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  1. Some of my favourites include (I think all are original compositions for Doom PWADs): Grosstown Traffic by Zan-zan-zawa-veia (yakfak), used on Finely Crafted Fetish Film (I think it was MAP04). Really well made funk track with interesting harmonies. Womp, by esselfortium, used in BTSX E1 (already mentioned), always dream of hearing a remix of it at a club at >6 AM Desk Lamp by stewboy, used in Sunlust MAP04 and Ancient Aliens. Like the way the track flows naturally even with its odd time signature. Liquid Luck and Weather Warning by Jimmy, from the BTSX series Night Bats by Mark Klem, from the Memento Mori series. Very atmospheric, one of the best "night"-evoking tracks. Hiding from the Robo-Zombies by mouldy, from Going Down. Could have also chosen others from that mapset.
  2. erzboesewicht

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    Thanks for all contributions, it's becoming a nice list! I've had only time to try out some few but there are some awesome concepts to be found. I'll not be too strict including wads, as long as there is some very distinctive concept it can be listed, so Strife was included, although it for sure is a "borderline" case. Another borderline case is Barbie Girl which looks quite doom-y as it uses mostly vanilla assets but is similar in concept to A Boy and its Barrel so I included it.
  3. erzboesewicht

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    Thanks! I think it qualifies, as long as there is no exit/Romero head you can kill. The exit is a key component of the Doom formula, I think :)
  4. erzboesewicht

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    I don't really know this genre :) Maybe you could post some examples. I think it could qualify as it doesn't seem to be close to the "Doom formula", at least not closer than the hack'n'slash/melee-oriented gameplay mods. Of course ... in the OP I already listed some (G)ZDoom-only mods/wads.
  5. erzboesewicht

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    In theory yes if there's no shooter gameplay. However these kinds of maps are relatively doom-specific (above all AVJs) gameplay styles and I think there are also pretty many of them, so I'm still undecided. Edit: I've added a category for "Doom-specific platforming", which can contain rocket jump and other "movement puzzles" wads, as long as these puzzles are the main focus of the wad and not only an addition to shooter gameplay. I'll add suggestions from you folks here but will not actively search myself for this category (they weren't the primary reason for this thread, even if I like some of these maps). Thank y'all already for the fast response, I'm adding your proposals progressively to the list :)
  6. This thread aims to find wads where the developers went far outside the "doom formula". I have already read about wads that implement platform games (some are clones like one from Sonic, others are independent developments), and pure puzzle games like The Given or Moonlight. Then there are wads with quite exotic variations of the FPS formula - yesterday I discovered Superdoom, which implements the formula of Superhot (a puzzle-shooter from 2016 where time stands still when you're not moving nor shooting) with the (GZ)Doom engine - this inspired this thread. The goal is to create a list of these mods, just like in this thread about standalone Doom games. I would limit the list to the following mods/wads: Those completely outside the FPS genre (e.g. side-scrolling platformers, fighting games and pure puzzle games) FPS far outside the "doom formula", like those with exotic mechanisms (like Superdoom) or role-playing/action-adventure game elements like an elaborated inventory system. It doesn't matter if it uses Doom assets or is a partial or total conversion. I would exclude the "Wolfenstein"- and "Heretic/Hexen"-type mods as there are far too many and they're pretty standard FPSses, and also regular FPS doom wads with some puzzles (like FCFF or Eternal Doom) because they're also pretty common and even the IWADs had some puzzles. Of course if there's already such a (updated) list please point me to it and I'll close this thread. A short list (WIP!) of some I already found: Platformers: Sonic Robo Blast (standalone) The Forestale (standalone) Operation Echo The Golden Souls series: part 1 and part 2 Puzzle: Moonlight (cryptographic/math puzzle) The Given (wad with puzzles in a medieval-inspired "city") ROOM ("pacifist" puzzle game with Doom assets where you only can harm yourself, not to be confused with a standalone FPS of the same name) RainbowRubik (Rubik Cube) Unknown (puzzle map) Cyberdreams (puzzle maps to kill cyberdemons, vanilla-compatible) Fighting/Beat'em up: Doom Fighters (fighting mod) RetroNinjaCyberAssassin (standalone) Mortal Kombat Doom (fighting) Doom Shinobi (ninja-style gameplay mod) Doom: Eternal Slayer (Hack'n'slash mod) GMOTA (beat'em'up) Action Doom 2 (beat'em up) RPG/Action-adventure/Metroidvania/Horror: Castlevania: Simon's destiny (standalone, action-adventure) RE4 Mercenaries in Doom (horror/action-adventure) Phobian Odyssey - Episode 1 (JRPG) Strife (FPS-RPG hybrid) Ghoul's Forest series (horror) Foreverhood (action-adventure) Abysm series (RPG/action-adventure): Dawn of Innocence (pt. 1), Infernal Contract (pt. 2), Expansion pack for pt. 2 Ascension (RPG) Total Chaos (standalone total conversion, survival horror, inventory and stamina system) FPS with exotic mechanisms or concepts very far away from Doom's formula: Superdoom (partial conversion, time stands still when you don't move) Cybershield (arcade shooter) Virus (standalone, spaceship shooter in the vein of Descent) A Boy and his Barrel (you must protect a barrel) Hideous Destructor ("realistic" shooter, gameplay mod) Delaweare (FPS with music/audio-based mechanisms) Barbie Girl (you must protect a demon and solve puzzles) Simulation: Mr. Friendly (pacifist "social simulation", gameplay mod) Kill'em with kindness (nonviolent wad without deaths, still seemingly employing some FPS mechanics) Doom Mower (hybrid of mowing simulation and shooter) Fury's Sky (flight simulator) Racing: Bike Time Trial (motorcycle racing) SRB2 Kart (kart racing) Other sports: Romero Death Skittles (bowling) Mini games: List of ACS mini games (from Pong to Tetris clones) ZPong (Pong clone) Doom-specific platforming and movement puzzles (e.g. rocket/AV jumps): Fun with platforming (sliw.wad) (rocket jump and other special platforming skills) Survival/Invasion: Objective: Survive Other: Doomguy Sensually Loads, Unloads, and Reloads his SSG (ASMR mod) Typist (typing exercises) Idle Doom (idle game)
  7. erzboesewicht

    Should I play Alien Vendetta on HMP or UV?

    A particular tip for Demonic Hordes: The bigger fights may seem intimidating at first, but if you always try to move (instead of trying to hide), you'll be mostly fine. I'm not a good player, but I consider Demonic Hordes easier than some maps of Memento Mori 2 now (e.g. The Shaft and No Way Out), because generally inciting infighting is easy (with the exception of the last cavern) and ammo and health are abundant. MAP26 (Dark Dome) is another story and as some have written already has a pretty unique combat-puzzle style (very different actually from its inspiration HR MAP24, but a bit easier), in my first playthrough I needed plenty of saves. And MAP29 has one very notable cramped revenant fight which can also be difficult on UV; particularly it needs BFG and herding skills. Another tip: if you want to try the mapset continuous first and then dial down to HMP, MAP21 is a good point to change difficulty - it was made very specifically with pistol start in mind, it's not super-easy but has a low monster count so it's not a long grind.
  8. erzboesewicht

    What are your favorite type of maps?

    In general I love exploration, so I've voted for "adventure". However I also like slaughter maps and classic-style maps. Generally I like it when a map is trying to do something different, when it manages to surprise me with a secret, a fight design, or another kind of concept.
  9. erzboesewicht

    any good midi editors for linux?

    There's a similar topic open now, but you were earlier and the other user's question is more specific. My favourites at this moment are MusE (package is often called muse-sequencer) and MuseScore (both originally from the same author, but diverged into different softwares). MusE is suited for loop-based music like dance, pop, rock, metal etc.. Its big advantage as of version 4 is that it includes everything you need into one package, with other Linux editors often have to run JACK and FluidSynth (e.g. qsynth) separately, and that it has lots of MIDI-specific effects (like fake delays etc.). You have to, however, set up the sound font yourself, but simply use a template for all Doom MIDis and you're fine (I'd recommend use a "good-sounding" font like tim6mb and the often used Windows GS synth). The disadvantage is the very rudimentary score editor. MuseScore is a score notation/partiture software so it's suited more for classical/orchestral, ambient and fusion music with more complex harmonies and less loops. It makes sense above all if you've experience with classical music notation. It has already a soundfont integrated and works even without JACK. Through the years I also tried other editors, mainly Rosegarden, LMMS and Seq24. Rosegarden was for some reason always unstable on my computer and I had lots of crashes, it has however a better notation editor than MusE so it might by sort of a "compromise" between Muse and MuseScore. LMMS is very beginner-friendly, but also a bit unflexible (it's mainly suited for heavily looped music so it's ok for dance and other styles) and not so much MIDI-focused. Seq24 is also very loop-focused and is suitable for "speedmidis" with several loops. I also used Qtractor and Ardour but I wouldn't recommend these for pure MIDI editing, as they have way more functions for audio. Of course there's also TuxGuitar, but I never used it.
  10. I'm using MusE (4.0) for midi editing. It works fine, although you must set the instruments manually with the List editor at the beginning of each track, and also set an "end marker" manually in your tracks otherwise your track will not be looped correctly. (I use Debian 11, but it's very close to Ubuntu 20.04 technically). (PS: see also this post in another thread for a more general overview of Linux midi editors I used) As a synth soundfont I use the Timidity GM font (TimGM6mb.sf2) which you can download from the repos (in Debian it's the timgm6mb-soundfont package); the only problem is that it's of better quality than the often-used Windows GM/GS font and thus you may have to adjust instruments to ensure all Doomers have a good experience. In Muse you'll have to load it with the Fluidsynth plugin in the "Midi Ports/Soft Synths" menu. If you're willing to use Muse and have more questions I can help - maybe also with some other Midi editors like Rosegarden or MuseScore although I have less experience with them. PS: reading the problem with all tracks exported as Grand Piano the issue may simply be that you need to set all MIDI instruments with the List editor, not with the interface your sequencer provides. I don't know if there's a Linux Midi editor which does this automatically.
  11. Catching up with MSCP. Will finish it but I don't know if I have time for Haste. UV with saves, trying to avoid mid-fight saves. Difficulty scale (Slaughter Edition): 1 - Doom2 MAP16; 3 - Plutonia MAP32/Speed of Doom MAP28 - 5 Alien Vendetta MAP26 - 7 Sunlust MAP30 - 10 Okuplok MAP10: Metal Head by Walter Confetti The second "nano-slaughter" map after MAP04 - like there, the only (mildly) threatening situation is the last fight. I like however that the map gives you two paths at the start: one with the SSG and one with the rocket launcher. The RL path is faster but also more risky due to the pinkies, although the cornering risk is low as you get a convenient teleporter to escape. The first three cyberdemons will be killed by the environment so don't waste rockets or plasma ammo on them (not that there was any scarcity in this map). Some chaingunner encounters at least prevent you to fall asleep. The blue key fight is the standout encounter and the only one with some real slaughter elements: after you achieve the initial (very basic) herding, the main danger here are the pain elementals due to the lost souls' ability to block you when you're close to a cybie or revenant missile. The aftermath with the archviles is easy as you can take them out from total safety. A breather map with good, but not outstanding visuals. Difficulty: 2/10 Rating: 6/10 MAP11: Team Rocket Slaughter by Dragonfly A very small map which is however pretty tricky due to to the high monster density. It's a herding and rapid weapon changing (BFG to rocket and vice versa) exercise, and above all in the latter part I'm pretty bad. So this map took me a lot of tries to succeed. I may however also employed a bad strategy: I tried first to carve a relatively secure hole with the BFG and then attacking the nobles with rockets from there; according to a walkthrough I saw later the approach to run in circles and start with rockets switching to the BFG for the noble waves may be much better. The noble waves begin light (with mostly HKs) with the baron density increasing with each wave. The last fight with the viles turned out to be the easiest. One interesting aspect is the question if leaving revenants alive is beneficial or not; they do definitively incite some infighting and can distract some of the nobles but also are dangerous as their projectiles can reach almost anywhere. Well balanced, basic but satisfying map. Difficulty: 6/10 Rating: 7/10 MAP12: Crossroads of Destruction by Remmirath We return to "freeform slaughter", the map is a relatively easy mix of MAP06 (not-too-choreographed bigger fights with some cover) and MAP10 (nano-slaughter). You first go through the biggest setpiece, which can be tricky to start, however the HP density is low. Then a series of smaller encounters follows, where some herding is very helpful. The most difficult part was the pain elemental/AV wave; first I tried to trigger it too early, but it's much easier if the revs and HK snipers are already dead as you then can concentrate to find the optimal rocketing spot. Some nice "nanoslaughter" bits were the surprise imp/manc/AV fight where I was once scratched to death, and the pinky herding exercise later with the two viles, although if you have enough cells left the latter is easy. Don't use the megasphere too early, later you'll find only one green armor. Difficulty: 3/10 Rating: 8/10 MAP13: Technocratic Terror by Bridgeburner56 This map plays in a beautiful castle or fortress and its surroundings, with much purple used. It map starts with an easy prelude with imps, zombies and pinkies, followed by a beautiful outdoor part where you get two keys, but gameplay is still on "nanoslaughter" level. In one of my tries I went here on an exploration trip and got locked out of the map's playable area, but there's an inescapable damaging floor pit to provide a suicide mechanism. The blue key fight is a bit more threatening than the rest of the skirmishes if you get too sloppy and get burnt by the silent AV, but also easy. The keys give access to the main arena. The biggest challenge is the first fight because of the quantity of enemies from distinct classes which can block you, and the presence of Pain Elementals, but if you find the secret BFG you can simply mow everything down, and you can use all three megaspheres present in this area as there will be more later. So I would rate the fight even lower on difficulty than MAP11. The rest is easy if you don't eat a rocket: first a mix of HKs, two cybies, respawning mancubi and fodder which is almost entirely an infighting exercise, and then in the outskirts you'll have to mow down some revenants, two more cybies and at the exit proper six archviles. I may retry this map triggering both waves at once which should be even more exciting. Observation: You can kill some of the exit revenants from the blue key area with rocket splash damage which is quite fun. With exactly 1000 monsters it's the biggest map until now, but difficulty-wise it's average. This is, together with MAP06, my favourite map so far. Difficulty: 4/10 Rating: 9,5/10 MAP14: Crippling Legion by Bdubzzz Uh, this map. It was the hardest one until now, but strangely in my case not because of the last big fight - which was really fun and even pretty short - but due to the two "warmup" encounters. I went first for the blue key, which is an extremely cramped rocket/SSG fight with imps and revenants. The strategy which brought victory for me was to first rocket only the imps of one side leaving the revs alive, then break through, SSGing the remaining imps, and first U-strafe and then circlestrafe around the revenants while killing them with the RL. In the yellow key fight, I survived by savescumming (two mid-fight saves, hate to admit it) and pure luck, I think - I first rocketed the PEs, but I was always too slow and the AVs approached me so there was no cover by the big pillar anymore (only by the small pillars, but using these required too much precision for my skill level). So I finally YOLO straferan to the switch and back hoping for the zombiemen to distract the viles, and eventually it worked. Well, so I tackled the last fight with the infinite BFG (didn't know this trick was possible with Boom, feels cool). It took me several tries but eventually I found a strategy which allowed me to progress almost consistently: first damage the mancubi a bit, then go to the revs/cacos, thin them out a bit too and hoping them to aggro the mastermind (which worked almost always, the mastermind was the smallest problem for me), and finally entering the mancubis' room. In the run where I finally won I had still 130/130 left so I could break out once more to create more chaos until taking the megasphere. Then I crossed to the weakest foe group - the rev/caco horde - and finally was able to carve a path around them to begin the circlestrafing. Then it was all cleanup. Due to a cybie's rocket I ate when almost everything was dead (D'oh!) I went down to +7 health and 0 armor and almost gave up, but it held. I had killed erroneously the rev group which fought the mastermind, so due to my extremely low health I killed her from _very_ far away with the slow "use the BFG ball like a rocket and hide behind a pillar" method :) Also killed the last archies from total safety, and it was done. My impression of this map is mixed. I think in the first two fights RNG plays a too prominent role (at least for my skill level), and visually I didn't like it, too basic and square. But the last fight was really fun, so I was well entertained, and it's likely I'll replay this map eventually. Although due to the first two setpieces I don't know if I'll achieve a saveless run here, but I would like at least to savescum a bit less :) Difficulty: 7/10 (about on par with Sunlust's God Machine, I think) Rating: 7,5/10
  12. erzboesewicht

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    Finally done :) MAP29: Citadel at the Edge of Eternity by Kevin Reay (Magikal) Pistol start, UV, prboom-plus, occasional saves in bigger maps. Difficulty scale (approx.): 1 = Doom E1M1, 3 = Doom E1M4 or E3M2, 5 = Doom2 MAP29, 7 = Plutonia MAP15, 10 = Sunlust MAP15 and above The walkthrough took me several days so I'll write first a sort of stream of consciousness. 1) Start and western wing: Well, if we ignore that I obviously took two times the wrong path at the start (the BFG path leads to a death end - pun intended - without the yellow key, and the fortress courtyard simply to a closed blue door) the start wasn't bad, it could almost be described as Gene bird-style SG/SSG zombieslaughter, and the 100 first monsters are dead in a few minutes. The first challenges come in the "torturechambers" at the west of the map, particularly the fight for the chainsaw with an AV and imps in the dark with very limited space to move is quite cruel. And pain elementals are "overused" in two fights, to say it mildly. There are two puzzles in this area: The switch puzzle in the extreme west is annoying because I couldn't figure out the mechanics behind the niches which open and close "randomly", although I suppose depends on certain linedefs you cross - but I finally brute-forced it. In contrast I liked the column-stair puzzle with a bit of platforming which - after you pass some spiders - gives you finally access to the switch behind a fake wall which opens the stairs to the courtyard with the keys. So far, I liked this section a bit. The arachnotron fight felt cruel, but there is an easy way to beat it ... go out of the building and beat it from south to north; you'll then arrive rightly at the hidden switch which opens the rest of the map so it seems intended that way. About 400-500 enemies are in this area (I left the chaingunner/AV cages for later), the last ones take a lot of time. I found a secret megasphere and a megaarmor and left several medikits behind. 2) Red key: The hidden switch opens stairs up to the northern section. Here the main attraction is a courtyard with the yellow and red key on podestals and the blue key in a cage with four cyberdemons. I let them infight with some caged enemies and killed all AVs so this area later wouldn't annoy me too much. The red key will be lowered with a switch you'll access passing through a corridor full of hitscanners and nobles, with a particular room where a full-fledged caco cloud will assault you backed by hitscanners and nobles. Take out the chaingunners first and the fight can be really fun, above all if you have rockets left from the last fight. 3) Yellow key: The red door is in the north-east and guarded by a horde of pinkies - the main problem not being the pigs themselves but arch-viles which have spawned on turrets near the central fortress. Well, the yellow key seems much heavier guarded than the red one. First, after the red door there's a fight which at first seems annoying: a big "staircase of defense walls" full of chaingunners and shotgunners which remainded me of the infamous exit room of Plutonia's "The Omen". However, once the hitscanners are dead the fight turns out to be fun a bit when revenants, nobles and two mancubi join the party. Then we enter the next puzzle, where you've to take several lifts in a certain order to reach the next area. Not too difficult, some sections were not too bad, but the bumpy 3D bridges suck. Next big fight: a room full of cubes which reveal well over 100 enemies. A room which would have been a good single map for MSCP :) Then a beautifully crafted Icon of Sin-themed room, which fortunately is relatively easy as there's no actual IoS to fight but a cyberdemon, mancubus and several barons (There's a Romero head, but it seems to be functionless). A computer panel (here I felt reminded of MAP06) opens the eastern part of the northern balcony and some minor skirmishes later you've finally got the yellow key. 4) Blue key: As I've already explored the starting area with the BFG tower and saw a yellow door there, I now went there again. A revenant and a baron were quite friendly and scratched the first cybie to death. Then I got to the yellow bars - and couldn't open them after several attempts. So I searched for a switch somewhere without success, on the way, I got some secrets. I was about to consult the wiki or a walkthrough when I read in a review here in the Club that the bars were difficult to open. Well, that's really an annoying playtesting fail. Finally I went to the four blue key guardian cybies which were now liberated, and killed them, but there was no additional cell ammo so I had to finish them with the SSG and chaingun. This whole section seems to have been made in a rush, which is a pity, and above all the yellow bar fail made me lower the rating of the map. 5) The Citadel proper: This section was quite fun. First we have the assault to the outer section, first with SSG gameplay with imps, zombies, revenants and HKs, which isn't too trivial due to monsters arriving from two sides if you aren't careful. Then a very tight straferun (SR40 is enough, but you must be fast, wallrunning helps greatly!) gives you access to the outer ledge where you have to practice some long-distance rocketing to kill barons, revenants, mancubi and some fodder, which also was cool. Then finally you access the inner courtyard with three Spider Masterminds and a couple of midtiers, and an easy switch puzzle later you've beaten the map (phew). The map in general: I think the main problem of this map - very much like Sphaghne's CC entries - is that it was released inside a megawad with already a lot of long maps; and formats like the DWMegawad Club which dedicate one day per map are particularly unsuited for these magnum-opus type creations. If you see the map as a "whole game" and play it with saves in a couple of days, it can be actually pretty enjoyable - if you like puzzles and can laugh about some cheap and nasty ambushes and then work out a strategy to beat them. No fight was really difficult, I would say most of them have "Plutonia difficulty". Magikal showed here that he was definitively not a bad mapper (like you could think if you only played MAP06), the balance of ammo and health is quite good and allows several approaches, even some ramboing, the visuals are mostly good and some fights were quite cool. But I also don't feel the map is a "masterpiece"; first there is the annoying yellow bar problem, and in the red/yellow key section there were boring filler parts which could have been streamlined. However, I enjoyed it more than the average map in CC. Difficulty: 7/10 (without saves it's surely higher) Rating: 7/10 MAP30: Evil Itself by Thomas van der Velden The final map feels almost like a credits map after the long MAP29. But I consider it one of the better IoS-style maps I played. We start with a nice gimmick: why not play Doom II's epilogue yourself before beating the final boss? The boss fight itself, which comes after a repetition of the first buildup part (like saying: "Ah, you thought this was the fight? You're wrong!"), is one of the easiest I've played: basically hunt some switches and kill the IoS from ground level with the weapon you please. The boss is also visually nice, crafted in 3D with marble textures. And the secret is hilarious nonsense. Difficulty: 2/10 Rating: 9/10 Final thoughts: I enjoyed Community Chest. As I wrote in the reviews, most maps are not flawless, but I was entertained and only bored very few times. The mapset hosts a good variety of combat and in some maps very cute and elaborated concepts, like the bomb in MAP20, the Doomcute prison in MAP02, the "stage with pinkies" in MAP23 or the "hellish ship" with an invul-tyson fight in MAP27. And there's a lot of interesting weirdness you'll seldom find in "modern" wads, like The Ultimate Doomer's voodoo dolls or Magikal's puzzles which require the automap. The mapset's biggest problem is maybe pacing: that many long maps were bundled together, particularly in the final stretch, and thus it isn't really suited for a fast playthrough like in this Club. I would recommend anybody who likes oldschool Dooming to play CC. But take your time, play the longest maps with saves and in several sessions if you are not a doomgod, and if you want to pistol start, take into account MAP25 which is a really hard challenge if not played continuous. All other maps, including MAP29, are perfectly pistol-startable, even if some (MAP08 and MAP27 come into my mind) have a bit of a weird ammo balancing, and particularly Sphagne's maps can be described as tyson-heavy, but you never have to punch something more difficult than a revenant or hell knight. Final rating: 7/10 (B- in MtPain27's scale) Difficulty: 4/10 (C in MtPain27's scale) Favourites: MAP09, MAP13, MAP31, MAP18, MAP21, MAP23, MAP28, MAP30 Not so much my cup of tea: MAP03, MAP06, MAP25 (the latter two due to severe gameplay issues, otherwise they were ok and memorable in their own way)
  13. Release candidate for MAP16 (finally got time to make the last retouches): MAP16 - Death in 5/4.zip I've no problem to make minor changes still, above all if there are problems with specific soundfonts. PS: I've already heard most of the other MIDIs and I really like most entries, this is going in a good direction and has a nice variety! Special "wows" go for MAP04 (well, from this author it wasn't unexpected), MAP07, MAP20, MAP22 and MAP27.
  14. MAP08: The Three Kings by RonnieJamesDiner In this map you have to manage monster groups in a long "corridor-shaped arena" in the remnants of some castle ruins. You start with an easy imp shootout while three cyberdemons are kindly killing pinkies for you. Then revenants appear and you'll have to take a first decision: where to waste your still sparse firepower - the solution here is still straightforward, although you can already play around with the cybie-revenant-pinkie interaction. Once you hit two more switches you can access the latter parts of the corridor, where first an imp-single-vile-combo should pose only problems if your health is already very low or the group accessed too close to the first section. Soon you can refill health, and then you have to manage the very likely still alive cybies (and a new compagnon), and two new groups: nobles and revenants, the latter blocking access to your goal: the blue key, where you also get a BFG. This may be the hardest part where a proper "dance strategy" is needed. Then it's finally cleanup time: if the cybies still haven't advanced too far towards the blue key location everything should be easy, as you can first rocket the remaining midtiers (which will also infight to make things even easier) and use the BFG if cornered, and finally take out the "three kings". A short, but pretty nice map; difficulty is still very accessible and imo a bit lower than in MAP05. Difficulty: 4/10 Rating: 8/10 MAP09: October Skeleton Appreciation by antares031 An ode to the perhaps most classic and versatile Doom2 monster, the revenant. The map starts with a herding exercise: first you'll have to escape the start room, then you can run first in U-shape and finally in circles around the horde while it's decimated by a cyberdemon (who won't survive much time, poor guy). You can extend this exercise a bit and use the horde to kill the arch-vile too. Then you pass an easy, but slightly tricky section with chaingunners and AVs, and finally a platforming part with likely inescapable (?) pit which culminates in a mean coverless arachnotron shootout which took me some deaths. Then you're returned back to the main arena (or better say: the whole arena unites), to shoot the rest of the skeletons; you're given three helping hands but they can easily also get in your way, but due to one more freely accessible megasphere, a megaarmor and a soulsphere and more than enough cells the rest is not too difficult. I thought this to be a little bit tougher than MAP05, but not by a wide margin. Good map with an interesting layout, if MSCP continues this way I would consider it a success. Now back to CC :) Difficulty: 6/10 Rating: 8/10
  15. MAP06: Slaughter Factory by Guardsoul Now we're talking! This is a beautiful winter-style single-arena map which reminded me visually of Eviternity and Akeldama. The gameplay instead resembled the slaughter maps of Vanguard a bit: first the monsters are asleep, then you can wake up them at your will, and switches will spawn new waves. At the start you will first have to figure out where the main weapons (SSG, plasma and RL) are, and then tackle the first big threat - the AVs in the center - followed by a cloud of almost 100 cacos. A revenant wave and more AV overseers follow, this is perhaps the less exciting part. Finally you get a archvile/revenant/caco/PE/lost soul attack at the exit from two sides, which is the most difficult wave, at least if you don't find the BFG (I found it only at the end, when almost everything was dead). That's about what I consider an almost perfect small slaughter arena, as you're given a lot of options and strategies to tackle it, there are plenty of height differences and slight environmental obstacles to overcome. For example I left the cybers alive, they helped greatly with the revenant waves. Difficulty: 4/10 Rating: 9,5/10 MAP07: Tarnished Luster by Pegleg A step down in visual awesomeness and difficulty. Basically this map consists of three arenas: First there is a preliminary fight with imps, HKs and zombies. Then you immediately access a big and meaty but not difficult arena (despite of several cyberdemons there is plenty of space to dodge rockets) where the main danger may be (like so often in slaughter maps) the pinkies - so get rid of them early. Finally there is the exit fight with a cacodemon cloud, mancubi and (twice respawning) arachnotrons where despite of a monster blocking line, at least the cacos can interact with the stragglers of the second arena once you have connected both worlds hitting three switches. While it seems like "cheesing", it is almost surely be intended this way because you open the barrier "back to the past" with the same switches than you open the exit. I think the barrier between both arenas should have lowered way slower, then the monster blocking line could have been completely trashed. I missed the (secret) BFG first, so I spent a lot of time clearing the cyberdemons with the plasma rifle, and when I found it almost everybody was already dead. A breather (I would say it's a little bit easier than Plutonia's "Go 2 it"), not too bad but also nothing that really stands out. A couple of AVs would probably make this map more exciting. Difficulty: 2/10 Rating: 6/10