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  1. AndroidFerret

    Are there any city wads?

    EDAY , dbp 58 , city of doom , Hollywood holocaust ,ashes series (the sterile maps ) .. So many awesome city maps
  2. AndroidFerret

    Unreal Gold Remake in GZDooM engine v355

    Hey there . I've made a nice little video review . Maybe somebody wants to check it out .
  3. AndroidFerret

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hey there . I am searching for a CRUISE SHIP MAP for doom . Anything is welcome . But I would prefer one which is vanilla . So mod compatible .
  4. AndroidFerret

    postal.wad 0.3!

    I'd love to test your map but I cant download it . It's locked
  5. Wtf .. seriously ?

    This isn't ok 😔

  6. Hi there . I have to say , this mappack is on a whole different level . It stands in line with maps like MMXCDV ,ASHES ,ASCENSION , TOTAL CHAOS campaign maps or similar . I am absolutely BLOWN away . Same.counts for VALHALLA btw . I also made a short video . hope you like it . Please continue working on projects like these . It's absolutely amazing and brings doom to 2023
  7. AndroidFerret

    Delta Touch on Android

    Wardusted star wars mod ( the one above ) Absolutely insane graphics . I used relighting , FX enhancements , more lights,simsun and a few more .. In this combination it was absolutely playable . Normally the relighting mod is really heavy on the GPU/CPU . Here I even could enable reflections and animated reflections ..
  8. AndroidFerret

    Delta Touch on Android

    It's absolutely insane what's possible with Delta touch !!! I'm constantly blown away by the new mod combinations everyone is creating ..(mostly me ;) )
  9. AndroidFerret

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    I've done a thing after seeing the game .. And luckily, the developer of this mod has worked a lot on the old version .. https://youtu.be/ZnqVnomYoM0
  10. AndroidFerret

    FEAR in Doom[GZD]

    I really wish this gets more refined . Sadly the link is dead too. We need a f.e.a.r. mod in doom . Or Trepang 2 . So badly . Hellrider or mace Atomrain series are amazing in combination with realistic themed maps and any realistic themed enemy pack like dfd ,MILIDOOM or army of Oz .. But I really hope we get a real remake in doom someday .it's definitely possible
  11. AndroidFerret

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    I've made a short video with this absolutely amazing mod .. I hope the developers is still working on this and maybe implements some features of the BoltGun PC game .
  12. What does that even mean ? If I see a mod from 10 years ago where the link isn't working anymore ,then asking is the only possible way of action or ?
  13. Awesome..just wanted to ask !
  14. AndroidFerret

    GTA Doom. v5.3 - WIP

    Hey there . I've tried running the mod .but none of the vehicles load . It starts in any of the source ports o tried . There are invisible honking cars and an error message about "needing more than 2 nodes" . Any idea ? Also ..is this mod dead ?
  15. AndroidFerret

    Your craziest Doom Mod Combo

    I hope this is the right section in this forum . I have a small channel on YouTube dedicated to old retro shooters and other games playable on android . And one of my favourite kind of videos are those where I either try recreating an existing Game or try making the most fun ,feature rich and graphically best looking mod combination. As an example : Mace ATOMRAIN + Ashes afterglow maps + Delta force enemies + FX enhancements + material shader + rain + garrets shader + slide/doublejump/wallclimb ( Wanted to use it but it's not compatible with the weapons mod ) + droplets + blood puffs + GunBonsai + DarkdooDarkDoomZ + pbr liquids + glowing flats + AI enhancements + flankers + fSecurityDrone + manhunt ost + critical shots + hitmarkers + Universal ambient + post combat taunts + Nightvision + flashlight++ + Flashlight BD + Universal custom doom + frame me + death cam That's a normal MODCombo for me . Results in an almost QCB kind of shooter . With ultimate custom doom you can adjust time to kill . I made it extremely low .( One or two shots kill ) So ..what I hope for here is , people describing their load order here . Maybe with some screenshots ?