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Everything posted by Pablo_Doom_Guy

  1. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    yes , you can do it yourself, its really easy , download slade3 , open D4V.wad and extract all the midi files :)
  2. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Favourite song in the soundtrack?

    Doom I : Sign Of Evil Doom II : The Demon's Dead Both played on a Roland SC-55 using this soundfont Just pure awesomeness (^_^)
  3. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    how to install a midi synthesizer?

    +1 but i would recommend using this soundfont instead the great thing about VirtualMIDISynth is that it works with all source ports (from dosbox to gzdoom)
  4. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Questions About Raze

    there is a "raze sourceport" thread already created, you should ask there
  5. A great port really =) i like it
  6. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Where Should I Stop Watching The Simpsons?

    Mmmm after season 10 i would say , season 11 and 12 are meh , after that is a super mess for me =/ . It's a shame because they used to be a show i enjoyed to watch , now i only watch old espisodes .
  7. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    =( to me FPS games = PC , because of this issue you are having , they are unplayable with a controller =/ . But there are 3rd party adapters for consoles , where you can plug a ps4 / xbox controller or a PC Keyboard and Mouse
  8. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    God damn i hate playing this game with a controller

    then play it with a keyboard instead....
  9. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    What is your favorite sourceport?

    Marine Best Friend 2.04 for MS-DOS/Dosbox . But it's not listed =/ but I chose Crispy Doom because it is the one I like most of the ones you have listed
  10. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Help Me With My Loading Time In GZdoom

    pc specs gzdoom config are you running any "HD" graphic mod ???
  11. +1 almost got me , i wish to see some real news from this project in the near future
  12. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    ahhh ok , sorry i misunderstood =( . Have you modified the d4v.wad ?? Because bug only hapens when the dehacked file is missing from the .wad file . if not then there must be an issue with the version you are using , but you can still try to manually add the dehacked file if you haven't tried that already
  13. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    what do you mean by "proper file paths" there's no need to install anything , and the mod is fully working on both chocolate and crispy doom . The only port that has issues (a port related issue) is GZDoom . On any vanilla / limit removing port it works great
  14. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    [gzdoom] So this is a weird one...

    mmm then as a workaround you should use JoyToKey in order to map your stick up and down to UpArrow and DownArrow
  15. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    [gzdoom] So this is a weird one...

    Maybe you have controller support disabled ? go to options >> controller options >> Enable controller support >> Yes as soon as i enable it , my arcade stick was detected
  16. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Arch-vile . I hate them , you waste your ammo in killing a lot of enemies and this suckers resurrects them all =( kill them with 2 BFG shots
  17. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Will there be a mouse and keyboard option for consoles?

    probably not , there are adapters to do that ...but at the end of the day who would want to use mouse and keyboard on a console when they can use them natively on a PC ? (i can understand if it's a console exclusive FPS game)
  18. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    How old is everyone here?

    32 - Haven't noticed any big decrease in doom reflexes . But i sure have a huge loss on fighting game reflexes and ability to learn a new game =( , plus i don't have the same free time as i have a child =( .
  19. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    What do you guys think about the soundtrack "Signs of Evil"

    EPIC soundtrack , my favorite from Doom (Classic ones) . It's sad , makes me feel lonely and abandoned to my fate where i'm about to die. For me , the best way of enjoying this masterpiece (well all doom soundtracks) is with a roland sc-55 sound font . PS : "The Demon's Dead" from Doom 2 is my 2nd favorite
  20. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    SIGIL on an older source port

    yes , if you are going to play under ms dos i suggest using MBF 2.04 snm 10 by sakitoshi https://github.com/Sakitoshi/mbf_sigil/releases/tag/v2.04-snm10 . Latest unoficial update of MBF for ms dos/dosbox
  21. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Keep 50 blue armor points or pick up a green armor?

    xD Mmmmm if can't go back and i it's the first time i'm playing the pwad then i would pick the green one
  22. luckiest man on earth and mars xD
  23. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    I beat doom 1 for the first time

    hahaha you tried to tear me to the ground by assuming i was 15yrs old or something , hopefully you are not older than me , if not you are acting like a child . Modding is a thing since the game was released..... destroying the meta of the game is something totally different . You are trying to tell me what i should or shouldn't say ,you and the other guy started calling me "gatekeeper" for asking a question , i never said something wrong , or insulting to OP , i just asked a question.
  24. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Which sourceport is the best for playing Thy Flesh Consumed?

    on dos (or dosbox) Marine Best Friend 2.04 svn10 On Windows Crispy Doom or Prboom+ The first 2 levels are hard, the rest are ok
  25. Pablo_Doom_Guy

    Is this a dick move?

    ahhh ok thanks, then i would say yes , if there's a place to hide from the rockets but with no arch-viles of course