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  1. erzboesewicht

    Restricting the classic monster roster to 3

    I find 3 monsters to be almost too few, but I probably would select: - Cacodemon - the iconic doom 1 monster, the most versatile flier and a "meaty" mid-tier - Revenant - the iconic doom 2 monster, with two attack modes very difficult to replace - Shotgunner or chaingunner - hitscan cannon fodder, but stronger as zombies and actually threatening. I think at least one hitscanner is necessary to achieve the variety in gameplay Doom offeres. If I had 4 I would add the archvile - it is Doom2's most original monster but it's normally a kind of champion or miniboss monster and thus not that versatile like the others. The Pain Elemental has the same problem, it's "too unique" to fit in such a restricted scheme. By the way, I really like the "supermonster" idea. I'm playing around with a bit similar concepts in my (still unreleased) maps - with very specific combinations of monsters, environment and Doom engine mechanics to create puzzley combat setpieces, but the supermonster would be the ultimate "condensation" of this concept.
  2. erzboesewicht

    Which Way Do You Circle Strafe?

    Just wondered about that and it seems I'm more leaning to circlestrafe counter-clockwise (being right-handed). In Plutonia MAP01, it's interesting: in the first room I go first to the right, but in the second one, to the left (the stairs up to the chaingunners). As in the second room the configuration is a bit different (in contrast to the first where it's identic) I think this has to do with the characteristics of the entrances, so with identic entrances I would first tend to check the right one.
  3. erzboesewicht

    Best WADs after the IWADs?

    Back to Saturn X E1. It has a nice difficulty progression. If you like this "modern" style with custom textures, continue with BTSX E2 or Eviternity, then maybe Valiant. If you like more the classic style, I think Alien Vendetta can come directly after Final Doom. Its difficulty is not that much higher, but the fights are different (more monsters and spectacle), and there are some difficulty spikes in the final maps which require different skills than in Plutonia (mainly correct BFG handling), and once you finish it you can try "real" slaughtermaps. Or try Requiem / Memento Mori 2 first, both are still easy enough but have some harder maps. If you like exploration, long maps and puzzle solving (but only then!): Eternal Doom. Difficulty is mostly about Final Doom level, sometimes easier. All of them are popular classics.
  4. erzboesewicht

    Let's blind play and improve Freedoom!

    Thanks for sharing the map, I think indeed it its much better than the current one.
  5. erzboesewicht

    Let's blind play and improve Freedoom!

    @Shinol, I like your changes to C1M1, in particular the prison cell idea (although I would make the second cell accessible, but that's a question of personal taste - I never liked it when an in theory reachable area in a Doom map was totally inaccessible) and I think it also generally plays easier (a little bit less ammo starvation), which is good for an introductory level. I encourage you to submit it. I'm not participating in Freedoom at this moment but I'm observing its evolution, and once I get some experience with mapping I would also perhaps contribute something. I also generally prefer the "improve maps" approach in contrast to the "remove maps and put others into it", as long as the maps aren't complete garbage. For example I had some ideas how to improve some old Freedoom maps from 0.7 and 0.8 but I think they're now totally discarded - just for fun I am (very slowly) working on a "Freedoom Legacy - Slaughter Edition" with hard fights stuffed into these old maps - but I don't know if it will really see a release. ;D About the barrel I have a little concern: the strong red colour could introduce too much "character" too it (the original barrel is pretty grey and "colourless"), so it might not fit with some types of textures or floors. I like the change to the lamp, for the same reason - the strong green is a bit too "colourful". (I hope you understand what I mean I'm searching for English words ... ). The lost soul replacement with a robot hand instead is a good idea, would love to see work on it. The Summoner is the Pain Elemental replacement or the archvile? Because while the Pain Elemental imo could be improved or replaced, the Archvile (the "killing eye" version) is in my opinion one of the best monsters in general of Freedoom so I wouldn't like it to be replaced. @northivanastan and @Shepardus: I agree mostly with your reviews. Some notes (in spoilers for Shinol) :) :
  6. erzboesewicht

    Teleporter Ambush

    I think Stabbey's idea of a donut is a very good one for your purposes. You can also try a similar way: place several small crushers inside of the tagged sectors where you'll teleport the monsters. Think of metal bars "stabbing" the enemies from above. Those things are really cute :) The crushers can all be activated by the same trigger, or you can place different linedefs one behind the other so they get triggered a bit more irregularly which also is a nice effect.
  7. erzboesewicht

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    I found Speed of Doom's MAP28 to be very easy. It's about Doom 2 difficulty, but has 3000 enemies ;) Generally almost all darkwave0000 maps from Speed of Doom are pretty easy, which are very spacious so you can easily outmaneuver monster groups. (Joshy's instead are more difficult, like MAP32). The "problem" with these megawads is that only a part qualifies as slaughter, there are many "normal" gameplay maps. Other examples from "classic mapsets" include Alien Vendettas MAP18, 25 and 26 (26 is a little bit harder), Memento Mori MAP23, BTSX E1 MAP24, Kama Sutra MAP25 (which has a hot start but then becomes very easy) and Sunder MAP07 and perhaps also MAP08. And then there is of course the "oldie" punisher.wad (one of the first slaughtermaps from one of the Plutonia authors).
  8. erzboesewicht

    Do you play a lot of 90's wads?

    Take into account that several of the bigger 90s wads are full of custom textures - for example both Memento Moris, Eternal Doom (which has also lots of Hexen textures), Requiem and obviously the TCs. A mostly vanilla textured wad from 1995 is Enigma, but has very "nonstandard" gameplay and architecture (I personally love it though). Hell Revealed and the first Scythe also comes into my mind for mostly vanilla-textured mapsets. Also I want to mention Phobos Anomaly:Reborn, which is from the 2000s but may be a good example to look at if you want to see awesome architecture made with mostly vanilla assets.
  9. erzboesewicht

    Do you prefer huge non-linear maps or smaller ones?

    I think if you already have created a structural concept for your big nonlinear, replayable map - just go for it, and I would love playing it! Just a couple of days ago I played one of these big nonlinear beasts ("The Citadel" from Enigma), and it had an awesome, interconnected concept. It was a fortress map which had basically a way to enter it "normally" via a 3 key sequence, and secret passages which allowed you to explore almost the whole fortress without any key (the exit, however, required all 3), but with much less firepower. In theory, each key section could have been put in a separate map but then they would have been fairly normal maps without much of the "nonlinear" appeal. But without such a structural concept - where one must take care the player cannot get stuck if he misses a key for example -, it may be better to divide the map into several maps. I think the potential audience for smaller maps is larger, as the popularity of Scythe shows.
  10. erzboesewicht

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    Definitively infighting and pacifist-trolling monsters. When I see an arena, I often can't help to play it several times until I maximize the infighting outcome, i.e. most monsters killed themselves. If it's an archvile/revenant group and I have enough space to move to get the skeletons to kill the archie for me, even better. I also like puzzles - combat puzzles a la Sunlust and "classic" puzzles like those in Eternal Doom, The Given or Enigma. Just discovered room.wad, it's also awesome ...
  11. Until ~500 monster HP I have no problem, as long as the midtier hordes aren't too large. But I consider Barons and Archviles normally too bulletspongy for a regular shotgun fight. At least if it's not a well made and interesting "challenge fight". For example, Doom's E1M8 fells in this category (at least while the spectres are still alive), even if it's very easy from today's point of view, and I've also seen well-made archvile fights with the regular shotgun.
  12. My top death reasons are probably: 1) Zombies, including chaingunners, although I think I die a bit more to shotgunners when low on health due to their stronger hit. 2) Arch-vile attacks. 3) Melee attacks, mostly from spectres or nobles. 4) erzboesewicht killed his own dumb self, i.e. own rockets. 5) Lost souls/pain elementals (or ar they in the melee category?) In the middle of the list: cyberdemon rockets, arachnotrons, mancubus attack, revenant missiles and noble attacks. Very minor death reasons are cacodemons, imps, running out of ammo, death pits, spiderdemons, and barrels. Bonus: From custom monsters, I think I died mostly to the exploding zombie (in Valiant) and the Astral Cacodemon in Eviternity.
  13. erzboesewicht

    Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations

    This megawad is like a good music album. It is clearly evident that a musician organized the project - the quality and also the "progression curve" of the MIDIs is outstanding and makes the megawad not just a videogaming but a full-fledged art experience. Visuals are great and the gameplay is varied and not too difficult. Classic!
  14. erzboesewicht

    What is the worst map you can create?

    Yep, that's about "the intended way" (TM). Bold move with the soulspheres :) Thanks again for playing! (I must admit that I still didn't achieve a saveless max run, only one with savescumming about 5 minutes ... but no demo, so no proof ...)
  15. erzboesewicht

    What is the worst map you can create?

    Failed again! Trying to fix one flaw too fast I introduced another one ... :'( Revised again, this time with some a bit more substantial changes (provided elements to max the map "the intended way"): afterlife42b.zip I'm sure you can still break it (your skills are much superior than mine), but I doubt with better times than with the "intended" approach. This is probably the final revision of that thing ... otherwise I'm going totally OT here in this thread (is there something like a "Joke/Concept map thread" here?). But it could be interesting to explore this effect in a "serious" map ...