I kinda' waited until the end of this to add music in! And I did notice you mentioned using lifts to get back up to the top level of the center/final arena haha, I was sitting here goin' "the lifts did open up!" although I didn't exactly telegraph them as lifts that are usable with buttons. Those side pillars in the center area (the ones that contain 2 Revenants) that open up on the closed-off corner room switch also become lifts that activate on use from the bottom floor, so you can use them to get back up to the top level. Once again, thanks for playing through, and a second time too! It was super enjoyable watching this playthrough!
  4. I did a UV playthrough on stream yesterday, check it out! Timestamps for specific maps: Some notes where I messed up the level flow or scripting, or there was something odd: Sempiternal: - (12:15) I was able to get to the Megasphere secret that's visible at the start of the level. That let me skip over to what appeared to be the last few fights. Tech Duinn: - (48:22) I ran through the elevator cage before it could capture me inside. - (1:33:30) I was able to leave through the two gigantic doors before the arena fight, but couldn't get back in. Had to noclip to get back inside. Cyanotic Dreams: - (2:04:30) I couldn't figure out immediately how to exit the area after the last fight, which led me to believe that the gate to the wall teleport was a timed gate. Turns out that stepping on the small colored square at the back will open the gate up and I figured that out on accident!
  5. @MFG38 Here's the last drop of 3TEK! The only difference is that there's now a music track for the map, Blades of Hell. I was originally writing it for a DOOM Hockey map but it fits pretty well here too. The information text file has also been updated with a music credit. I'm pretty happy with how the map turned out overall, this was a fun challenge! Download: 3TEK.zip
  6. Glad to hear you got through! There's a hint very early on as to where you can find that rocket launcher.
  7. Here's my entry, 3TEK! It's in b2 right now while I clean up issues (and no custom music yet), but for the most part it's finished! Latest Version: 3TEK.wad Download: 3TEK_b2.zip Map Name: 3TEK Author: Dieting Hippo Build Time: On and off for three weeks, ~20 hours? Play Time: 2-8 minutes (depending on difficulty) Music: None yet Textures: Vanilla (W:TEKWALL4, TEKGREN5, TEKBRON1; F:FLOOR0_3, RROCK03, FLOOR7_1) Difficulty Settings: Yes (HNTR/HMP/UV) Ports Tested: PRBoom+, GZDoom 4.5.0 Description: A winding techbase with shotguns aplenty and even more skeletons. All difficulties supported, but UV may leave you feeling a little strapped for ammo. And space. Let me know if you have any feedback, it is appreciated! Screenshots:
  8. Hi! I recently finished working on an Add-On for Blender 2.83 - 2.92 called Palette Studio, which streamlines the process for creating Doom sprites. With this you can pose a model in Blender, then press render once and get one, eight, or sixteen angles for a sprite with the selected palette colors applied. With some extra compositor Scale/Crop nodes in the Scene Graph, the output can also be resized/cropped to the sprite size needed. Screenshot of Palette Studio and the rendered output: It's also not limited to PLAYPAL.pal, pop in any other palette and you'll get some great results! Please grab it and enjoy, I've been having loads of fun messing around with it. Do also leave any feedback/comments/suggestions/bug reports! Also, be sure to read the Readme.txt below. It provides step-by-step instructions on setting up a scene for rendering with Palette Studio. Download: Palette Studio v1.2 (Feb. 28, 2021) Latest Changes: https://dietinghippo.itch.io/palette-studio/devlog/227087/palette-studio-v12-out Readme.txt: https://dietinghippo.itch.io/palette-studio/devlog/224145/readmetxt Where to get palettes: https://lospec.com/palette-list Check out a video example of what Palette Studio can do in Doom below:
  9. Palette Studio v1.2 is out! Check out all the nifty stuff I added in this release: Select individual indices of a palette. (ex: 0,3,9,11,12,13 or 0,3,9,11-13) Use 1, 8, or 16 cameras. Each selection will set the appropriate ID character for the filename, including 9-G for ZDoom's 16-angle support. Create a light rig and parent lights to it to rotate the lighting for each render. More details in this devpost here: https://dietinghippo.itch.io/palette-studio/devlog/227087/palette-studio-v12-out This is a huge release, and I hope these additions add features that help people out that weren't feasible before. As always, let me know if there's any bugs and I'll try address them. If you do make sprites with Palette Studio, please post 'em!
  10. Dieting Hippo

    Custom MIDI music messed up in Vanilla DOOM

    The beginning of the MIDI sounds a bit busy, like a lot of notes are playing at the same time. Maybe try reducing the complexity in the first second of instruments/notes being played? That's my best guess. I've also attached a recording of it playing on my SC-55mkII, hopefully this helps as a reference to what you're hearing! problematic_midi_sc-55.zip
  11. Thanks y'all! I hope it does stay compatible for a while. There was a large jump between Blender 2.79 and 2.80 which broke a lot of plugins, but I wouldn't anticipate any large breaking Blender updates for a while. If anything does break due to an update I will try my best to fix it though!
  12. It is pretty harsh, not gonna' lie. The Luigis were more a proof of concept and can be redone with better lighting. However I do believe you don't need a plugin, and this script will do what you need: import bpy from math import radians from mathutils import Matrix ## Enter object name below ## object_name = 'Cube' ## Enter file prefix below ## file_prefix = 'CUBE' ## Enter file extension below ## file_ext = '.png' ## Set true if global object rotation, false for local ## rotation_global = True ## Set axis to rotate around ## rotation_axis = 'Z' ## #### ## def rotate_object(obj, angle_degrees, axis='Z'): if rotation_global: obj.rotation_euler = (Matrix.Rotation(radians(angle_degrees), 3, axis) @ obj.rotation_euler.to_matrix()).to_euler() else: obj.rotation_euler = (obj.rotation_euler.to_matrix() @ Matrix.Rotation(radians(angle_degrees), 3, axis)).to_euler() object = bpy.context.scene.objects[object_name] filepath = bpy.context.scene.render.filepath absolutepath = bpy.path.abspath(filepath) for i in range(0, 8): bpy.context.scene.render.filepath = absolutepath + file_prefix + str(i+1) + file_ext bpy.ops.render.render(write_still=True) rotate_object(object, 45, rotation_axis) bpy.context.scene.render.filepath = absolutepath Toss it in a text editor window in Blender, change "object_name" to the name of the object in the scene to rotate, "file_prefix" to whatever you need, and the rest of the options as needed. Once that's all done, press the play button at the top of the text editor. As it is now this will rotate an object named "Cube" around its Z axis and render out to files CUBE1.png, CUBE2.png, and so on. The output directory will be what your current render path is set to, so be sure to set that beforehand. I understand the frustration of not being able to find something like this easily (especially Blender scripting), but don't be harsh when it's a tool not specifically designed for what you have in mind. I hope the above script helps you out.
  13. Thanks for checkin' it out soon! Re: Palette application, that's the main draw of Palette Studio and you won't be able to render out without having a palette selected. If you need to render without a palette, Blender itself is more than adequate for that. However, if you do still want to modify the color-indexed sprites after rendering you can! All sprite images are saved as .png in the selected output folder, so you can open the sprites up in your image/sprite editor of choice and clean them up as needed. Additionally, since the sprite colors are already set to the colors of the palette selected, you can be sure that the colors applied to the sprite will also be the same colors in-game or in-editor with the indexed palette applied. For lights, you can see in the Luigi Imp video at the bottom of the post that lighting can be evenly applied to all sides of the sprite without rotating any light sources. I currently use two sun light sources that are angled down toward the model, with the angles rotated 180 degrees around the Z axis. This provides a large amount of light coverage, while still allowing for some small adjustment lighting to be added. I do plan on adding in the ability to select a group of lights with Palette Studio, which would then be rotated around the rig for each angle. However, that's on my pinboard of future feature ideas so I can't guarantee when that'll go in. If you do find any bugs though, please let me know! v1.1 already squashed a lot of bugs, but I'm sure there's extra cases I haven't covered yet.
  14. Dieting Hippo

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    I'm super excited to actually flesh out the DOOM Hockey concept I was knockin' around a few months ago. Now I really want to work on it, but I'll sit on my hands until the first rolls around!
  15. Welp, I got taken down after 10 minutes and 42 monsters. IEattraction_PRBoomPlus_dhippo_HMP.zip
  16. Dieting Hippo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Running Late 2

    Made it to MAP02 before gettin' got. At least it wasn't on MAP01! dhippo_rl2_ironman.zip
  17. Dieting Hippo

    IronEagle Competition 20: Operation: Biowar

    I came at this on Hurt Me Plenty and made some good distance! Got all the way up to MAP09 before my hubris caught up to me. dhippo_IEbiowar_HMP_prbp.zip
  18. Dieting Hippo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vrack 1, 2 and 3!

    I did much better on Vrack 1 than I did on 2b and 3, those ones I died pretty close to the start with only ~10% kills. Vrack 1 Vrack 2 Vrack 3 Total: 373/1,689 dhippo_vrack_1_2b_3_ironman.zip
  19. Dieting Hippo

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    Did a quick runthrough of LR MAP09 to make sure everything's fine, and it is! Thanks a bunch for getting it updated! ^^ Same, I also got the desync'd DEMO2 on LR. This was with PRBoom and PRBoom-Plus.
  20. Dieting Hippo

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    I found One Weird Trick for handling that room that surprisingly worked out well!
  21. Dieting Hippo


    Gave this a run on UV in GZDoom, I think I've got the current world record!
  22. Dieting Hippo

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    Got through on UV with almost all monsters/items and 100% secrets! This one was hella' frantic on UV, the last fight takes quite a few tries to get the flow down. I found that running straight to one half of the pickups then making ~3 CCW laps around the lower arena was enough to get infighting started, then I went to town on the Exiles (Archvile variants) with the BFG while dodging all the Cyberdemon rockets. I will say that most of my deaths here weren't from monsters but from either walking into the pit around the lower arena or one of the Exiles bouncing me into it. 5 damage/tick really adds up when you have to run all the way from the back to one of the two pit teleporters! There were some fights that were cheesable like the Cyberdemon at the blue key (run to the lift and squeeze past the Pyro Demons) but for the most part the map does a really effective job at locking you into an area and forcing a fight. Very few times could I backpedal and safely murder demons while peeking out from behind a corner. After getting to the end I went back to find the monsters, items, and one secret that I had missed. I was able to find the third secret, but 13 monsters and 14 items still eluded me. Not quite sure where they're at, and I don't want to crack open the WAD in UDB juuuuust yet to figure out where they got stashed. Overall an A+ map! The visuals are stunning and I like that the cyan/pink color scheme even got applied to the keys. I didn't think to turn on bloom in GZDoom until after I finally finished it but bloom absolutely adds to the atmosphere! I found a few other issues while playing through, they mostly involve the switch platforms that can repeatedly go up/down. (Video now attached)
  23. Ugh, was doing so good until that water. dhippo_evershrine_ironeagle_hmp.zip
  24. Dieting Hippo

    The DWIronman League dies to: Bloody Rust

    Ahhh damn, I could have had MAP02 but I got greedy and went back for pickups on MAP01. Category I MAP01 M: 63/72 S: 0/2 I: 10/13 Time: 00:09:05 dhippo_bloodyrust_ironman.zip
  25. Dieting Hippo

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    Hey @Walter confetti! I put up an updated version of LR MAP09: Blood River Base a while back, but saw the first version was included in the WAD. I was hoping that the updated version could get popped into the LR WAD. It's "Blood River Base RC1" on https://dietinghippo.itch.io/blood-river-base