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  1. tobbe

    Custom textures not showing up in Slade

    Nevermind. I opened the "Texture1" file and found them
  2. tobbe

    Custom textures not showing up in Slade

    I have all 3 files open in slade and i'm copying and pasting textures from the texture wads into my map. i've made all the entries you need to get the textures to work and i've gotten most of the textures working in my map this way. The problem i'm having is that i've for example used the texture "ADEL_Q63" from GOTHICX in my map, but when i open GOTHICX in Slade the texture "ADEL_Q63" is not listed in the wad despite almost all of the other textures being listed.
  3. I have this problem where i've made a map using textures from cc4-tex and GOTHICX but when i open them up in Slade to copy them over to my map some of the textures are missing despite showing up in GZdoom Builder. What causes this and how do i fix it?
  4. tobbe

    My First Wad - The Castle

    I don't have anything insightful to say but these maps were fun to play.