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  1. MarekKRK

    WADs for history buffs

    Can you recommend any history inspired maps? Ancient Egypt, Greece etc? Or should I be looking at Quake or Daikatana maps? ;)
  2. MarekKRK

    Heretic on Steam

    GZDOOM and Chocolate Doom support Heretic. I Just need legal WADs from Steam.
  3. MarekKRK

    Replaying classics

    I am currently replaying Final Doom with GZDoom + BD. My plan is to play Heretic, Hexen and Hexen 2 next. What ports and mods would you recommend? Is Brutal Heretic any good?
  4. MarekKRK

    Brutal Doom crashes before intermission screen

    BTW, it would be quite a challenge to start Caughtyard with just a pistol on UV.
  5. MarekKRK

    Heretic on Steam

    How many episodes does Steam Heretic have? I have recently seen someone playing a 5 episode version on YT. Was there an Ultimate Doom style edition with extra episodes?
  6. MarekKRK

    Brutal Doom crashes before intermission screen

    I am aware of idclev, but did not want a pistol start.
  7. MarekKRK

    Brutal Doom crashes before intermission screen

    Thanks, upgrading GZDoom to 3.7.2 fixed the intermission problem. Unfortunately, this version apparently changes save format (again) which means I will have to replay Plutonia from the very beginning.
  8. I have recently played through TNT with Brutal Doom v20b without any problems. Now Brutal Doom freezes after Plutonia map 6 Baron's Lair, right before the intermission screen. When I load map 7 with idclev, the game works correctly. I went back to TNT and tested level 6, now the game freezes after completing that level too. I am not sure what is causing this change in behaviour. I have not updated Brutal Doom itself. GZDoom itself might have been updated by Ubuntu, but intermission screens work correctly without Brutal Doom. I am currently running GZDoom version 3.2.5 on Linux. nVidia drivers have recently been upgraded. Perhaps this is the root cause of the problem? Any ideas how to fix the problem? Is it possible to to somehow disable intermission screens?